► Tomb Raider T95 – “Ya Gotta Try Harder!” – World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Battles, Best Replays Series. World of Tanks T95, Tier 9 American Tank Destroyer.

T95 finds itself from the graveyard today, or T95 is actually going to build it itself. Take a look how “Santos74” is trying his hardest to carry his team to victory, in this really crazy, close and action packed battle!

► Player: Santos74


  1. “Broken Back” medal, Yes/No? 😀 – “Broken back from carrying teams to victory…”
    But GG, WP, Enjoy, Ciao, Bye, Bonjour, Gomez Diaz…

  2. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    I just bought my T95 lol but dont have cash to play it yet lol

  3. That T-10 just got a taste of 155mm of Freedom, served up fresh ‘Murican Style!! And Dez, you and me must be brothers or something ’cause the T95 is one of my favorite tanks if not my absolute favorite tank in the entire game.

    And of course, this video gets a like because T95 always gets a like.

  4. FV215b!!! 🙂

  5. Well, of course he didn’t bring any gold ammo, why would he want more than 290 penetration? He could penetrate everything with it. TDs shouldn’t have gold ammo to begin with.

  6. Music sounds better with you…

  7. T95 is my favorite tank on world of tanks

  8. do a face off episode!!

  9. “This is clapping, guys. Not fapping.” I lost it at that 😛

  10. Captain Sum Ting Wong

    No prenium ammo = skill time

  11. “This is clapping, not fapping” ????

  12. nerf it!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Teus Van Hoogevest

    First 2 shots 773 dmg
    Then 2 shots799 dmg

  14. someone else noticed that he actually did two times, two times the same dmg?

  15. I would love to see some epic battle with the legendary Tiger II .

  16. Joshua Van Der Merwe

    The first 2 shots had identical dmg… Sweet mother of RNG

  17. Epic intro music!

  18. Emil 1. reason….im stuck on Leo since june and now have 250k on it can the female crew have 4 100% with 69% on the fifth and i dont know the correct layout of skills i need for emil 1to Kranvagn

  19. T30 heavy tank

  20. Who else wants to see the Fury next episode!

  21. Gotta love the T95. American to the last inch of steel!

  22. this was called good game because no prem ammo

  23. My T95 is my 5 skill, 2 MOE go to, love to drive ride. I’ve had to shelve ol’ Zod for a while to finish the JPz E100 grind before they decide to remove THAT tank too, but then it’s back in the saddle..

  24. M3 Lee or the Lee’s sister the Grant.

  25. May we have a Centurion Action X replay please, please, please father Dezmas? Preferably the test server version but any Action X reply would be cool.

  26. This is clapping guys …

  27. This is clapping, not fapping. Pffft. Don’t lie to us, Dez. That game gave you a hard on.

  28. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    “This is clapping guys, not fapping” rofl ?

  29. Is panther 2 capable of an epic battle?

  30. Teir 3 FV4005(cruiser ll)

  31. T95 too OP?:)

  32. AMX 40

  33. Won by ammo rack on T10. GG

  34. Do a hellcat before it was nerfed


  36. Pz t 25 t 5 prem tank
    Dez get this one please.

  37. Look at all of those premium tanks at the bottom of the list.

  38. Currently grinding through the Tortoise and the T95 is a so much better tank its allmost hillarious… especially since the T95 got its speed buff….

  39. First two shots roll 773 and the second two shots roll 799. Gotta love the RNG of this game.

  40. Remembers vacuum cleaner sound whenever I see T95 video 😀 xD

  41. Like to see M46 Patton or Pershing gameplay.That tank is soo underrated!

  42. the guy is playing with premium acc.,and carries large repairs,and large medkit,but not a single premium shell.
    GOLD ammo is not skill,learn Mr. new acc (GOLD) idiots

  43. that shot on that T10 omg???

  44. Radu Andrei Țențea

    And 2 773 dmg rolls at the beginning.

  45. Indien-PZ

  46. “This is clapping not fapping” ?

  47. Enjoyable tank? hahaha what a joke


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