► Type 5 Heavy – WG Made It Unkillable? + Buffed E-100 – World of Tanks Type 5 and E-100 Gameplay

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Patch . Gameplay and . Gameplay and . World of Tanks Type 5 Heavy and E-100 – Tier 10 Heavy Tanks.

List of all World of Tanks Update Test Server changes:

Today, I am going to focus on two different tier 10 Super-Heavy tanks – “Type 5 Heavy” and “E-100”. Yes, I know… Type 5 Heavy needed some changes to bring it back to “The Meta” game, because almost nobody played with those tanks, but I think they made this tank a little bit too strong, way too hard to take down (without artillery support at least). Going to show you some battle gameplay action as well, together with E-100 that got a little gun upgrade.

Your thoughts?



  1. I’d take that big peace of shit out of the game

  2. The armor buff was much needed. The gun however is not.

  3. well, su100y premium round has higher damage with reduced pen

  4. World of Derp

  5. Whats the point of owning a mighty IS7 when this Japanese cluster fuck has just tonnes and tonnes of armour on the front.

  6. If they dont nerf it,this will be most playable tank.

  7. With the nerf to arty, this has nothing that can readily do damage to it lol
    Even without their change, I suspect zero damage shots due to the armor buffs lol

  8. I’m fine with the armor buff- it needed that. but the new Derp gun is just stupid. we don’t need any more Derp guns at tier 10. it ruins the point of buffing armor in the first place.

  9. Wargaming is so dumb… i heard they’re nerfing ap rounds again ‘to make armor more usable’ but for christs sake literally the only thing that has made armor in WOT literally USELESS is premium ammo, not ap but no ap is just OP apparently even though like all of our problems with the lack of being able to block anything anymore lies purely with premium ammo.. and arty… but we already knew that, arty still op broken mechanic that also ruins the game… ANYWAYS just another money grab attempt by wargaming go figure, more ruining of the game.

  10. also in regards to the E100 pen on ap… its FULLY possible to do well without heat its simply called aiming… HOWEVER i am not saying it DIDNT need some sort of buff so you haters can just find someone else to harass… also E100 drivers can be given 300 ap pen and they will still spam HEAT like no tomorrow… its just how theses assholes work seem to just fire premium for the sake of firing it…

  11. wargaming need to buff health pool of is7 I mean really e50m, German th10 medium has just 50 less HP…
    the buffs in the last few patches really shows that wargaming likes German and American stuffs and hate Russians

  12. They are adding too much to the already OP tanks! They removed the Deathstar and now they’re going to make a new one?? idc because I’m on console but still… really?

  13. The Type 5 Heavy, CANNOT, go into the live server in that configuration. It’s fucking retarded. +2 -2 mm is a fucking stupid idea because of shit like the Type 4/5 Heavy. If it gets the gun, it shouldn’t get the armor. If it gets the armor, it shouldn’t get the gun. imo it shouldn’t get anything other than better gun stats. If they really want to make the Type 5 heavy like that, they need to ditch the +2 -2 garbage.

  14. first they called it a retard tank…  now they call it OP. guess some people are sad that the 2900 HP snack is not so easy to feed on anymore.

  15. “three hundred and fucking nineteen”

  16. They are doing it to make people grind the line. When people start getting near getting the tank it will be rebalanced for game play sake.

  17. maybe the main difference between the 2 gameplays is the e-100 still require to strategize. in type 5, seem to be more oriented to carelessly charge forward and always do damage without penning. maybe upgrade to the howitzer was ok and keep armor. if it stays that way, may plage high tier games.
    jjust my thoughs thou.

