► Type 5 Heavy, With New 15cm DERP CANNON… – World of Tanks Type 5 Heavy Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Type 5 Heavy Gameplay and Preview. Patch . – Tier 10 .

List of all World of Tanks Update Test Server changes:

Few weeks ago, in one of the WG’s article, they said that they would like to make some changes to tier 9 and tier 10 Japanese heavy tanks “Type 4 Heavy” and “Type 5 Heavy”. Now, when patch 9.17.1 test server live, we can see what happened… They added 152,4mm HE cannons, derp guns on them with very interesting ammunition choice… Not so sure if this going to solve the problem, or going to cause more problems.

Let me know what you think about that!



  1. Are you guys ready for the mighty hands of Hirohito/Amaterasu to guide the
    shells of glorious Nippon, folded more than one thousand times into the
    hulls of inferior Gaijin tanks?


  2. 15 of them in clan wars wow camp and destroy all.

  3. Well does the type 4 get any serious love? For the Tier7 I have a 57% win
    rate, t8 54% win rate, t9 its 31or33% its just an awful tank so like most I
    dont play it as its un-playable.

  4. And New Game Mod?

  5. Rip amx cdc

  6. Another reason to rage quit this pay2win game.

  7. What I don’t get is they explained high tier TDs such as the Jagdpanzer
    e100 and FV215b 183 are ridiculous and add a 1.1k-1.4k damage potential gun
    to a heavy tank. Not only that but shouldn’t the new 152mm get KV2 damage
    if you went by damage scaling by caliber?

  8. Word of denks

  9. “WG what are you smoking?” Is exactly right. Just watch their new video
    about Arty that’s in sandbox right now. Completely garbage

  10. Not everybody has the credits for only HESH.

  11. Ushio Sama (AbeTV)

    As ones of Hardcore Hipster, Grinding XP for Type 5’s new gun is pain in
    the ass! It’s repair cost is so damn high! (28K+) and I’m not gold user,
    And all enemy I saw is IS7 and damn E100, I play only 6 – 7 match for
    starting grinding more XP, I lose about 120K from my money before started
    grinding (It can be more worse if I don’t have M4A1 and TOG2 to making
    money) And I only get 3.6K XP (Now 2.6K XP cuz I accidentally convert its
    XP to free XP for British line)

  12. More damaga and same pen sounds…..stupid….. it negates armor

  13. Not gonna use this gun on the Type 5 heavy, 140mm is plenty good enough.
    But the type 4 heavy? oooooohhh my god, this gun shooting at tier 7’s XD

  14. Buffed armor + derp gun = new noobwagon. No skill needed.

  15. Let’s make armor more relevant on Maus, PzKw VII, E100,….. what about big
    derp guns where you can’t angle your slow heavy

  16. deathstar M.K 2

  17. When i think that WG cant make more terrible decision, they do this…

  18. one thing i want to know is, does increased alpha on HE make any
    difference? i mean, both shells have the same burst radius so you could do
    the same damage to tanks by splashing their underbelly by hitting the
    ground, right? bigger alpha only counts when you penetrate, but both shells
    have the same penetration…

  19. Šašo Počmáraný

    Type 5 heavy is not OP boys XDDDDD

  20. so they’re going to nerf the dispersion so “that armor and super heavy
    tanks become more usefull” and then they give those 2 tanks derp guns that
    are better than top tier french arty so “that armor and super heavy tanks
    become more useless”! So no more armor angling because you’ll bounce shit,
    no matter how thick your armor is you’ll recieve dmg and for japs they’ll
    can now camp in the back and derp everyone! I think HE does not loose speed
    and pen over distance?!

  21. Does The Type 5 Have A AP Shell Or HEAT Shell?? Sorry I Don’t Play Wot But
    I Can See That It Only Has HE Here’s My Opion

    WG Should Give Them HEAT Shell Considering The E-100 Has A HEAT And Lower
    There Damage Just Look HE Low Pen Only Splash I Mean If They Want Players
    To Gring Towards The TYPE 5 Then Give Them HEAT Simple As That If The E-100
    Only Has HE Then You Make A Big Joke Its The Same Situation As The Type 5
    As Today Big Target For Arty Slow Armor In The Side Is Not Good

  22. They buff type 4/5 heavy but they don’t buff
    Chi-He, Chi-Nu, Chi-To, Chi-Ri

    Tbh Chi-Ri should be placed at tier 6 and Chi-Se should be the tier 7

  23. have WG reversed their logic or something ? the news of might be coming
    I just want it to be realisticly balanced.


