► Unbelievable T95 – What a Battle… – World of Tanks T95 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

. Epic Battle. Best Replays.

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Today I have one unbelievable battle for you with . Super intense and action packed game from start to finish. So sit back and enjoy watching how “Shirt3” trying to carry his team to victory with tier 9 USA tank destoyer “T95”.

►Played by: Shirt3
Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/3235552#stats

►Music used:

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“Ehrling – Sommar”
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  1. I love my T95

  2. Chris_The_Autotech


  3. DOOM SLUG CAN TURN!!!!!!!! @_@
    *insert mother of god meme*

  4. fell asleep when the video started when I woke up an hour later the T95
    hadn’t even left the cap yet

  5. lol arty players, so bad, easy shooting when under no pressure comfy at the
    back of the map, but under pressure they crack.

  6. Great battle with legendary ending! Keep these awesome videos coming
    DezGamez! Props to Shirt3 for that carry!

  7. lololololol I knew arty would do that !!!!!! such a mistake when you have
    time >_<

  8. One of the best replays Ive seen in a long time. Thanks for the upload! :)

  9. Dez, I have been trying to give this new music a chance and I must say, it
    stinks 🙁
    Sorry mate but I gotta be honest and if I am in the minority then so be it,
    but I just can’t get into the videos as quickly as I used to with the
    elevator music playing XD
    Just my humble opinion, and it’s not like I’m going to unsub or anything. I
    am stating an opinion
    I will never unsubscribe, as you are still the best…

  10. Love this video, also loving the intro music it makes it worth watching

  11. I licked the video ?

  12. Its Ez to mistake a T30 with a T34 for they practically look the same but
    traits are completely different

  13. I thought the arty would have shot the STA1 :p

  14. god bless the tomato players! for them the unicums are getting epic games!

  15. WOW…!!! I’d be sweating bullets & shitting bricks in either T95 or
    M53/55, same difference.

  16. I thought the arty would miss and tk the sta

  17. At the very end, around 12:55, what I thought would happen was that the
    M53/M55 would’ve ricocheted an AP shell off of the T95. Still an amazing
    result nonetheless!

  18. I am a simple man. I see doomturtle, i like.

  19. the music was amazing! XD please use music like this more!

  20. Good narrating man!!!!

  21. I stoped at 12:45… I bet the artys shot miss and hit the STA D:

  22. likely 2 mph buff but they won’t fix arty so it won’t matter stupid

  23. This was already posted on World Of Tanks North America

  24. in SEA server,as soon as you get there,all arty and top tier tank will
    shoot to you from that hill and that ridge…there will be no one going for
    the rock at the downside……….most of them using HEAT and APCR to hit
    T95 hatch and the team forgot to guard the beaches and die because of the
    LT encroaching behind T95 :/

  25. 6:03 nice mod tundra

  26. Nice video Dez

  27. I paly T95, this replay is not as good as the dmg shown. What a lucky game.
    Damn WoT on NA

  28. Where are you from?

  29. Very did not like this lucky unskillful shit replay. Everyone who has hands
    can play T95 like this. Non skill need it, and just wait for lucky BOT

  30. at the end of the battle, the STA never should have driven forward. he
    should have positioned himself so that the T95 was between the STA and the
    SPG, and he should have allowed the SPG to damage the rear of the T95. so
    the STA should have headed due south instead of due west.

  31. also a good piece of advice for T95 and low tier tanks. the T95 needs
    protection for its rear, and low tier tanks are outgunned during the game,
    so low tier tanks and T95’s should platoon together and defend each other
    during a match.

  32. just at the beginning, but seeing the matchmaking I would hope it’s an
    excellent game

  33. I like the new Intro man

  34. +DezGamez Intense match.

  35. arty is such a shit game mechanic… freaking aids for the game… why is
    it still in the game… can we please make a petition to wg to remove that

  36. Good game. But in the END i thought there going to be a ricochet from side
    of T95 right into the ST-1… Well.. It didn’t happened…

  37. Bless be the RNGsus!

  38. thats a rly amazing battle

  39. Donaldus Triumphus

    people still play WOT?

  40. Tom's Game Replays

    Epic battle his hands must have been sweating and shaking this is what
    makes world of tanks worth it and i bet he almost Shirt3d in his pant when
    arty missed him:)

  41. I saw this video long time ago, but it was good battle!

  42. Not meaning to discredit the player in any way – it took good luck, being
    in the right place at the right time, player skill, and, co-operation from
    his teammates,(which hardly ever happens in random battles),. two things
    that he should think about – install a super heavy spall liner to greatly
    decrease damage from artillery hits, and re-arrange his ammo load out so
    that premium ammo is the first on the list, (carry about 20 rounds), for
    reliable penetration almost every time. I have a T-95. I just finished
    getting the experience points to research the tier x, T-110E3 , this
    evening. A super heavy spall liner has saved my T-95 many times from being
    killed outright, or nearly so,. My T-95 has survived a maximum of three
    arty hits, with out dying with the spall liner. Great video, loved it.
    Don’t get to see that kind of game play very often.

  43. Muhd Bazil Hakim Bin Muhd Azli

    I bet that arty so piss off he miss that range

  44. t95is tier 9 arty bait, tog 2 is tier 6 arty bait :P

  45. Your use of server reticle, instead of the normal one, causes disturbance
    in the shots such as the one against Cent 1 around the windmill. Its a
    choice that you made but in shots like this, it is confusing.

    It nearly looks like the shot was made on the hill instead of the Cent 1’s
    turret side.

    I don’t think i am the only one that doesnt like and use server reticle

  46. Low sound, or is it just me?

  47. Yes simply Waoooooo ! GG & GJ

  48. Best replay ever!!!

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