► Ultra vs Medium vs Minimum Graphics on HD Maps – World of Tanks 1.0 Update

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World of Tanks Maximum vs Medium vs Lowest Graphics Settings on New HD Maps. World of Tanks 1.0 Update News.

Once again I welcome you to World of Tanks 1.0’s test server, to test out some stuff.
This time let’s see how those new HD maps look with different graphical settings, starting from the highest Ultra settings to the lowest Minimum settings.
Difference is like a and night… 🙂

And of course, let’s put them together as well, to get side-by-side .



  1. Rolling out with a little graphics test episode today. Hopefully it helps out some of you and it answers to your questions. 🙂
    Have a nice weekend! ?

    • curently playing at 7 to 15 fps 😀 still managing quite good battles and stats.. (ManosxXx) so i favour the lowest graph. setings ..as it could help for a few fps more 😀

    • codygree GodOfBattle WoT

      DezGamez Hey Dez, for the new WoT Update (1.0) I wanted to by a new PC cause my PC right now does have a GTX640 and my new PC will have a GTX 960 or 1080. Will I be able to pöay with high qualiry without problems?

    • codygree GodOfBattle WoT Yeah, easy ultra. But if have a choice like that, take 1080. Or if you have to choose GTX 960, you should better take 1060 (3gb for low cost- I have GTX 1060 3GB&I3 8100, this setup is pretty good, 6gb for big, so its worth more to take 1080)

    • on the lowest settings, i saw my fps at 200+

    • DezGamez great content. Fingers crossed that my Mac will cope!

  2. I play with the lowest graphics in the game… And my computer has no graphic card so… It looks really different

  3. lol thats low settings on the high quality wot download, im worried because i have to play on the low quality version and on the lowest setting yes its steam driven comp,

  4. I have 35 fps in lowest settings possible, with out special efects… in fights i have oround 20 or lower sometimes..

  5. And once again DEZ kills it like a pro! Thanks for all that you do DEZ, you are the Man! <3 😀

  6. it looks great considering I play wot on minimum graphics

  7. I had Pentium G2030 processor and GPU is amd HD 5450 and 4GB of RAM i play in live server for 40 FPS and in test server 1.0 for 30-25 FPS and when i zoom in FPS drops to 15 damn xD but i steel have 2087 WN8 ?

  8. “It bad, no explosion whatsoever”

    Me: Welcome to my world, Dez.
    Want some cookies? 😀

  9. ultra setting nice, but I will stay at low, with few thing that matter, because I want to see what I am shooting.

  10. Cameron Rotten Lemon

    I average 40 fps with minimum graphics

  11. Why didnt u upload video at 1080p60 fps?

  12. I would like to see you compare the 2011 graphics to minimum graphics on current game hehe

  13. MasterOfDarkness

    On minimum, 1.0 WoT looks ugly as hell…

  14. I play on minimum settings and I only get 20 fps…. not really looking forward to the new update…

  15. TheCardboardJedi

    Well now I’m thinking my PC will handle it after watching your viddy, hopefully my 10mb DSL connection can hack it. Best I’m ever gonna get on my street

  16. I still think the minimum graphics looked like a mighty bump. I play on custom settings, a bit like medium, with standard graphics at the current built of the game in live servers. Running on an Intel Core i3 and had about 40-80fps range. Amazing really, the ultra settings is just 10/10, but I guess I’ll stay with any options that can give extra fps.

  17. MasterOfDarkness

    i have 1 doubt, this is HD WoT indeed but will SD WoT be like this? Im asking because if maps are different they’ll change on SD right?

    • MasterOfDarkness

      HD and SD are just picture qualities. All the maps are being updated, regardless of which client definition you use.

  18. Konstantin Radke

    Some Tips for Laptop Graphics:

    Just set everything to lowest, except texture quality (let that on medium) and the effect quality. This still looks pretty good and runs at more than 40 FPS on my GT720m

  19. 1.0 is just pure death of gameplay despite being pretty bad already in fact it goes worse and worse every update.

