► Tier 9 LT GOD! – T-54 LTWT IS THE BEAST! – World of Tanks T-54 Lightweight Gameplay

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(Ltwt.) Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks T-54 Lightweight (Ltwt.), Tier 9 Russia .

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Welcome back everybody, new week means new videos! I took it easy this weekend, decided to rest for one day, so you did not get any action from me yesterday. But I am back, ready to make some more awesome videos.
In this episode you are going to see how “I_Did_Not_Just_Kill_U” is going to carry his team to victory, hard-core, in “Old-New” tier 9 Soviet Russia light tank “T-54 Lightweight”. This is one of those tanks that did not get nerfed to the ground with patch 9.18.
Take a at this non-stop action and at the end of the episode I am going to show you what exactly they did to this tank.

Player: I_Did_Not_Just_Kill_U



  1. I love watching Dez’s videos after school. Day just becomes perfect!

  2. Aaron Brockington

    damn…if they nerfed the 251, mabye i dont want these new lights on the console…i luv my little baby leopard…

  3. good guy I know him 😛

  4. Mihajlo Cvijetic

    The HWK 12 is a better light than RU now,my opinion at least.

  5. Ensol Tomassini Morales

    Loved that t 54 ltwt. I have it on blitz and it is a very good tank. But seeing this new t 54 on pc makes me want to buy a good pc and grind it as fast as i can. I hope i can get money soon to play wot on pc too.

  6. why on earth would anybody prefer t54l instead of regular t54 ?
    there is no reason to play any tier9 lights, not even tier 8s , tier7 may be t71 and amx useful but the rest is worse than the meds and where is the point in playing worse light tanks than the better mediums ?

  7. The intro is always epic!

  8. he’s on na, right? I think I’ve been in a couple battles with him. it is a memorable name 😛

  9. dez i think the T49 was nerfed. 72 to 65 kph 152mm gun handlings same i think its a nerf.
    with all respect.
    and why play a T49 with 90mm if you can play the RU 251 or T54 ltw which are way better. no T49 is a derp tank.

  10. didt they nerved ru251? tha fuck -_- WG is really making me mad since last update they are fucking up all the tanks with nerfs and buffs…

    DEZ can i have a hug mate? im sad 😀

  11. what a game

  12. let theme buff the t34-3 and 112pen ffs new priume got f…. more pen and hay damage 2 so fix that wot.

  13. lol thats Lowe’s name on the Allie team

  14. Yooo tho dez nice video as always ?❤️
    Does smb know the name of the song at the beginning 0:00 ?

  15. Fuzzcopter I like tigers

    Kv 2 rejoices because of new mm

  16. *nerfs lightweight*

  17. And here I am crying with my German lichts, no more vk28, SP1C , or ru251, all are just shit now. awesome vid tho Dez

  18. guess WG didn’t have enough Russian bias with the lights

  19. Well time to play my T54 Ltwt. and my NEW T57 Heavy 😀

  20. TheMightyBoxTank

    I shit on it with my 13 90

  21. Tried to use a cool nickname but failed miserably

    Why didn’t he/she repair his/her fuel tank right at the beginning?

  22. honestly im more interested in people’s thoughts on the new LTs in the Chinese line.

  23. plz do t49 vid!!!!!

  24. Full of high rolls. What a rng god. Mine 54lt always give me 220ish DMg

  25. You forget to mention his clan “FEED” . Im a green player but once MrRngesuz from this clan accept me to play with them SH, you really see how good they are. Without TS we were manage to finnish battles in less than one minute. So respect to FEED.

  26. They cap because they dont see the chance to do more damage.. so no more exp/credits so they just cap to maximize their income (btw: u only get credits for capping if you cap 100% and its a fixed ammount of credits that gets divided by players who actually captured)

  27. Worked a 12 hour shift last night, came home and crashed, woke up to new Dez video.

    It was all worth it 😀

  28. Load the Skill rounds

    The ltwt is awesome I just started playing it and completely stock I was able to pull off 2000 dmg games can’t wait till it’s all upgraded.

  29. Dez voice, sigh, unzips pants.

  30. Mieczysław Kowalski

    For writing “ez” should be ban

  31. Referring to the Maus, lets be real the king of armor should be that and only that, the king of armor. The patch to the front cheeks is reasonable but the dpm buff was not all that necessary. If you want something that will bounce shots and smack a red then get the E100

  32. No! Ru251 is the King of tier 9 LT GOD!

  33. No russian BIAS in here, move along.

  34. Stefano Bonilla

    I’m one of those salty ru players. RIP my favourite light tank.

  35. Precambrian Rabbits

    Funny how Russian tanks never get overnerfed… what the hell was wrong with the Ru251?

  36. HunterKiller151

    better safe than sorry. seen one person low on health win so yeay

  37. Milan Leposavic

    I wouldn’t agree that T-54 LT is better than Ru251, Ru251 is nerfed but still better pen than T-54LT, better view, aim, gun depression, dispersion, power/weight…

  38. i killed this guy the day before yesterday xD

  39. Adeesha Deegala

    How come the t54lightweight get buffed in every aspect?

  40. Can you please stop using God’s name for nothing……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  41. Of course.. it is Russian.. no for their tanks no nerf… if nerfed they compensate in hidden specs…

  42. The_Ghost_Sniper

    Hey yo Dez
    I don’t play wot on pc but is the normal T54 a tier X now?Tanks

  43. Wotko s Vokurkou

    For me is the best T9 LT atm T49. I have played all T9s apart from the WZ and T49 with 90mm is a winner for me. The extra armor does not worth the way worse gun handling for ltwt, i dont know exact stats, but the T54 ltwts gun feels sooo bad compared to T49.

    I dont say it is bad tank, but its far from top of the LT T9s list for me, i would say even RU feels better then the ltwt.

  44. ru was my favourite and nerfed or not, since 9.18 i am doing way better in it and enjoy the game even more

  45. this tankisso much fun since the update

  46. Jan-Willem Jansen

    the guy fired 36 shots but the tank can carry 40 rounds, he could have had those last 600hp if he had all ammo with him.

  47. sexy intro

  48. lekker hoor diederik

  49. Why nobody talks about nerf of elc 🙁 It was maybe my favorite lt but now it’s just… I dont enjoy playing it anymore just as much. Tough I still managed to get my 3rd mark in it 😛

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