► TOP 10 HIGHEST WIN RATE TANKS – World of Tanks TOP 10 – Episode 7

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks Best Win Rate Tanks – Top 10. Series.

► Huge Thank You: vbaddict.net, thank you for collecting such an awesome information!

TOP 10 is once again back, finally! This I am going to line up top 10 tanks with the highest win rate in World Tanks. Let’s see which tanks are the best “win rate farmers”, with the best win rates!

I hope you enjoy! 😉


  1. BTW, LeFe doesn’t have a stun effect… A little brain fart action in the video! 🙂
    But Top 10 is finally back, wohoooo! 🙂
    Hope you enjoy! (L)

  2. No defender, patriot, maus, type 5 heavy and skorpion g ?

  3. the problem with the 907 is because lot of ppl have the tank now and not the “best” players and tank yeah is good…but requires lot of skill

  4. SIlentXHunter gaming

    do we have a top 10 most hated tanks? or tanks within a line people hate to play

  5. Dez, when will you be doing a video on the tank that is graphically a function with an inverse?

  6. I do sometimes enjoy my Lef, but that gun is uber derpy. Sometimes it’s a laaer, other times it doesn’t even get close to the center. Also surprised that the SU-76i didn’t make it onto this list at all.

  7. So:
    1. Where’s the RNG episode?
    2. Where’s top 10 highest tanks mostly used?
    3. Where’s top 10 worst tanks?

  8. Sadomasochistic Hamster

    10 worst premium tanks you own. Tier 5 and up. ?

  9. Maybe top 10 worst tanks overall?

  10. A bunch of OP Russian things, Russian like things, and premium tanks. Fuck Wargaming and their Damn bullshit. Shady carsalesman like bullshit developer.

  11. No AMX CDC :/

  12. Where is the T-22Sr? Did they make it this much worse?

  13. Am I the only one that cringed every time he said wind rate

  14. alfredo diaz ramirez

    If France only had these win ratios during the battle of France in 1940??

  15. TOP 10 cute and handsome tanks!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. Next Dez Top 10 best hp/t tanks

  17. I remember when the T-28 had the F-30 gun standard and it was insanely good.

  18. Nedoshius Žaidžia

    Awesome video ! Please next top 10 most credit with regular tanks

  19. do one on non premium tanks please

  20. No E-25 in top ten? Confirmed not op bring it back to premium shop.:)

  21. Well, if nothing else this list is proof that this game is PAY TO WIN. I would say premium vehicles are on the second place on PTW list after premium ammo.
    I am playing this game from the start and it went to shit. I don’t have premium account from the start and could go by (now is almost impossible to get positive credits at the end of game), now premium vehicles are better than standard, premium ammo is going all around (partly because WG is making tanks impenetrable with standard ammo, almost no weak points in front…) and now we have morons playing even in tier X (they got to tier X on account of premium tanks, premium account and gold spamming because their play is shit, their stats are shit and they did not deserve to play tier X) and yeah, I’m bottom tier probably 70% and top 10% of games.
    So yeah, now i play only few games a week and cursing WG for being such a money grabbing whores.

  22. Nice idea DEZ. I like the top 10 from u and the Channel. Youre the best Youtuber! Thx for youre Videos!

  23. Dafuq…im pretty sure for the longest time i was subbed to you..looks like i wasn’t?

  24. Surprised the PzB2 isn’t on this list

  25. No Pz B2 or E-25. Wow.

  26. Ob260 doesn’t have the armour. It only has speed and gun so pls don’t tell lies

  27. Make a top 10 most marked tanks

  28. Suprised the luchs isn’t on the list

  29. Can you make more of those top 10 thingies it is really fun and really good btw really good video!

  30. I actually expected B2(german premium heavy t4) to be in this list.

  31. Hi Dez! I have a suggestion for the next episode: Top 10 rarely played tanks. 🙂 I wonder which ones are those 😀

  32. Most tanks are premium tanks this just proves that WoT is a pay to win game.

  33. 3 T10 Tanks, 2 Russians. But Grille 15 is broken, must be nerfed!

