► Unbelievable T95 is Flipping Stuff – World of Tanks T95 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks T95 Gameplay and Review. World of Tanks T95, American Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks Best Replays / Best Battles.

Today I bring you one exciting, unbelievable featuring T95. Have you seen T95 flipping stuff before?
If no, then buckle up and let’s go! 😛



  1. Not a happy end , after all that work , with a little help from enemies . At least in the end he met a Russian tank who actually knew what he was doing . So the score is T 95 – 0 , IS 6 – 1, the Soviets win again . Now for real , the guy with Obj 252u deserved to win , he showed some skill and knowledge about the game while our “hero” played an heavily armored TD and met less knowledgeable opponents .

  2. Omg that intro was even more epic than t95, just to say how epic it is!

  3. Just like jingles said if t95 wants to turn, t95 is going to turn.

  4. Tarık Enes İnal

    Motovlog dez plz (inspired from Metin Candemir, i mean come on man we want a motovlog :))

  5. I was not hoping he will survive game. OP tank, on map just for him. This tank should get nerf, but nooo. 252 got luck, nothing more.

  6. Great fight even failing to win is still Glorious

  7. no_name_is_best_name

    At least obj 252 was given bad accuracy to balance it. Oh wait…

  8. Tbh he didn’t display any substantial amount of skill in this game..

    He waited to kill that T-54
    He didn’t pull back enough when he was waiting for the T34
    He didn’t angle enough when attacking the Object 252U

    • lil veky
      It’s not about angling but wiggling in this tank, he did it right. The hatches are the weak points, frontal armor is almost impenetrable.

    • Chandler Kristoff

      I’m inclined to agree, he sat in front of the T-54 where the tanks on hill had clean shots on him, all he had to do was back up some :/

    • Chandler Kristoff
      Yes, that was a bad call, I’m just saying he couldn’t have done much else against the last tank 😉

  9. nice vid but works only against noobs so…

  10. Commandant Maxson

    666 likes and 6 dislikes at this time lol

  11. This is like watching some tards trying to be their selves

  12. What a bad replay.. Pure RNG that he didnt got killed way earlier.. I mean why the fuck he was driving to the T34 for example instead of stay near the wall! What a luck that he lost, seriously

    • Ádám Bézsenyi

      Grauekraft unbelievable replay because he was not set on fire… Also why push the defender? Should have waited for him. I didn’t like this one.

  13. We got pranked it was supossed to 1.0 to be on 1st march 🙁

  14. Carlos Rodriguez

    Well played – bad luck at the end, but heck of a battle.

  15. 252 blacklisted. ?

  16. Looks like Dez was not the sharpest tool in the bag at math classes

  17. Heartbreaking.

  18. Yep… 4 times 1500 equals 9000.

  19. Just. Fire. HE.

  20. This thing along with a type 4 heavy are any tank’s nightmare rolling down that road.

  21. Alexander Gonzalez

    I can’t believe people still play dis game lolz

  22. Cant beat the russian prems. lol

  23. Obj 704 had no chance, that whole line needs an update

  24. Epic intro Dez ! ?

  25. T95 does what T95 wants. It’s called the DOOM TURTLE for a reason 😉

  26. This game play is on a diffrent you-tube account

  27. Noridomi Shinomiya

    well, he made his first mistake on that T54 and then second mistake come from the end was he try to close-range with that Defender :/ that help defender have a good shot on him and then he lose, dont suprise so much but a little dissapointed
    anyway, AndryHamat still our heroes today, thank you for your replay
    and thank you Dez too

  28. Dont upload replays like this.. I like happy end.

  29. Guess Dez slept during math class xD Just kidding, good vid as always!

  30. He deserved to lose, made some noob plays

  31. Unbreak my hearrrrt, say you love me again 🙂

  32. just a lucky shitter

  33. That T95 really deserved to win

  34. Love the new intro’s Dez.

  35. I was actually hoping he would die, cause he was too lucky whole game. (having so inexp opponents)

  36. aaaaaand now that the defender (i know its the reg version) won people will go back to calling it op
    gold+lower plate=death
    qwik maphs

  37. Love this type of replays ? i bet the enemy team we should of camped it out lol

  38. Bloody well played

  39. Come on Dez everyone know it’s a loss when Stalin is do last man standing, Stalin + adrenalin = quick maths.

  40. That mw2 music in intro tho

  41. Chandler Kristoff

    and he didn’t even need premium consumable! much respek.

  42. Chandler Kristoff

    Who would win?
    One beast mode incredibly well armored Doom Turtle of death,
    or one op Russian boi.

  43. Can you do a video about your settings?

  44. Hey Dez, just want to say that your cinematic taste is impeccable. Your ability to make the game look and feel so epic in the intro is just beautiful. I would watch an entire video of cinematic game-play. Pls keep it up.

  45. Moritz Grebenstein

    Wow Good gameplay

  46. Enemies had way too much potent vodka, or they are the typical brainless player. I am not sure which is more likely. Maybe both.

  47. Ciubotariu Marius

    why not cap? seriously..

  48. “Tonks” :). Good video, bit u are little bit too harsh to enemy team, especially to RU and Pilot. For sure they didint plannto ram t95-but to pass by. Due to extremly good texture model in WOT(at this stage) u can stuck even if u celarly can go through… P.S: ono of the most annoying TD to meet in enemy team, regardless on tier.

  49. social3ngin33rin


  50. I think it could be argued that he should have just rammed the T54 to death instead of waiting for the reload and getting shot in the ass by the Pilot and Defender. That was over 600HP thrown away. Dont get me wrong awesome game but I am sure he was looking back on that moment that would have maybe made all the difference.

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