► TOP 10 BEST DPM TANKS – World of Tanks TOP 10

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Source: DezGamez

The Highest DPM Tanks – Top 10. TOP 10 Series.

I welcome you to my first new series in 2017 – “”!

Today you are going to see my second episode in this series – Top 10 best or highest DPM (Damage Per Minute) tanks in World of Tanks. This what you wanted to see and this what you get!

And please, once again, let me know in the comment section, which TOP 10 you would like to see next?

I hope you enjoy! 😉

Music used:
Battle Scars 5 – Rannar Sillard
Battle Scars 4 – Rannar Sillard
►Tanks in action:
– A lot of tanks with epic DPM!


  1. I gave thumbs down because it focus mainly in very high tiers and the DPM would be consistently high as you go into higher tiers, THOOOOUUUGGGGGG!!!!!!!!
    Makes the video irrelevant for most of us.

  2. and e25?

  3. top 10 most accurate tanks

  4. orestisDisturbed

    Top 10 better Developers than WG!

  5. Peter Močarník

    Dez, top 10 most OP tanks in the game, please.

  6. Don’t forget to give a special shout out to the back then wfte-100 a tank that could potentially kill a maus in less that 15 sec, 6 times out of 10

  7. Christoffer Munch Paulsen

    Top 10: Highest potential Dmg. (shells x avg. dmg) (No arty or HE)

  8. Top 10 highest Alpha dmg?^^

  9. Su 122 44 reload: 6.90seconds

  10. Damn, I didn’t knew this all.. Good to know what to grind for epic dmg dealing…. Keep it up man.

  11. Top 10 biggest guns or lightest tanks

  12. Radu Andrei Țențea

    Next one: highest credit earner. Premium tanks included.

  13. Nice intro…??
    how abaut tip 10 camouflage…

  14. Idk what some people are talking about, but the 122-54 is a pretty decent tank. Sure it doesn’t have armor, but that gun and amazing mobility make it a pleasing grind to the even better 263.

  15. Roberts safonovs

    Top 10 best CAMO but dont include LT,s!Btw nice intro

  16. Andreas Friedrich

    Intro from Flixpress? 🙂

  17. Top ten tanks with highest power to weight ratio?

  18. Great new intro. Top 10 most games in a single tank.

  19. Trop ten smallest??? Anyone???

  20. Rudy Plays Minecraft

    Top 10 fastest tanks

  21. that was 13 tanks…not 10

  22. top 10 ugliest tanks.

  23. StronkGameReviews

    Top 10 Pornstars

  24. wt level 9 td is much better than most of these tanks at dpm,,, but you have to use the smaller cannon

  25. Top 10 Fastest tanks.

  26. Really nice photage Dez!

  27. Top 10 tanks with crazy armor?

  28. my SU-122-44 has 6.60 second reload.

  29. Great intro Dez!
    It vould be good to make video of Top 10 tanks with the best win rate stats on all servers, or on EU server? Or what tanks make the biggest average damage in games…
    That is the way to see what tanks are the most effective in games. Thanks bro!! 😉

  30. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Top Camo: E-25, Most Accurate Grille -15 / E-25, Fastest: BatChat / TVP / 50B /  E-25 nuff said ^^

  31. top 10 power /tons

  32. 强行给瑞典7s?

  33. Nice Video! i Like it.

  34. That’s a sick intro!! nice work!

  35. I thought you were trolling me and that the ISU-122S should feature…. but I stuck with you and then it came in third place… that’s just ridiculous… I need to play it more but the SU-122-44 is a bit nicer… To be honest I deal on average 200 dpg more with the 122-44 than with the 122S

  36. After all top 10’s you might do a top 10 for each nation, so new players can plan their tech trees.
    BTW nice to see my SU-152 replay featured, but you had to leave it for the next devastating shot on the Matilda 🙂

  37. well technically speaking the Type 5 Heavy has 4k dpm with the 15cm =^))

  38. top 10 worst dpm dat is non arty

  39. Hahahaha, 8th place, the Object 907 in this clip is played by Pulea Spataru. Romanian players will appreciate this :))))

  40. Loving the new intro, awesome

  41. Nice intro, but too long 🙂

  42. No for the intro, tooooo long

  43. Hiteshwar Ramesh

    top 10 worst tanks?

  44. Good new fresh intro ! Keep it up !

  45. Still doesn’t beat my intro….

    Just Kiddin’
    I don’t have one….

  46. top 10 most accurate

  47. next do top ten noob-friendly tanks

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