► TROLL TANKS – Sexy Sexton I + TOG II = Grosstraktor Krupp – World of Tanks Troll Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

. Gameplay. Großtraktor – Krupp (Grosstraktor – Krupp) Gameplay. . World of Tanks Live Gameplay Series.

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I know, I had it coming… In my previous live gameplay episode I ask which tanks you would like to see in my next episode and this what you came up with… THANK YOU, I GUESS! 😀

So enjoy today’s long live gameplay episode with some super troll tanks – Sexy artillery, TOG II and Grosstraktor – Krupp .



  1. Federico Di Liberto

    SexTog III*

  2. Lol how the hell can I get a sexton 1

  3. My matilda crew is all at 100% but I don’t get the option to train the crew with like six sence and all that. Why is this? Maybe tier 5 and up only?

  4. i want to see dez play the BT7-art!

  5. well done mate…. I picked a much better tank, but hey, was fun watching

  6. Dez just give up. I saw the results, they are not going to stop.

  7. I love TOG
    I got Mine pimped with Rammer, Vents, and a Super Heavy Spall Liner. I love watching Arty complain when they hit and it does like 30 DMG. I get called a hacker and shit LOL
    TOG is slow but very mighty.

  8. Chris YoonJik Lee

    Guys! I have a joke

    Read More

  9. no we want to see TOG weekly!

  10. You got that Crew with the Mark-I tank event… they are unique crew

  11. Same problem with LeFH18B, fast but often under 100 dmg per shot ^^

  12. GebProplays_YT [FIVE9] CLAN PRO EDITION

    I like the part on 0:06

  13. Part of dat cru on the Sexton comes from the WW1 event couple months back. It was the crew from the armoured car.

  14. The Grosstractor has a derp gun, so you are supposed to just shoot HE with it, not AP.
    You would not use AP rounds with KV-2 either…

  15. Jingles would disaprove of your hatred of the Mighty TOG.

  16. Dat TOG 😀 😀 😀

  17. Can I have the Sexton? Seems pretty good for a Arty

  18. Lef also has 400 meter view range, is quite heavy, and has a heavy tank hull.

  19. “Im going to start with Tier 3 premium arty” *Show a Tier 10 Star Destroyer*

  20. Very entertaining.. I was waiting for the “Good job, me.. good job..” but no usage of X-key for better arty accuracy..??

  21. Die Franzosen 5er ist, find ich, wesentlich besser (Hans geschafft unter 9sek. Reload zu kommen ohne Stählerne Bruderschaft)

  22. Fuzzcopter I like tigers

    Someone make him play m3 lee xD

  23. but wtf was that jump at 25:58 by that alecto and he just survive lol

  24. You probably would have won easily if you went caping when mathilda and valentine were still occupied with other tanks…

  25. Tank polls = troll food.

  26. GebProplays_YT [FIVE9] CLAN PRO EDITION

    I wonder what you use next Video

  27. unless they make arty play like armored warfare, im never playing arty again. waaaaay too much rng involved

  28. 1:47 100% grill, nice grill dez <3

  29. Most entertaining, had me laughing away. Keep it up.

  30. can you show Black prince with 3 gun marks

  31. Tog flip was hilarious!!!

  32. relle y u hate the meme tank

  33. All i got to say DG u have soo much better luck than me in my sexton 1, rng hates this arty and the rest of my arties… 🙁

  34. Oh the TOG. A tank that makes Meme’s into Dreams every time!
    As for the crew you have in the Sexton that’s the crew from the WW1 event with the armored cars.

  35. The trick with the grosstractor is that it’s a low velocity howitzer. as such, it’s AP is garbage. load all HE and HEAT and your damage per game and enjoyment of this otherwise horrid tank will increase exponentially.

  36. Max view range on tier 3 premium arty?

  37. Grosstraktor HE

  38. Your accent together with your tone of voice is epic. Did you ever consider to do audio books? I can listen to you telling a story for hours.

  39. so funny when you arent trying to be. love your vids dez

  40. I needed one moar TOG II battle to be satisfied.

    I demand Satisfaction!!!

  41. ive got 733 battles with my TOG… 51% victories.. Would love some speed 🙂

  42. O i has 70 mm all sides

  43. is it true that rita cheated on jingles?? They were saying last game that it was all over twitter,

     I hope not 🙁

  44. let’s troll him with the M3 Lee next!! ;p hahaha

  45. or type T34/Type 58 lmao!!

  46. I’ve never heard of someone being so thankful for 11 damage. 5:24

  47. All the LeFH had to do was sit in safe and spam him every 8secs… easy win…

    And against that valentine and matilda… cap maybe, just maybe one time? Instead of trying to kill em for like 5 mins even you knew u can’t

  48. u should had loaded HE for your gross tracktor. check the HE out. the pen is almost similar as the AP but lesser

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