► Unbelievable T95, Only in WoT… – World of Tanks T95 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

. Epic Battle. Best Replays.

back on my channel, with some more unbelievable battles! Check out what kind of epic work “mihman44” able to do with his trusty tier 9 “T95”, the ending is specially… derpy! 😀

►Played by: mihman44



  1. So much derp…

  2. what region is he playng on?

  3. That guy definitely had RNJesus with him.

  4. T95 is my best Tank in Garage. I have Ace Tanker and nearly 2 Gunmarks.

  5. quick word on T57, that could have been that last clip, considering nearing the end of battle.

  6. lol faris kolar its an orbital laser cannon

  7. Dejan Arandjelovic


  8. Did you know that T95 has the second highest camo on tier 9?

  9. 776mm of pen? Yes please where the fuck do I sign to get a gun buff like that!

  10. 4 vs 1 with 2 autoloaders. Omg what a bunch of bots. They could keep t95 tracket until the end of the world. Painfull to watch.

  11. please

  12. WTF was that AMX thinking??? he didn’t even have his gun pointed at the T95… Then he stopped, and actually backed up!!?!?!!?!?! Skill? Luck? RNGeesus? or just Stupidity?!?!?!!

  13. Face hugging a T95 in a 1 vs 1??? Okaaaaaay.

  14. This is why I stopped playing. No satisfaction from winning against such intelligent and skilled players Maybe ranked battles will give this game some fresh air.

  15. I think he loaded HE by accident by pressing 5 and 3 to try and repair his tracks the 2nd time .. I do it sometimes and then wonder why the heck im suddenly doing little to no damage. Great game for the T95 though

  16. okay, the enemy is a bunch of jerks, the AMX is their king, IS3 was their God…

  17. it was actually 3.8k dam in under 2 min DG! Amazing! Great video!

  18. I wonder if that T57 Heavy was firing HE becuase he ran out of regular ammo. Or maybe he ran out of gold and didn’t think he could pen a T95 with regular.

  19. Sm0keytheband1t

    My favorite tenk! yay

  20. I think is-3 didn’t ses that t95 tracked himself, si this Is why he was facehugging.

  21. I still find it sad that pc WoT still doesn’t fully have hd models, console has had them since Xbox One version was released.

  22. Man, I never get opponents like that.

  23. hahaha world of autistics

  24. Wish I had that kinda luck….. 🙂 when I played. Glad I am spectator of the game now.

  25. Darryl Rossetti

    IS3 cost other team the game. should have gone for kill when amx was trying to circle the t95

  26. more and more retards in wot

  27. Beautiful… MUSCULAR​… Magnificent

  28. I’m at the T28 right now and about half way to the T95. I can’t wait to get it. I’m just not looking forward to arty.

  29. Hey It's Franklin Hidden

    new speed on t95 makes it very strong if not op on front line supporting

  30. in the first 2 minutes he did more damage than 99% of all t95s games 😛

  31. Masked Marauder

    That was a massacre….

  32. That IS-3 omg… He literally won the match already, but decided to be a total moron….

  33. Dez gamez just watch QBs video “Die hard E50M” just epic combat 1vs5 in close combat when they all attack together, the best fight I have ever seen in my 3year WoT playing

  34. fastest damage ive ever seen was a jg pz e100 blind shotting a maus and ammo racking him within a minute of spawning. strangely enough it was the same map as the video.

  35. Good game = idiot reds.


    700 pen lol haha dez, pass it around 😉

  37. awesomeguitarnoob

    the derpness that happens to me under stress, dez, it’s something some of us cant handle, I for instance tunnel vision a lot or miss shots that were impossible to miss lol

  38. WOT from RU servers… idiots as hell

  39. BokaGamersBestFriends

    fucking 5 first rounds all high rolls fucking lucky mother fucker

  40. GG T95. How come I never get a red team like that.

  41. Love the rolling commentray with pauses in play to give further explanations, keep it up!

  42. Almost 4k in under 2 minutes!

  43. 4 noobs you met. Lucky.

  44. P4nzer_Phil WoT Replays

    776 pen? Let’s load the gold

  45. HailStorm Rising

    DezGames, why do you think wg keeps nerfing tanks that don’t need and have a hard enough time as it is?

  46. Destroyer Inazuma

    “Beautiful, muscular, magnificent…” straight body type ! 🙂

  47. absolutely love your intros, really sets yourself apart from other tanks youtubers!!

  48. Theese r the cases when a simple xvm-colouring would explain many funny things….like that stopping 50100, mid-field riding Emil and facehugging IS3… 😀

  49. YouSexaThangYou LongLiveChocolate

    And they say Asian players are bad.. Never in all my games have I encountered people as clueless as these..

  50. I think he oaniced a bit at 7:52, trying to repair his tracks (although his repair kit was on cooldown) and then hit the 3 key. Or he wanted to switch to APCR like in the end to make sure every shot penetrates and hit the wrong key. Loading HE was surely not on porpose

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