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of Tanks Best Top Tier Light Tanks / Scouts – Top 10. World of Tanks TOP 10 Series, Best Tanks.

► Huge Thank You: vbaddict.net, for collecting such an awesome information about of Tanks!

My of Tanks: TOP 10 series is finally back in action, after 5 months!
Today I am going to line up TOP 10 best scouts light tanks in of Tanks. I am going to combine overall average spotting damage and direct damage done to see which light tanks are the best in today’s “meta game” in World of Tanks.

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  1. After reading a lot of comments, your feedback, I decided to rename the title to “High Tier Scouts”.
    You are absolutely right and Thank You for the feedback. I have to figure out something for other tiers as well… Maybe tier by tier comparison? With this one I simply wanted to show “overall” Top 10 in the game.. But huge thanks for pointing stuff out! ?❤

    • Baguette with cheese

      DezGamez yes 🙂

    • DezGamez the best scout in the game will always be the Bat-Chat 25t

    • DezGamez that view from above will be amazing with 1.0

    • You could see if the average spotting and actual damage numbers divided by the tank’s hits points throws up a worthwhile across-all-tiers hierarchy. Pz1C FTW.

    • I think it is extremely difficult to objectively compare LTs and to say which is the “best”. When I think about it, it is actually impossible to say at all, because it´s very situational depended, map depended. Also it needs to be separated tier for tier, not all tiers together.

      Maybe it could be handled in a way, which would compare LTs potential in different type of maps, open, city, half between. The best would be the one, which is the most “universal” or lets say the one which will not struggle to much on majority of maps, no matter what is the map type. But even that is very hard to tell.
      For example when I get Himmelsdorf, I would rather be in 13 90, than in my beloved Ru, but at more “active spotting friendly” map, I would prefer Ru and so on…

      Also, not many players actually knows how to play LTs. I mean active spotting, truly using vision control to it´s full potential.

      Dez, I think your top 10 comparison is made in very simplified way but for majority of player base, it can give some rough comparison, because majority of players will not play it as LTs, but as “weaker MT” anyway … 🙂

      I understand it´s very hard topic to grasp.

  2. You should take this comment as a think, but It Is not a critice, you should take best spotters on paper, so best camo and view range, not What player Can Do with that Tank.

  3. On the toilet?

  4. Do the top 10 best brawlers

  5. huh… i thought the BatChat 25t would be in there somewhere, interesting

  6. Bulgarian Slayer 18

    10 Worst WoT YouTubers

  7. Bc 25t is the best light tank in wot 😀

  8. Oh maan i just LOOOOVE that intro and series. 😀

  9. Omg everybody know the type 5 heavy is the best scout…

  10. Wt-132A is a horrible tank… I already have two marks but still…

  11. #toiletgang

  12. I prefer face off, for the love of God, please more face off!

  13. Idea to improve LTs: increase the view range cap a little (like 25m)

  14. Premium lights = better crews, regular tier 8 lights people will be grinding so less good crews.

  15. Was that “much loved elc even 90” comment honest or a joke

  16. Id love to see top 10 side scrapers. Not sure how you find that in a database though.

  17. What mod do you use for your damage panel?

  18. I only watch Dez on the toilet so every view is a PLUS !

  19. i really did not like your list of decent maps for lights, if you have around 1800+ wn8 and use all you can to boost wiew range and camo, in lights with decent camo like T-100 LT Ru 251 or T92 for example you can spot on all of those maps, if you just learn it, but the average player only know how to spot on malinovka and prohovka (no but for 80% + players this is true) You can spot on, fishermansbay, Swamp, Redshire (my favourite) Steppes, El Halluf, westfield, sand river, Karelia (especially on assault), serene coast, Nebelburg crazy op for lights easy victory if you have t-100lt that is a decent player, mountain pass, murovanka, lakeville, artic region and erlenberg, on many of those maps you need to active spotting and some of them are team depented, but mostly you can average 3k + on all of this maps, (as long as it is not 5 lights per team…) This list should have been balanced with a test of 3 things

    1: Wiew range/camo balance how much wiew range do you need to spot this tank and how easy do you spot other lights/mediums before they spot you…
    2: mobility how good it is to get into an aggresive bush (on the maps where it is needed this is important) And how good it is to dodge shots when it is moving at full speed trying to dodge with wiggeling your tank…

    Scout is for pure spotting lights need to deal dmg, in late game or mid game but theire main priority is to spot…or deny the enenmy lights to spot…The only reason lights need to deal dmg if for the bad maps and the teams that need to be carried by dmg…It happens but it is hard with a light so spotting is still most important…this is probobly one of the first videos you have made that i disagree 100% with…

    This is only my opinion this list is not correct i you seak to do dmg that is fine but why the fuck do you play lights then? You are still awesome DeZ…

    From a player that have 3 marked 2/5 tier 9 lights…

  20. I just don’t see it that AMX13 105 is best. I just can’t recall seeing many having great games.

  21. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    So… what light tank line would you suggest grinding? Got chaffee and leopard working for my light tank missions.

    Played leopard most of time.

  22. Plus points for me!!!! I’ve never won anything so prestigious as Dez Plus Points (or DPP)!!!

  23. Ru 251 sucks now.

  24. plus point!!!!! 1111einsein

  25. Another showcase of tier IX and X. Thanks anyway for your time creating this video…. Thumbs up

  26. Hi dez just wondering when will face Off return?

  27. How did u make that animation?

  28. How did the E 25 not make this list. 😉

  29. Old school Intro.

  30. Poor Rhm Pzw really is the worst tier 10 light tank by a long shot. Even the Sheridan with its huge profile and garbage camo still comes out ahead of the Rhm Pzw, just because the Rhm Pzw gets tier 5 DPM instead of tier 10 DPM.

  31. Hey dez you completely forgot about the roots of these lights…. Origins!!!!!!! Amx elc bis!!!!!!???

  32. chinese tier X is a sleeper tank. Not many people seem to realize how fun/good it is in pubs. Put controlled impact on it and go cause chaos lol. You’ll thank me later…

  33. wow what an amazing intro

  34. top ten derp guns

  35. Can u do tier 8s?

  36. Plus points for me 😛

  37. best is tier 10 patton… it has 660m view range

  38. Okay if you actually want the ten best lights you need to see which ones are the best tier for tier, average spotting and damage just gives you all the top tier lights because obviously people will do more damage with them. It doesn’t tell people anything they don’t already know.

  39. Deeply disappointed. No T95 on the list. 5/10.
    I got bonus points. Dez knows me too well :p

  40. I got plus point ??

  41. As Pierre would say, “French is best”.

  42. Extra points!! Thx dez?

  43. Yeah… Bonus Points gathered !
    Also: I wonder, where the Bat-Chat 25t would end up on this list. People keep calling it the best light tank in the game.
    Where do you get the data for these lists?

  44. The Unbiased Player

    And people say the EVEN 90 sucks

  45. I am hard at work to bring EVEN in the top 5 !

  46. Top 10!!!

  47. What about Face Off?

  48. Top tier artillery

  49. Yay, i’m getting bonus points ^_^

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