► TOP 10 Heaviest Tanks – World of Tanks TOP 10 [New Series!]

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Heaviest Tanks – Top 10. Series.

I welcome you to my first new series in 2017 – “World of Tanks TOP 10”! This going to be series where I am going to line up tanks by stats, to short out best of the best and worst of the worst. I have so many ideas for my future episode already, but please, let me know what you think about this idea and would you like to see more stuff like this? Maybe highest DPM tanks or fastest tanks or slowest tanks or… whatever, just give me some feedback if that not too much to ask! 🙂

In today’s episode I am going to show you 10 heaviest tanks in World of Tanks… The heaviest, the biggest and the mightiest tanks in this game.

I hope you enjoy! 😉

►Tanks in action:
– A lot of really heavy tanks…


  1. 220 tons

  2. Do top 10 highest km/h tanks
    Or top 10 hp/t tanks

  3. Top 10 best derps! Pls ?? (the lkv 103 is also a derp)

  4. most armoured TDs

  5. hey good idea! I would like to See 10 Most sneakiest tanks. highest camou

  6. jappo tanks u could put them in garbage top. this tanks are shits like
    players who play them. They think this tanks are best and no one can pen
    them, wrong this tanks are paper armour if u know where to shoot and die
    always like a noobs. I dont see any good players play this shits.

  7. Fastes reloading tanks.

  8. highest WR tanks overall
    rarest tanks in the game

  9. tier 6 O-I number 3 WTF!?!??!?!??!?! U GONNA BE KIDDING

  10. Top 10 fastest tanks

  11. Inst the Mäuschen coming back in 9.17.1.

  12. next one DPM

  13. I like this alot

  14. I disagree with you for the maus. Indeed, it’s a well armored tank but is
    turret frontal have only 240 mm and can be pierce easily by a lot of tier
    9/10. Moreover, after the patch 9.17.1 the type 5 heavy will probably be
    the well armored tank of the gam with 280 mm.

  15. Top ten least played tanks

  16. most powerful tank destroyer guns

  17. the most accurate gun in wot

  18. Maybe put some honourable mentions in it (tanks that were just not heavy
    enough, or very surprising results)

  19. please make a video about top 10 non-primium credit makers.

  20. Top 10 Most Heavily Armoured Tanks

  21. Lightest tanks!

  22. Highest dpm tanks :)

  23. Pretty cool idea! I think my only suggestion would be to lengthen the last
    3 tanks’ focus, to emphasize their epicness.

  24. is 3

  25. Yes, please continue!

  26. Maybe at some point you can do most penetratiing guns with normal/premium

  27. Top 10 non-premium money maker tanks

  28. Top 10 fastest tanks? :D

  29. LionFightingDragon Ski

    Top 10 fastest tanks in the game – please include terrain resistance,
    hp/ton ratio and turn speed.

  30. Not sure about this… more epic gameplay is needed… What is the next?
    Fastest tanks in the game? Strongest armor? Biggest DERP? Easiest to flip
    over? (FYI I flipped over my Jagdtiger once… I am Pro)

  31. top 10 highest camo excluding light tanks

  32. OH FUCK YEAH, the Maus is a beast. Nothing fucks with the Maus nothing!

  33. Top 10 DERP Tanks

  34. worst (without arty) and
    best accuracy guns in the game.

  35. Šašo Počmáraný

    what about fastest tanks? hmmm

  36. top 10 tanks with the thickest armor!

  37. where is IS3

  38. Top 10 biggest guns!

  39. make best guns in world of tanks

  40. Foldhazi Adam Gabor

    Hi, a list from the 10 tanks would be fine in description. THX

  41. best tank in each tier…

  42. Medilion Blaergoet

    Top Ten most strange looking vehicles in World of Tanks?

  43. more top 10 :)

  44. Make a list of the 10 most noob-friendly tanks

  45. moooore i like it a lot :)

  46. top 10 most accurate guns

  47. top 10 tanks with best rear armor

  48. top 10 most damaging guns.. great series Dez

  49. Top 10 sneakiest TDs ;)

  50. top 10 hardest to penetrate tanks, like is4….

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