► TOP 10 MOST PLAYED TANKS – World of Tanks TOP 10 – Episode 6

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Source: DezGamez

Most Played Tanks – Top 10. Series.

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World of Tanks TOP 10 finally back, after almost 2 months since my previous episode. It just takes a lot of time and effort to get one out in as high quality as possible and I do not want to give you anything less! Hopefully next one going to be a bit faster…

In this TOP 10 episode you are going to see 10 most played tanks in World of Tanks, according to “vbaddict.net” webpage. Huge shout-out and thank you to “vbaddict.net” people for giving us such an awesome statistics about World of Tanks.

I hope you enjoy! 😉


  1. t10 is there in the list because people want to unlock is7

  2. Another great video.

  3. 10 Tanks with lowest dpm in WOT.

  4. i guessed right lmao. since like 7th place i was thinking “it must be the skorpion g”

  5. anything for wot asia players like me?

  6. dammit, i messed up entering the contest. i hope it doesnt mess anything up

  7. Top 10 Worst Tanks Dez!

  8. so said i from sea sever

  9. 🙂

  10. Dez, IS3 armor is made out of trollimium? LMFAO! 😀

  11. 8:53 When the most OP T8 premium tank gets melted by an AMX 13 90 xD

  12. surprised that e25 didnt make it

  13. Joona Uusiheimala

    top 10 most hatefull tanks. I bet type 91 and type 95 is there

  14. this is a pretty good way to figure out which tanks are in need of a nerf.

  15. I am baffled the e-25 didn’t make the list. when I play my e-25, I almost always see multiple e-25s in the matches

  16. I am not surprised by the top 3 most played tanks in the past 30 days because of how many people play those 3 tanks.

  17. i thought is-7 was the most played tank…..

  18. i thought that first place was for patriot, scorpion really suprised me. Tee järgmisena TOP 10 trollimat tanki/ Do next TOP 10 most troll tanks in the game

  19. T-10 is close to being op, so no surprize there

  20. I expected that the top 3 are IS-3, Skorpion G and sth else, but I thought that IS-3 is first and skorpion is second. About the rest of the tanks I’m not really surprised. Hellcats, T67s, AMX 13 90s, T49s, etc are everywhere. Only T34 surprised me but I guess it makes sence

  21. alfredo diaz ramirez

    this just tells me that nearly 900,000 people shelled out money to buy ONE premium tank. No wonder wargaming won’t stop selling premiums they’re laughing to the bank at least once every two weeks to cash in a check ranging well onto the 8 digits catagory (tenths of millions of dollars)?

  22. IS 3 was a surprise for me, I’ve always seen 2 or 3 in every tier 8 to 10 battle but the last couple of patches I’ve noticed lots of battles with no IS 3s on either side

  23. most played spgs in top 10 will be interesting

  24. f**k I wrote a wrong email!!

  25. Anirban Chakrabarti

    where u at KV-2 drivers??

  26. Is-3 now made 100% obsolete due to defender.

  27. Augustas Perminas

    Top 10 most hated tanks *no arty*

  28. Eell, fuck

  29. yeah its a blessing when taking my t49 out guaranteed skorpion pens 😛

  30. i was very surprise by the skorpion g? and thank you for the contest and all your videos?your the best wot youtubers ?

  31. Considering how broken and OP the Skorpion G is, I just knew it would be the most played…

  32. Tiger, VKs where are they?

  33. just wonder, how skorpion g gun can penetrae 252u easy with 249, and conway with 259 cannot?

  34. i did expect scorp G to be here…but not like this…

  35. holy fuck wg must have made insane $$$ with the skorpion

  36. Chinachote Kantakuldussadee

    That is the problem they should nerf skorG

  37. top 10 best premium thank in this game

  38. i have 800 battles in T49, i prefer the small gun.

  39. What the fuck. I thought first position would be t26e5. I’m proud to own skorp!

  40. is3 did not surprise me, because so many people suck in it. I got on 1 mark of exelence under 40 battles with the is3 stock

  41. No surprize its the scorpion. The thing is cancer on wheels. Im having my brains blown out by them in every game.

  42. when premium tank gets most played you know that WG has hit the jackpot of real money…

  43. akoakko has 11K BATTLES WITH T71 ?

  44. top 10 hardest tanks to mark

  45. I really though the T26E5 Pay2Wi… euhm Patriot was in the top 3

  46. cool episode

  47. Jesus of Nazareth

    I fucking hate that fucking premiums, e25, skorpion g, defender, Lowe… That tanks are overpowered and the bitches spam gold, FUCK OFF WARGAMING, u only needs spend money to be a pro gg…

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