► Update 1.0 HYPE Action… Today! – World of Tanks 1.0 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Update 1.0 Gameplay on New HD Maps. -1 AMX 13 Gameplay, Tier 10 Light Tanks.

So… My final World of Tanks Update 1.0 Hype episode for you, with some awesome tier 10 light tank gameplay on 2 reworked HD maps.
Update 1.0 should go live today on Russian servers tomorrow on and NA, can’t wait! 🙂



  1. “If you can’t wait until tomorrow, do it today!” – SerB 2018

  2. So did the maps got flatter? I watched wg’s vid about 1.0 preview and it said that only Fishermans bay got flatter(for some reason…)

  3. Will updates be coming for console players as well?

  4. I will miss play this game, this shitty and full of cancer game, sadly i dont have computer to play ” smooth ” enough on 1.0, someday soon ill come back, good matches to everyone <3

  5. beautiful graphics i hope i will be able to play it on my pc
    what are the pc specification needed for it ?

    • Same as now 😉 well at least for minimum graphic but if you can play wot now you will be able to play tommorow 😉

  6. Should have subbed long ago. Great content

  7. The cam blur… a.k.a puke’otron

  8. Enjoy your break

  9. Alexandru Ciubotariu

    “What is this game, boys?”…well is still the same shit i gave up upon the last patch

  10. I have a testweek so i’m not aloud to play this week ?

  11. Chibi xXxScrublordsxXx

    Wow, this game is still getting updates? How is this RNG based trash still going? WT ground forces is so much better. No aiming circle there where you point at a stationary enemy and proceed to miss every shot even though you’re aiming right at him. Don’t get that problem in WT.

    • Well how about you just play War Thunder instead of writing this comment that is probably doing nothing useful apart from upsetting some people?

    • Chibi xXxScrublordsxXx

      The fact that someone replied to my comment made me laugh.

    • Tobias Leminger Well how about you just move along instead of getting triggered like an SJW when someone points reality?

    • Falconwing Reality? Lol. Comparing War Thunder to World of Tanks isn’t the best comparison in my opinion. Also you do know that tastes differ and stating “War Thunder is better” as an objective fact is unguiding and misleading? And even then, the same principle applies: if War Thunder is so good to you that any other game that features tanks is so insufferable to even look at, then, you know, PLAY it.
      Also, don’t call me an SJW. That shite’s uncool.

  12. Ιωάννης Χρήστου

    I hope my thermal paste will be here by tomorrow, wanna try the new update on better cooling.

  13. How about Asia?

  14. update is pretty spooky for me… been playing, or rather, attempting to play the ct server and it crashes my GPU within a game 99% of the time… only does this with world of tanks 1.0 too, could it be a bug or is my computer just allergic to 1.0?

  15. Going on holiday.. HOW dare you! 😮 Have a fun break Dez.. we will be waiting. 🙂

    I’m this hyped and I play on low graphics 😀 gg WG

  17. The update looks awesome, only bushes and trees behave like their stems are springs and the leaves are rubber… they behave so weird when going through them or shooting next to them.

  18. Expecting the rate of blowout wins / losses to increase with 1.0 It is going to be a problem for WG as many of us prefer more competitive matches, and simply will play something else when stringing a bunch of crappy blowouts together.

  19. James Irwin-McConnell

    Course the patch goes live tomorrow. I’m only off work today

  20. If i can play WoT on high settings and get 30-40 frames, what can i expect with WoT 1.0?

  21. Who is fcking waiting for 1.0??? hhaa cunt game

  22. Seriously, if you couldn’t see the minimap I’d have a really hard time recognizing what map it was within the first few minutes.

  23. Hello.
    Little question:
    Is AMX ELC bis still good?
    [_] No.
    [_] No.
    [_] Prefer not to answer.

  24. Gotta say, I like the old graphics better than the new ones.

    • TheTankingGamer I feel the same. Haven’t played this game since 2015 tho. But I think the new ones are great for the eye but with all the extra details it’s worse for gameplay.. seeing cover outlines etc, tactical

    • same to be honest
      I literally can’t even play 1.0
      it just crashes after the login screen
      As a result, it honestly makes me sad because I’ve poured not only hundreds of thousands of hours into the game but I’ve poured damn near that same amount on the game in cash aswell.
      And due to the scarcity/scalping of high-end gaming graphics cards, I can’t even improve my rig as it is now.
      So I guess this is goodbye World of Tanks
      It Breaks my heart but I’ll miss playing you ;-;

    • TheDgamesD 159 If the “only” thing you havz to upgrade, is your graphics card, it’s doable maybe somewhere in this year when prices, maybe drop? 🙂

  25. Dez retreats… *French accordion music plays*

  26. Sucks for me. My packet loss is 100% when it comes to their Miami server.

  27. Gotta say it even makes YouTube videos more enjoyable to watch. Like now when I watch these videos, I look for new spots, knowing that old maps changed slightly.

