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Source: DezGamez

– My Favorite Tanks – Top 10. TOP 10 Series.

After one month of break, “” series back in action! The main reason why it delayed so much that making one episode takes a lot of time and I have been super busy at work, can not afford making “BIG” videos. But worry not, I am on my vacation and I have all the time in the world to provide you some awesome content.
In this TOP 10 episode you are going to see 10 best credit cows, best premium tanks in World of Tanks, according to “vbaddict.net” webpage. Huge shout-out and thank you to “vbaddict.net” people for giving us such an awesome statistics about World of Tanks.

I hope you enjoy! 😉


  1. Ok so my Strv S1 is worth it my money

  2. video starts at 2:18

  3. gj. can you please pass on the link where I can upload my videos to you?thx

  4. Black hawk gameing

    kv5 makes more than patriot, garuntee you

  5. TheTankFreak NL

    superpershing is best credit maker!

  6. its true bro….stars and stripes owns all subservient lessor non liberty loving swine!

  7. how many does lorraine 40t, my beast?

  8. where is t26e4?

  9. cha ching, let it rain credits xD

  10. Miss 4/10 tanks : T-34/defender/S1/ T25 pilot 1 (but i’ve t26E5 patriot), time to buy more tanks 🙂

  11. Where is Jagdtiger 8,8 :´(

  12. Vbaddict is ignoring the IS3A i think?! I think it would be in the Top 10 DezGames

  13. Where is My Lorraine40t T_T

  14. fv4202 average 19000

  15. I knew my beloved Revaloriese will be high on the list!

  16. I am super happy my premium tank makes the most credits in the game. Hey Dez mabey top 10 fastest tanks 😀

  17. Maciek Lesniewski

    I’m surprised there is no Liberte or JigTig 8.8 (I have him and almos always 20k+ credits on him even if i have bad battle)

  18. Jagdtiger 8.8 not in the list? Did not expect that..

  19. nice intro !

  20. Žarko Jovanović

    MY Jagdtiger 8,8 prints money

  21. I was surprised to not see the IS-6 in the top 10… 🙂 great video btw 🙂

  22. Brayden Lancaster

    Top 10 best passive scouting bushes?

  23. Top 10 most hated tank ? 😀

  24. I was totally expecting to see the e-25, I always get 30k+ with it (with the e-25 “#1” skin)

  25. you made top 10 heaviest now do top 10 lightests tanks

  26. Hmmm, no fun factor accounted so CDC didn’t make the list 🙁

  27. Constantin - Vlad Iacob

    I think Lorr its one of the best, in top 3 of credits making, the reason that tank its not in top 10 because a lot of owners run with food on it and that reduces the earnings a lot, but if you don’t that tank provides really well. I also have M4A1 Rev., but with the Lorr, i can sadly say that Rev. went into the shadows. Super penetration, decent dmg per shot on lorr makes it a lot better

  28. Top 10 ways to not lose money while playing above tier 1

  29. not only did i enjoy the episode i found it very informative and helpful .. cheers

  30. Hiya Dez Liberte is fucking nice tank it should be in the list of top 10 it is for sure better like T34 or fu*king pilot.

  31. No CDC? That’s weird.

  32. i login to like it cuz its wery helpful ty dez 🙂

  33. InstaRice TinyTauren

    I would love a Type 59 buff. I feel the power creep from all the new tanks makes it not as good as it was in the good old “wolf pack” days!

  34. I am surprised the Type 59 isn’t in this list though

  35. top 10 best TDs (no premium)

  36. Top 10 favourite map locations..

  37. hey dez I don’t know if you still do these but it might be time for another face off. new buffed maus and type 5


    damn if only Jagdtiger 8.8cm was in this line up

  39. im very suprrise do not see in top ten 54mod1 because 54 is best tank in game.

  40. Great video! I’d love to see a top 10 credit earners for tier 5, 6 and 7 premium tanks too.

  41. This is kind of bullshit. Patriot and normal E5 without clowncamo are the same tanks with the same credit modifier. There is no difference between them beside the player base. My guess here, most good players swapped the patriot for the normal version and they shot more premium rounds, therefore the credit profit is lower.
    Don’t trick people to buy the clown camo because they think it does make automatically more credits. It does NOT.

  42. max xp wit 54mod1 2535 max damage 5481

  43. Did not expect the T25 pilot to be on this list.

  44. Kalvis Kleikalīdis

    You forgot to mention that FCM 50t has premium MM – it never sees tier 10 battles. The only Premium MM tank in this top 10.

  45. top 10 best gun handling tanks

  46. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    i like to see the same kind of episode but with the lower tiers too

  47. I don’t wanna say, but where is 8,8 cm Pak 43 Jadgtiger?

  48. Top 10 HE penetrating tanks

  49. Median profits would have been more interesting than average, T26E5 being case in point.

  50. I only own 3 premiums. Rank 8, 9 & 10. FCM has died. Needs urgent buff.

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