► UNSTOPPABLE FORCE! – World of Tanks Meaty USA Boomsticks

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay. Gameplay. . World of Tanks Live Gameplay Series.

I haven’t played with some of my old beasts for quite some time now, so… Let’s roll out with and T110E4, let’s see how unstoppable they are! 🙂


►Music used:
CAKE POP – Do You Think I’m Mean ft.


  1. Dez I would​ LOVE to buy a shirt or something, but I’m broke man… I ain’t got no cash to spare I appreciate your channel though…

  2. lol……that stug was proper balls deep!

  3. wait, no reference to the tier 10 lights? we need more Dez 🙂

  4. Hey dez

    I have a fun challenge for you maybe
    Try to win a game with the V mode that mode that you can’t see the minimal and stuff and get minimal 1 kill #dezgamesisbest

  5. Plutonium on Blitz

    Hey Dez, are you estonian? Because i saw Estonian flag at the sides of the tank.

  6. How were they able to platoon???

  7. I’m working on the T110E4 line right now. I can’t wait to have a US TD

  8. That Stuff III G was ballz deeeep!

  9. You should make a Face off with T110E3 vs JG.PZ.E100

  10. Hey Dez I just wanted to say thank you for all the videos you put out and the work you put into making them :).

  11. I have one a match on this map before with my E3 by being a block of armor for one of our mediums. We had the lead and going for the TDs on A0. But they started whittling out team down. I got out to go for more kills during that time and our medium went for cap. So did I, and they just sat over toward A0 peppering us with fire. I parked in front of our medium and made my self a meat shield. Won the game with a few thousand blocked. haha.

  12. I’ll send you pics of me wearing a beastmode shirt if you give me your meaty boomstick ; )

  13. 303mm of pure iron

  14. Karl Muehlhaeuser

    What an awesome video, as always! You make my day when you upload!!!

  15. tepasebastian20 x

    What is ur pc configuration?

  16. how old are you dez ?

  17. hahaahahha i didnt recognize the Stug III until it was taken out ?

  18. all of the teammates i had that played the e3 complained that the armor didn’t matter

  19. out of all the tanks in the game i’d say the 113 and the kravagan are my favorite for their easy use

  20. Dez you never play with grille 15 🙁

  21. [-SBN-] OfficialTanker

    I’m not sure I like the sound of “Meaty USA Boomsticks”

  22. The sixth sense sound, sounds just like that song…can’t remember the title

  23. StuG 3 hahaha

  24. 80% of games on ps4 ARe 15 to 5

  25. So happy!! Finally unlocked my Jpe100 on PS4 today. Third game I platooned with my mate in his T110E3. I did 6k got 5 kills and an ammorack on a T57 heavy. Love it so much atm…

  26. I really want the us tier x tds
    …but I just cant bring myself to play the tier 8s 🙁

  27. for comment at end of video “could be better..” you received thumbs down! 😉

  28. Do you feel that? That’s the pure raw feeling of FREEDOM! Just dishing out FREEDOM left and right!

  29. I ordered one the day the new collection came out but i have not arrived yet. Btw i live in Germany but its kinda sad 🙁 I really want my epic boomstick hoodie so bad but i have to be patient..

  30. STUG III G in tier 10 battle!! wTF??? 11:04

  31. “Wtf is Stug III G doing here, nice platoon mate!? ???????. Keep up the great videos Dez

  32. I want STRV S1 soo badly!

  33. The Low Roll is real.

  34. lol, at 9:41 in his garage I see all these big hulking tanks and then all of a sudden you see that poor AMX 40 all alone XD

  35. 6:34 whats a booper

  36. when will the 12h credit grind stream be?

  37. EU server: a glimpse into the game before wargaming fucked it up…

  38. Itz Dirty J69 ! ! !

    i fucking hate fail platoons

  39. did you already do your 12 hr stream? or is it still to come?

  40. DEZ what do you think about the E4? I have a very bad opinion about this tank. i mean realy bad 🙁

  41. that StuG III G haha

  42. very cool.But try The E4 too please 🙂

  43. every time you upload video i got two notification, but without bell i got none 🙂
    so better duble then nothing 🙂
    good morning ser dez

  44. AMV -simply anime

    World girls of tank. Official Trailer 2017

  45. Try Coated Optics on the E3, it has enough base viewrange to get to 445 with BIA, vents, optics and situational awerness 😉 would give u s**t tons of spotting on Malinovka 😀

  46. Florin-Vali Costea

    we found a nest of tanks, That was awesome :)))), nice play dez

  47. Dez you are the best . i watch every Video and i learn every time more and more how to play WOT . Thanks to that ?

  48. Hey dez I uploaded a funny replay about an O-I getting stuck and most of the team failing to get him out, I don’t want you to make a video I just thought you might wanna watch 😛

  49. Didn’t realise they were putting previous battle results in the team chat now. Or is that a mod?

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