  28. Eh… maybe ill play again.

  29. boristhebarbarian

    Hey Dez, cannot wait for 1.0…. but afraid I need weeks to adjust to new map layouts and HD.. Will start off at low settings because i found that with fast light you played in your video’s on test server I got nauseous/ carsick.. Whatever happened too that new map Glacier??? Will it come tomorrow or was it a long term project (cannot find anything in patch notes)??? thx, and keep up the good work….

  30. Douglas Del Turco

    If only they’d put in as much effort in fixing the actual gameplay

  31. Dumb my cruiserII game didn’t make it onto the channel

  32. Instead of making everything look pretty wargaming should go ahead and ban all the players that are playing with in WN8 of below 1000, that would cure a lot of the problems this game has….

    • Rhett Wiebe so does taking Cyanide… You can’t just ban people for not having learned how to play, besides WN8 Rating doesn’t mean everything either

    • Who would you arrogant stat padding douchefucks farm damage off of then? Never thought of that did ya?

    • Rhett Wiebe bloody hell. Every good player was bad one day. Smh

    • DerWonMusics yes sure, but i lost 15 out of 20 games yesterday because i had top tier (tier 10) players, that had a WN8 of below 200… All of them had 20-30k battles… And if u still haven’t learned the game by 30k battles and u are still fighting with an Wn8 of 130, they should ban u… Im not talking about the mediocre players here, im talking about the super bad and the bot ones…

  33. DefendingTheFatherland

    Tomorrow? *Cries in SEA server because we still get a fucking week later*


  35. I have to work tomorrow! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I have to wait for Thursday to play the new patch T_T

  36. I7 7700 and gtx 1070 8gb. 16gb ddr4 and 256 gb of ssd should be ok? In terms of maximum and ultra settings

    • Bryce Scott should be more than able to run that

    • Voron Agrrav thank you man, I just purchased an omen computer and I’m not gonna act like I know all that much about computers never had one with a graphics card???. I’ve been trying to learn more about them.

  37. After all that hassle to make the maps so realistic…. I am still missing one component… The tracks you will leave behind won’t stay there…. sadly

  38. anotherrandomtexan25

    What were the songs in tje background? I really liked them and can’t seem to find them listed also take as long as ya need gotta enjoy life man!

  39. Long awaited?
    more like an event I’ve always dreaded to happen.
    over the years I’ve always dealt with lowering frames slowly but surely with every major overhaul of the graphics, and most recently with the HD models they’ve tanked to at the min: 7fps, and at the max 19 fps.
    Now don’t get me wrong that may seem “unplayable” but I’ve managed to keep some pretty damn high stats, yet when I ran the test for the 1.0 and the test server it just crashes over and over on the test server, and when I ran the 1.0 Graphics test it just crashed as well.
    As a result, it honestly makes me sad because I’ve poured not only hundreds of thousands of hours into the game but I’ve poured damn near that same amount on the game in cash aswell.
    And due to the scarcity/scalping of high-end gaming graphics cards, I can’t even improve my rig as it is now.
    So I guess this is goodbye World of Tanks
    It Breaks my heart but I’ll miss playing you ;-;

  40. This game doesn’t even look like a free to play game anymore ,well done wg keep it up 🙂

  41. Well, gonna need an i5 puppy now. Great content Dez!!!

  42. Plz do face reveal

  43. These 2 dislikes are from War Thunder Players.

  44. WooooooT, fantastic looking maps, and awesome gameplay looking forward to the new 1.0 patch OH YEA!

  45. I’m not sure how you managed to miss the fact that you shot one of your own team in the arse.

  46. I had good tanks but PSG bought them :'(

  47. Thank’s Dez ,

  48. I took a long break from WoT, so I’m not up to date with updates. 1.0 means that game finally is out of open beta?

  49. Yay nice!!!!!! HD maps!!!!

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