► TOP 10 BEST CAMOUFLAGE TANKS – World of Tanks TOP 10 Camo Rating

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Source: DezGamez

Best Tanks – Camouflage (CAMO) Factor – Top 10. TOP 10 Series.

I welcome you to my first new series in 2017 – “”!

This episode 3 in this series and today I am going to line up our TOP 10 sneakiest tanks in World of Tanks… Here are World of Tanks TOP 10 tanks with THE BEST Camouflage!

I hope you enjoy! 😉

Music used from: https://player.epidemicsound.com
Solar – Daniel Kadawatha
Breathe Closer – Martin Veida
Never As Lonely (Instrumental Version) – Jack Elphick
►Tanks in action:
– A lot of tanks with epic DPM!


  1. Wherr is the tier X and IX of sweden and where is the tier VII american TD the Scorpion???

  2. Darkness Nighthingale

    if you’re on console elc base camo stationary is 34.07. how’s its not in

  3. 100% Like! I was really suprised that the best camo has Ikv 72. I really like you vids.

  4. top 10 accurate tanks

  5. Top 10 derp tanks 😀

  6. top 10 power to weight ratio… hill climbers!

  7. Dezgamez i would like to see Secred Valley climb, hacks and tactics plz show us……:)

  8. Elliot Robertshaw

    Top 10 most hated tanks??

  9. @dez as a joke you should have said #1 was jge100 lolol

  10. Insane nice intro… GOOD JOB!!

  11. – Best camo in tier X ?

  12. Top tanks for gun depression next? That’s something I’d quite like to see

  13. top 10 money maker tanks

  14. Top ten tanks with the best win rating

  15. Battlefield 1 Noob

    Top 10

  16. Gonçalo Oliveira

    top 10 fastest tanks in Wot

  17. Pål Arne Høgsveen

    Top 10 tanks for noobs 🙂

  18. shishx the animal

    If John Cena played World of Tanks, would he need camo on his tanks?

  19. top 10 biggest guns

  20. 10 biggest calibre in the game with or without arty?

  21. top 10 most disappointing tanks

  22. I expected Rhm and ELC in the top :0

  23. Top ten non WOT league players

  24. Wait, what’s camo factor of elc?!?! I thought elc would make top 5!

  25. Easiest Tech trees. ( combined needed xp required )

  26. How retarded is it that Udes or OBJ 416 has better camo rating then AMX ELC… Camo factor should be calculated mainly by the size of the tank and not something fictional like the WG wants…

  27. top 10 lightest tank

  28. Top 10 ass armor

  29. i miss the krupp steyr wt…

  30. wtf where is borsing

  31. Do the top 10 best tank of my choice

  32. nice intro

  33. Top 10 best gun depression!

  34. WTH… ELC not even in the list? It’s the tiniest tank :/

  35. gandit muangpracha


  36. hmm I thought the AMX ELC bis would be in the top 10

  37. Zimpel WoT Replays

    what about hellcat ?

  38. Next 10 Worst camo tanks ever or 10 best camo heavy tanks:)

  39. Top 10 Climbing Tanks, because I would love to know it from your perspective 😀

  40. He keeps saying “percent” for the camo values. Actually that is not what those values stand for. (Percent of what?). If a tank has view range of 400m and a target has camo value 100, it basically means that the target will not get spotted further away than 400-100 = 300 m.

  41. Top 10 rarest tank

  42. top 10 sexiest tanks in world of tanks

  43. Top 10 oldest/most modern tanks in game!
    For example, ELC and Strv 103 B would be among the most modern, while FT-17s and Leichtraktors would be a few of the oldest?
    Would be super cool to see!

  44. Elc base camo 21.89
    Locust base camo 20.35
    T67 base camo 20.63

  45. My camo on lkv72 is over 70 while stationary

  46. Hi Dez, it is interesting but I think is not realistic.. yes, as stationary it is but it is only about tds almost.. so I think It would be good to make another T10 cammo lights.. as their cammo is also when they moove, don´t you think? thanks
    Another interesting Top 10 would be top win8 tanks..

  47. wow, what an intro!

  48. ELC 24.89
    Stug III G 25.89
    Borsig 26.52
    Stug III B 27.14 😉

  49. Top 10 Slowest Tanks

  50. I bet Alecto is number one

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