► Unreal Battle With IS-4! – World of Tanks IS-4 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay , Epic Battle. -4, Tier 10 Soviet .

► Why You HESH to be mad?

Today you are going to see all time highest damage epic battle with “IS-4”. This old tier 10 Soviet Russia heavy tank seems to have quite a few tricks up in it’s sleeve. Let’s see how “OMG_A_Dog” was able to make it happen and you are also going to see why I named this episode like I did!

Player: OMG_A_Dog



  1. I believe this battle is worth the title… 🙂
    Enjoy your weekend, beasts… and remember, You do not HESH to be mad: https://goo.gl/QzvvgL – Hehe, sorry! 🙂

  2. Type4 with Kamikaze and the 50%plate you can deal over 1000 dmg in ramming and take 0 dmg when the enemy take your front

  3. Smart move by the Type 4, he turned to let his tracks absorb the impact.

  4. waste one shell on maus one on Lowe

  5. He could wait for the Type 4 to reload his HE-Shell and go in front of him. Maybe there is a chance that the Type shoots, hits the IS4, splashes him for maybe 400 damage so the IS4 survives and the Type splashes himself to death with his own round.

  6. I love this tank play great in it. 3k damage most games. But that’s probably because the IS-4 is a noob magnet, so I’m basically the only tank dealing damage. I can’t win a single game with the shit teams I have. 34% win rate after 100 games is not good….

  7. Dez everytime u say Dog i hear TOG lel

  8. The only replay I am in and I am in my 100 percent stock Centurian 1. Fuck! although it was fun watching at the end. Too bad I couldn’t pen that E100.

  9. And that kids is why you never ram a 160 ton tank

  10. Wow. Amazing

  11. no he dont lost battle BUT TVP because Type 4 need 2 shots to kill him and he failed in kill him in his rld time

  12. ME too i have the same issu 2 times

  13. Fucking joke jap tanks. Fuck Wargaming.

  14. #heartbreak

  15. that ending is BS AF

  16. 99% high roll sure…

  17. #loadthegold

  18. this guy loses because his centurion mate could’nt pen the e100 with ap shells. So gold ammos save games, just load a lot of them and use them you should use them

  19. This is crazy, I have played with this guy if it was on the NA server.

  20. When skilled rounds cannot make you skilled at all

  21. DezGamer? where I can find the biggest dmg ever for a tank?

  22. He should have focused his heat rounds on the E 100 at the end, not the borsig.

  23. stupid russian game armor,gun ,aiming ,ofc rng and high dmg with every shot
    pay to win

  24. is-7 drivers can’t talk shit about is-4 now

  25. He should of face hugged the Type 4 and maybe the HE would kill the Type 4 when he fired his derp gun

  26. Wow I was so hyped at the end like “OMG he is on low HP and Dog is on top of the hill perfect get him Dog :D”

    And he died 🙁

  27. The alpha damage of the top 122 on the IS-4 is 440. So the high roll is 550.

  28. wow, Unexpected final. nice battle!!!

  29. I love the shirts man… But you need bigger sizes for fat peoples!

  30. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    i am a simple man i see is4 gameplay i hit like. i grab food. i have a good time.

  31. awsome❤❤is-4is soo good❤❤

  32. You need to stop making new videos everyday so that I can find a job!

  33. type 4 heavy you fucking heavily armored tier 9 japanese heavy tank with 27 hp???

  34. Is there any question that DezGamez makes the best videos?

  35. Bad idea ram Type 5 heavy:)
    Just remove HE ammo…

  36. Wow, what a heartbreak

  37. Eric_The_Viking

    really, no RAM damage

  38. what a heartbreak 🙁

  39. F*ck OP japanese heavy tanks!!! :(( WG must nerf them!

  40. hidenori 英徳

    in vietnam, dog mean asshole. And why that type4 no kamikaze?

  41. If he wouldnt have wasted that HE on the E100, thats a win!

  42. Is-4 is not even over 100t
    how can he fight a 138t Type4

  43. My jaw dropped at the end. wow. what a game.

  44. Guys should i upgrade from ST-I to is 4 , is it a good tank or a shitty tank??

  45. The Pilot Penguin

    if he knew the type had 27hp or if he showed up before he killed the e100, he could have used the last round on the type and have a better chance ramming the e100 but hindsight is useless

  46. guys 5:32 not aimbot? He turn on the auto focus and automatically shot the tank ass.

  47. And that’s why I have a mod pack that stops me shooting at wrecks.
    That ram though… o_O

  48. Felix Anglhuber

    How can he shoot an American HT trough his tracks with HEAT?

  49. That’s a shame, Is there a good reason for limited ammo?

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