  34. Top 10 Tanks with lowest wr next?

  35. The Minimaus Winrate must come from older Days when it was rly op,without Goldspam and so much Tds at Tier 2,nowadays ist nothin special,havent driven mine for i think….years.Cost 750 Gold ingame,375 with 50% off,not 30 K like the 2j.lol Btw,i still have one of the CDs which contains it as a Gift…..lol

  36. Juan Miguel Fernandez

    In the next Top 10, talk about the best snipers in the game. Do it please

  37. T67 not in the list! that was a surprise xD

  38. Top 10 tanks with best kill-to-death ratio 😀 Let’s see which autoloader is the biggest beast of em all… Or… am i wrong and it is some normal puff-puff tank with low alpha spamming gun? 🙂

  39. So lots of tier 3-4 stat padders.

  40. The T28 with F30 is all about that gun. The DPM doesn’t matter because you don’t have to stay in the open and take damage. You just shoot hide and poke when reload. You don’t need a lot of DPM with that alpha.

  41. Yea… the list is not that surprising i must say…. I am surprised by that 1 tank did not make the list -> M60… simply cos when i see one in game, it is 9/10 played by very good players.

    A lot of tier 2-3 “rare” prem tanks = experienced players farm on “noobs”
    The best T10 medium

    One of the lastest tanks added to game – i dare to claim that there are not many sub 50% wr overall players who managed to get hands on WZ-111-5A yet – its wr now is great but will go down eventually as the average players will get hands on it… same was with Kranvagen, if this list was made when that tank came into game, it would be Kranvagen and Emil II on the list as at that time they both had 56+ wr – why? cos they were played by very good players who free-exped their way up the line… Same with Maus, T8 VKP and Mauschen…

    Obj 260 – which is i would say in majority owned by really good players -> should have really good win rate

    The “OP” premiums like Defender, Chrysler, Skorpion G etc are ofc missing cos they are played by a LOT of players, not only good ones, but also average and very bad ones… Meaning its overall winrate is about avg.

  42. Love this series!
    This list was quite surprising to me!
    When in tier 10, a WZ-111 is the least of my trouble.
    And I own a FCM Pak 40 and never really found it to be much good.

    I expected tier 8 premium tanks to rule this list, or atleast include a E25.

    What about a top 10 worst stock grinds in the game?

    If I am honest, the LefH is a tank I would love to have. More for collecting than anything.

  43. Will the challenges come back? If so, I have an idea for you! >:)

    Play with one hand only.
    Be top on damage and xp.
    Not allowed to play arty/TD.

    If you won’t show your face, maybe you can show your hands at least! This is to prove you were playing one handed 😉

  44. place 9 – the object is a reward tank for very good Players and will always be top Tier. While Players like me Play the T28 that is on place 10 and therefore lower the win rate, the object is only played by above average Players. Taking that into account the win rate isn’t that Special.

  45. people were bitching about the maus being op, but it never made it on this list sadly.

  46. 9 premium tanks out of 10
    not pay to win

    peace (from the UK)

  47. Yay my replay was in haha with the WZ-111 5A 😀

  48. the T28 F-30’s biggest thing is the RoF and the HE

  49. Most of these tanks have such good because of the following resons:
    1. You can only get it if you are a good player (Obj. 260, Obj. 907)
    2. It wasn’t aviable for a long time so only older, more experisenced players have it (KV-220-2, 105 leFH18B2, FCM36pak40, Pz.Kpfw. 38H 735 (f))
    3. Are mostly used by sealclubbers ((KV-220-2, 105 leFH18B2, FCM36pak40, Pz.Kpfw. 38H 735 (f), Pz.Kpfw. S35 739 (f), Pz. 2 J, T-28E with F-30)
    4. Are pretty new so only better players have already played it, the others are still grinding (WZ-111 mod. 5A)
    5. They are fucking OP (most of them)
    6. a combination

  50. Top 10 RoF tanks

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