► TOP 10 DAMAGE DEALERS – World of Tanks TOP 10 – Episode 8

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Highest Damage Dealers – Top 10. Series.

► Huge Thank You: vbaddict.net, thank you for collecting such an awesome information!

In today’s WoT: TOP 10 episode I am going to line up top 10 highest average damage dealers in World of Tanks.

I hope you enjoy! 😉


  1. And now off to the test server! 😛
    Will bring you some new and hot stuff tomorrow!
    Enjoy! 😉

  2. Top ten
    Tanls that existed in real life and had a good reputation

    (That is ruined in wot)

  3. Top 10 Fastest Tanks in Reverse lol

  4. Armando Marcial Alonzo

    Top 10 most ammo racked Tanks

  5. Top 10 view range.

  6. Meh this list was just silly… New T10,s are always going to be higher because most of the people playing them will be good players/hardcore players that grind them faster then the scubs and reward tanks always going to be higher on the list as only decent players can get them.. waste of time list this one.

  7. Armando Marcial Alonzo

    Top 10 most damage blocked Tanks

  8. Dez i got a list for ya……top 10 best maps world of tanks has ever had whether those maps were removed along time ago or they are in the game now or top 10 player favorite maps.

  9. Multiple Different Aliases

    Top ten thickest armor values on various sections of tanks?

  10. Rightly done man this is how it should be you only do damage if you penetrate.

  11. SIlentXHunter gaming

    top ten armor trolls XD like some of the s tanks or pz 2J

  12. Love the intro, Dez. Never mind those who has a attention span of a rock.

  13. I seriously thought it would be the T-57 heavy that autoloader is best.

  14. Should show more big titties

  15. WG gotta stop cunting the common player like this. Not everyone has the time,inclination and resources to spam premium ( ammo and consumables ) in a Clan Battle.

  16. Alliterate alternating Illusions

    I thought JPE100 would be on here

  17. Summary: The entirety of the list is made of Tier 10s. Dez, can you make a vid that has the best for each tier? Preferably without premiums?

  18. Hey!! Dez I was the Foch B replay you featured in this video! Glad you saw that game! 🙂

  19. This list pretty much shows how irrelevant all the original t10 tanks are in this game.

  20. Top 10 tanks with the highest standard shell velocity?

  21. Top 10 worst tanks/hardest to play tank in the game 😉

  22. Wow, no regular German tank at all, imagine my surprise… WG logic: Buff everything, and nerf Germans so more….

  23. call it top 10 dmger on t10 next time -_- only t10 tanks in the list i would love to see from t6 and t8 aswel

  24. Top 10 damage blockers maybe? 🙂

  25. Bulgarian Slayer 18

    Where is the ISU-152?

  26. Itz Dirty J69 ! ! !

    You do know the h is silent in honor.

  27. Whats that crap giving a heavy 750 damage a shot? that’s as much as the Obj. 268 !!! that’s BS!

  28. Hey Dez, your Intro are totaly fine and i love them!

  29. wot best game ever with intense battle

  30. huh, no wonder its been so difficult to get my Second mark on my Vk 72.01K…

  31. WZ-111-5A, one of the best HT in the game ? This is one of the most easier to pen, lol xD

  32. Cleaners reward tanks are total bullshit. Give the gold spamming CW assholes a super op thank and let them seal club in pub battles.

  33. Hey DG….yet another sweet with awesome content……ty..:)

  34. top ten radio range, for teh lulz

  35. I was kinda hoping to see death star but no.

  36. Who else expected JPZ E100 or the Deathstar?

  37. keep consist rose spehtm while top society sink.

  38. Top 10 damage in 1 shot tank.Make this happen!

  39. stats are just from EU?

  40. No BC ? wtf 😀

  41. Not ever one can join a clan that has a top clan wars team . Only top 20% of player in the game even see CR Tanks( so tanks like M60, Obj.907 and VK72.01k are not tanks ever one can get Dez. but up it up on your publishing .

  42. All this list was where rare tanks or new tanks played by unicum players and not that many battles played together

  43. Top 10 tanks by survival rate

  44. U stay awesome ass well u deep voiced beast

  45. top 10 dmg dealer tier by tier

  46. Tier 10. Tier X. Tier 10. Tier x.Tier 10. Tier X. Tier 10. Tier x. Tier 10. Tier X. Tier 10. Tier x. Tier 10. Tier X. Tier 10. Tier x. Tier 10. Tier X. Tier 10. Tier x. Tier 10. Tier X. Tier 10. Tier x. Tier 10. Tier X. Tier 10. Tier x. Tier 10. Tier X. Tier 10. Tier x. Tier 10. Tier X. Tier 10. Tier x. Tier 10. Tier X. Damnit, Dez.. you should diversify a little. Not all of us play Tier 10 all the time. Do you ever drop down in tiers at all? Feature some mid tier stuff for a change!

  47. Much better lead-in and transitions ! Thank you for this video.
    Edit: Is the 112 going to be nerfed in 20.1?

  48. I wonder why V.K got highest damage ?… Full HEAT load out.

  49. All are Tier 10 including T10’s reward tanks most will never ever get ~ kinda boring u’know

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