  20. I think this is unfair to low-level computer players

  21. abdeldjalil derouiche

    i used to like your videos, but after making fun of low graphics you failed mate. it is not always possible for all players to get PC with enough equipment, still it is about the talent.

  22. Idk why when i am playing low sets i have the same fps as mediu…

  23. Dez my framerate is lower than your fps at medium settings currently but i am not gonna run minimum bc it doesn’t render some of the bushes . 🙁 But good video. now i need to buy a gpu but that market is super fucked up right now. *sigh*

  24. is it true that on minimum we’ll be seeing a fps rise no matter what we use on the SD client? 🙂 (currently getting 30 fps)

    • Freddie Lettegaard

      Murvs I can’t answer your question, but the new 1.0 min. settings look a lot worse than the current min. settings, so I would say that it’s quite possible ?

  25. whats your cpu? i have a 970 i am im seeing alot better fps and i have the i7 4790k

  26. Dellinger the fighting fish

    I don’t like how they nerfed light tanks and SPG

  27. I run current wot at 1080p highest setting’s at about 98-116 fps
    1.0 1080p ultra 80-116 fps
    Specs: Xeon 1650 4.4ghz (6c/12t)
    Rx 470 8gb
    24 gigs 2400mhz ddr3
    so yeah if you can run ”current” wot at decent fps and graphics you wont have any issues with 1.0

  28. What monitor do you have? seeing 100+fps on a 60hz monitor really doesn’t mean a lot, seeing 100+fps on a 144hz or higher monitor really looks good.

  29. Dez… u hurt my feeling.
    I had to play minimum on my laptop.

  30. Hey Dez, you can actually turn on havok effects in the preference.xml by setting HAVOK_ENABLED from 0 to 1. Tried it and it works, although it eats fps if the PC is too bad.

  31. rip my 1050ti and i5 7400

  32. Joona Uusiheimala

    Finally somebody show how 1.0 looks likes on my computer

  33. Tanks seem to pick up more dirt in medium setting

  34. Level up with Doruta DIY

    The only problem with the new graphics is that the fire looks like a liquid…

  35. Low graphics looks just like WOT Blitz

  36. I found ensk gave me the worse fps because there are so many textures the gpu has to render in such a small area. Moving around the camera makes fps drop while the textures change

  37. Why did the game in medium setting have more dust/sand on top of the tank in the last clip? O_o

  38. But can you shoot HE and Heat rounds and standard through the objects that are there in ultra but not present in minimum? look at the bus that was next to the building blocking 50b near the start of the ensk game. If, in ultra, it blocks HE rounds then 100% I’m playing minimum regardless. Please test.

  39. sumawira wijanata

    What i care on the test server is the ping because in SG server it’s a pain in the ass to play the test server

  40. sumawira wijanata

    But at least i can still play medium settings on my laptop

  41. But will I be able to play even “2011”?

    Interesting at the very end how the tank got dirty in “Medium” settings, and didn’t at “High” 🙂

  42. Tomorrowland Gaming

    This looks like BF1 map on low/medium settings xd

  43. I love playing my game in 2012.

  44. Tangled and Happiness

    A fantastic deed, Dez! I’d like to ask you if there are 2 different clients (SD / HD) for 1.0 and if here are, what’s the difference between them? Also, what’s the total size of the client?

  45. “70 fps on ultra graphics, my PC is not the newest”
    Well my PC Screen freezes everytime i get in a battle in wot with minimum graphics lol

  46. RIP 980 you will be missed.

  47. get out of mein swamp

    Even my gt 1030 can do ultra if i turn off motion blur and lower textures to medium

  48. On my older PC setup running an AMD Athlon ll X2 240 and a GT 440 running med settings around 50 to 60 FPS

  49. Great review. I’m using GTX 1060 Strix 6GB ,so I have no problems playing it on ultra /tested it/

  50. i remember times when games was just moving pixels so lowest setting is good enough

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