    7:20 * DezGamez the next day after an interview with Wargaming * ….E25
    isn’t OP it needs a good big buff….

  25. Dimitris Psomiadis

    I said it before, I’ll say it again. It’s nice they want to bring tanks
    back to the spotlight, and make armor more effective, but not like this.
    Buffing Type 5 Heavy’s armor is only going to motivate more players to
    shoot premium ammunition to it. Why not nerf penetration of premium ammo
    instead? This should make armor more competitive in my opinion. And that
    howitzer is completely pointless as the video has shown…

  26. Let’s nerf grill because op…. then give a tank monster He damage. Oki Wg

  27. war gaming’s advice : smoke weed every day

  28. Premium ammo that is *exactly* the same as the regular ammo but with more
    alpha. -_- Fucking wg…

  29. +DezGamez – I might correct you – You missed none of your shots. 9 shots, 7
    direct hits PLUS the two splash shots right at the beginning at the JPE ;)

  30. wargaming is smoking weed

  31. I used to play WOT a lot, not recently tho, since the introduction of the
    Swedish tanks just because of balancing issues of the match maker, it is
    game braking to continuously get an easy win or easy loss, 8 heavy tanks
    against no heavy tanks, etc, Add to that the game lags a lot! I live in
    Middle East and I did not face issues before, currently even with same ping
    as before the shot is half second after my click! I play BF1 64 players,
    Arma3 Battleroyale 64 players, CS GO, War Thunder, and there is no issue on
    the same connection

  32. Type 4 will be even more OP cause T9.

  33. but but but i like my type 5 how it is now

  34. The types with the he-howitzer is just a front artillery with to many armor
    to take it out easily

  35. Am i the only one who thinks that premium rounds make this game way worse
    than it could be?

  36. “Wargaming what are you smoking, pass it along” lolol you don’t know how
    many times I have muttered this to myself over the years.

  37. People were able to handlte the O-Ho with its derp gun.
    They will be able to handle this.

    the problem are the premium rounds which are way to strong…….. that is
    a general problem in this game

  38. Might as well put tracks on a light cruiser, and drive it up on land. Makes
    about as much sense.

  39. fck im an hardcore hipster xd

  40. wanting to start a you tube channel what kind of content do you all enjoy?

  41. Gotta give it toWG, theyre REALLY trying to fuck up their own game.

  42. So limit the damage on the Gold rounds and just give them higher splash
    radius like in an SPG, problem solved. The Type 5 Heavy already has a
    750-damage HE shell in its 140mm gun which most people don’t see coming.
    And yes, hardcore hipster playing Type 5 Heavy on Live reporting here.

  43. ʝ αℊ⋒αr123987ჯ

    WOT is so broken LMAO

  44. yay now i can take 500 dmg even if i sidescrape perfectly. because big guns
    go boom and HE is unfair to heavies

  45. it is like WG department is being schizophrenic …..

    WG says lets fix premium ammunition JAJAJAJA
    *WG gives premium ammo 300 more alpha than standard*
    WG says lets give vk28 more gun depression to the front
    *WG removes derp gun and thus scraps tank entirely*

    …. i know i sound like the regular crybaby but those are my feelings :(

  46. So they talk about nerfing the damage on the super heavy tank destroyers
    (JPE100, FV183 and FV4005) to prevent one shots and then they put this gun
    in the game….logic?

  47. -Nobody plays with Tier-9 or 10 Types? HUH!

    Define something for me, are they completely replacing all variety of guns
    for the Type-4 or 5, OR are they giving you the option of having the 152.4
    Derp in addition to the other options?
    I asked this in a previous segment but still no answers.

    If they are completely replacing it, then I am not happy about that….at
    If they are leaving it as an option, well, ok…it may be nice to have, but
    don’t force it.
    Dispersion is 5!!!! you will be watching that shell fly like a drunk
    bumble-bee in your scope like a Russian Sagger missle, zig-zaging around!
    -If they want to make improvements, give it another 200 horse power. T95 is
    still faster! :)

  48. hardcore hipsters… lol Dez….

  49. Kristoffer Johansson

    Still wg haven’t understood the maps and not the tanks is the problem. Open
    maps with flanking possibilities is the solution, not tanks that pen the

  50. I think those two missed shots that you jad were those intentional misses
    on jpz

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