► Top of The Tree AMX 13 105 – World of Tanks AMX 13 105 Gameplay

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Review, French Light Tank. World of Top Of The Tree – 13 105.

This month, November, goes French light tanks, because this time our “Top of The Tree” vehicle is tier 10 French light tank “AMX 13 105”.
In this I am going to show you couple of battles with this beast, that I enjoy playing with a lot as well!
Really interesting, full of thinking and action battles, I hope you like them! 🙂



  1. Im going to get bc 12 t tomorrow


  3. I love AMX lights

  4. 4248th bitches!

  5. dez u are my favourite youtuber 🙂

  6. Guys, i’m a bit of a newplayer/pleb/lemming, that list that shows the damage you have done or received is a mod, right? If yes, can anyone tell me the name?

  7. Oh yeah. Morning weekends with this. 🙂

  8. Dez make a top 10 fastest tanks video 🙂

  9. DezGamez which gun do you recommend on the AMX ELC bis, the 240 alpha damage gun or the one before it?

  10. For me easiest light tank map is Malinovka, when T49 still was tier 8 I had 10k spotting dmg and one of those fast dead enemies was member of FAME clan

  11. Whats the name of the song?

  12. *eheheheheheehheheheheheheheh*

    doge approved

  13. I played like a idiot because I liked to be in your replay greetings tvp

  14. Fiery Salient truly is a piece of cake in a Light Tank. Third game with my Sheridan and got 12,000 combined. Feelz good. 🙂

  15. I vote for a “Top 10 tanks we will NEVER see Dez in”! 😛

  16. Dez, I am very envious in the ease in which you complete the LT mission as well as being very impressed.

  17. the tier 8 BC 12t is actually pretty bad. It’s worse than the tier 7 T71 american light except for a bit higher pen.

  18. Why dont you have full ammo capacity?

  19. Yo dez sent in email of 11k spots in batchat 12t xD

  20. Wtf!! Tow ad’s in a row?

  21. Wish when I had light tank on my team they were that useful..

  22. Use heat rounds quite nicely? Uses HEAT on the very tank that is heat proof with the weakspot penetrable with even APCR shells.

  23. I want an AMX light tank with a 120mm

  24. Great vid !! As always
    Can you please tell me what is the music of the intro 😉

  25. on Fiery Salient you can spot from F8 very nicely too

  26. Hey dez, nice episode today with new idea to use StratSketch, I think it’s a good idea, it can be useful to do it again for other map, that can help a lot of players. Never stop YouTube you are “ze” best 😉

  27. I enjoy watching dez hi*h and drunk from Croatian now at 3 am in night hehe 😉 hello all??

  28. Ahhhh Dez somebody finally found it, That bush on Fiery salient
    has netted me soo much spotting exp, been keeping that spot on the DL for a long time just so i can abuse the fuck out of it. Its hard to tell how many people know about it because ive yet to see youtubers mention it XD. well till now.

  29. I do NOT recommend that newer scouts or guys that are unsure of themselves spot from hill. 90% of the time they get a few spots from up there and then get spotted and annihilated. I would go there ONLy if you know what you are doing. Stick to the Far side along the road, spot for your tds or if u hate sitting then do the circling around the middle stuff.

  30. Have many times can u say the wrong tank. It’s 105

  31. Dez,make more light tanks videos,teach us more about spotting and what tanks are best for passive spotting etc. 🙂

  32. I’ve run into this little nightmare a few times. It’s a scary little fucker if the other guy is playing it right.

  33. Nice games

  34. To many commercials

  35. I am planning to play this line on passive scouting build, hope it’s not a bizarre decision.

  36. Furby Salient. Best map name ever! And nice vid Dez, im currently grinding to the Amx 13 90, so Im gonna have that beast soon.

  37. Your vids get better and better Dez, pro work..

  38. gz on the petrol duty hehehe 😛

  39. Tutorials with DezGamez – The Best! 😉

  40. Good game ??

  41. Hi you are one of the best WoT guys, can you just change so that we can see the tanknames instead of the players names.

  42. Christian Rautjärvi

    You are THE MAN! grats and thx for the video

  43. Once again exellent stuff, thumbs up for you Dez!

  44. 13-105 only has 280 pen premium rounds so not like people can complain about that, some tier 8 vehicles have higher. Also I’m pretty sure both games would have done LT-15 for the Obj. 260, so if people are struggling with this mission get yourself a tier 10 light tank

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