► Trolled… Are You HAPPY Now? – World of Tanks Live Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

. VK 36.01 H Gameplay Review. 183 Gameplay Review.

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Damn you guys… You were not happy with my TOG II’s performance before, right? So you make me suffer again… this how it works? 😛
This time I am going to activate my TOG mode and let’s see what is going to happen then! 😀
Also, pretty nasty battle with FV215b 183 as well, or what do you think?

Music used:
– Tchaikovsky – 1812 Overture (Full with Cannons)
– Rammstein – Ich Will (Official Video)
– Hallelujah



  1. Enjoyed making this episode a lot… Awesome battles, some editing and voila! 🙂
    That 183’s battle tho… halleeeeeluuujah!

  2. Tog! Tog! Tog! Tog! Tog! Tog! Tog!………..We Love Tog!
    Just for the Tog of it!
    The Best Part of waking up, is Togin it up!
    I love what ya do for me, Tog!
    Unleash the Tog!

  3. I 1 shot a maus in a clan battle once. in my 183. hit him in the back lower side and set him on fire. but i hit him for over 2400 to start. I like how the tier 6 seal clubber only got you a 2nd class. tells you how many people use that tank.

  4. 6 Premium Rounds fired ? Filthy gold spammer ! Why even carry any regular rounds just full gold. Ok ok fine….but I don’t know how you sleep at night Dez!

  5. your something else Dez, you make any tank look good, that TOGII is so hard to have a decent game in, you get t7 and arty and its down hill.

  6. U f scared my cat . GG

  7. Bring the Face-offs back again!

  8. I cracked up at the sound of helicopter blades cutting wind.
    Awesome attention on details man

  9. I voted AT2 plz vote AT2 everyone :3

  10. Best vid ever i lolzed hard xD

  11. Vk 3601 is suprisingly maneuverable

  12. Way to call out the pussies, Dez.

  13. Rammstein? why?
    And why Ich Will? The band has far better songs.

  14. panther m10 proof that skill rounds just mean u suck

  15. Write in candidate for next vote!!! TOG TOG TOG TOG TOG TOG TOG TOG TOG!!!

  16. The memes and Rammstein referance are to be saluted

  17. wow heli cam, you rock mate

  18. Tipical arty player, drown himself when loosing when the map has water. You know, arty player, that you loose more credit drawing yourself than getting killed by the ennemy? Oh no, braindead sorry 😉

  19. This tank sucks

  20. Heli cam lol 🙂

  21. Play with cdc pls

  22. Robin "Moshhe" Hendriks

    Hey Dez!
    great games, i never seem to be able to play as well in the Fv 215b (183) as you. 🙁

    The VK 36.01 H is one of my favourite tanks, 3 Marked it. I use the the smaller gun however, have you ever tried that? using the 7.5/5.5 cm Waffe 0725? if not, i would LOVE to see a video of you trying to use that gun.
    p.s. i am not trolling, i am dead serious ;P

  23. use the fast fire gun on vk36.01h

  24. Yay, return of the Heli-Cam!

  25. Such a shame there’s no more TOG II in Tank Poll :c

  26. exciting episode, gj

  27. You really do suck at driving the tog I’m constantly yelling a my screen.

  28. Great, great humor in this episode, Dez. Helicam was nice; a special guest appearance from Claude; and a beautiful Hallelujah chorus. Enjoyed it!!

  29. burn baby burn XD

  30. Hey Dez, why did you remove the mighty tog from tbe poll? xD

  31. vote for tog ii again!


    Hey dez , i’m a wot blitz player and done with FV215B 183 7370 dmg xD its difficult as this version

  33. How come, top tier tank you’re lucky if you scrap by on credits…top warship and you can rake in the credits? It seems they don’t like tanks at WG actually.

  34. I liked the VK36.01H back when it was a medium and got better match making.

  35. I love that you shamed those pussies for drowning! I also miss your cinematic intros good sir. Those cinematic shots are gold. I don’t care what anyone else says they only take ten, twenty seconds tops and if you don’t have twenty seconds to spare watching a video, what are you doing on youtube?

  36. TOG II “HeliCam”
    I’m fucking dead. Dez if NASA ever finds my sides dig me back up and stick em in the coffin.

  37. absolutely loved the HELICAM <3 superb!


  39. Excellent Episode Dez!!! AaaaLlEeee Luuuiiaaaa

  40. 2.5k dmg with a TOG. YOU ARE MY MASTER

  41. 5 minutes in and I’m already thinking this vid is an editing WOT masterpiece. You have a serious skill for editing. Well done. I look forward to the next vid.

  42. elc t50 kv2 for the win

    Pls Show Review of the T46 which each of the 3Top guns and Tell us which is your Favorite

  43. Good vids, but I hate interruptions from ads in my WoT vids. -1

  44. you said it right: “uboat-I play episode” 😉

  45. Wenn want to se a kolobanov and radley walters

  46. Triumph Spitfire 2

    Heli cam ?? brilliant Dez!

  47. Always enjoy it Dez…..boom

  48. Dez, isn’t U-boot I play video? How can it be without the pride of the Royal Navy?

  49. Much better performance in the Tog

  50. Intros are getting better and better

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