  18. Dez, what screen recorder do you use?

  19. I bounced BC25 full heat mag in this 😛 nasty armor 😀

  20. “Gat damn it” I was laughing hella hard

  21. blah blah blah, Type 5 is buffed and nobody bats an eye on the sick Bulldog stunt in 0:45 :-/

  22. Kaelin the Sergal Dragon

    “It is not 100% pay to win, but it is 100% pretty damn stupid.” That line had me rolling for about ten minutes. Dez you are honestly one of the most hilarious youtubers i watch every day. Keep up the good work. XD

  23. WG Retardation strikes again!

  24. E100 is one of my favorite tanks to play but the gun sucks , so glad they are buffing it !

  25. But it is pretty close to pay to win, you can not deny it: Patriot, Liberte, E25, Scorpion G and so on. Just buy a tank and do better than the tech-tree counter part, good example; Tiger II vs. Löwe.

  26. JNA - Rambo Petkovic

    9:49 With the style 🙂

  27. That’s the point of a superheavy. You shouldn’t be able to penetrate it frontally. Just to make it a fortress against mediums and stuff like that. Maus and Type 5 needs to get more armor imo.

  28. Wg logic:Weak spot 211-311mm and still bounce shots GJ!:)
    Look like WG go ruin WOT so fast.

  29. I hate those force fields some tanks have… How do they obtain them? 🙂

  30. Instead of fixing gold rounds, they buffed the superheavies so that they bounce gold rounds. So now the poor peasants that can’t afford to bring a loadout of 75% gold rounds can just go fuck themselves for trying to play tier 10.

  31. The Buff on the Pen of the E100 is much appreaciated, but I fear it won’t change much. E100 will still need to load gold against any heavily armored tank, as it does not have the ability to flank (like the 113). Therefore I guess many people will still fire mainly heat, cause you just don’t reload fast enough to swap and unless you are 100% sure to meet something that can be penned with AP, you will want to have heat loaded.

  32. T110E5, the new tier ten M3 Lee!

  33. WG, please remove the aids of the game called Japanese heavies 🙁

  34. 22:11 That was from the cartoon Camp Lazlo xD

  35. Epic Type5 parking on rail in the end.

  36. If this has so good armour, The Maus should have stronger… LOL

  37. Now every player without a exception will shoot it with gold = more money to WG = good update

  38. Anyone that whines about the Type 5 heavy is nothing more then a fat sea animal sized lard ass baby.

  39. I only played my E100 to unlock the gun… maybe I should try to do some missions with it…

  40. If wot makes arty have stun its shit, the type 5 has god armor pls dont nerf the damage of arty

  41. We’ve been saying this on the forum for a while now…Type 5 and Maus both got seriously overbuffed. Time to stop playing tier 8, change loadout of tier 9 and 10 to 50/50 standard/premium and grind to Batchat arty to shit on players driving both easy-mode tanks.

  42. this thing is stupid at this point i cant pen this thing with e5 from the front because i dont use gold rounds and there is no spot where normal armor can ever pen

    i cant even pen the side with my favourite heavy tank the T32 with gold
    the side with gold this is retarded

    i mean i agree that the E5 should be nerfed and it is
    now they make another tank with no weakspots

    im all for increasing armor but at least have some weakspots which this tank has none with this patch and i dont call spot where tier 10 gold is required to pen a weakspot

  43. I love what WG did with it.THIS TANK HAS BEEN EXPLOITED WAY TOO MUCH IN THE PAST,this patch has definitely made the type 5 heavy the tank it should be,I mean earlier this tank could be fucked up way too easily

  44. Did you see the yolo E50 M rush in to ram the Object 430? :><

  45. TheMantuxasLTUGAMMER

    so maus now is not strongest?

  46. More armor > more premium ammo using > more money 4 WG 😉 And no more hate on arty :3

  47. Before starting to whine about Type 5:
    It had crap armor (penned frontally by IS-3 ‘s on gold)
    It had crap mobility (normal thing for such a behemoth)
    It had crap firepower (bounced on IS-2 ‘s, couldn’t face any tank with more armor than 200 cause RNG)

  48. world of tanks don’t exist more. Now is world of type 5 heavy

  49. TheMantuxasLTUGAMMER

    tiger in real life was op when he first time saw combat but in games it normal tank

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