► Update 9.20 Preview – New Chinese TDs, Game Mode, Features & More! – World of Tanks Patch 9.20

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Patch 9.20 Update Preview – New Tank Destroyers, Tank Rework/Rebalancing, New 30 vs 30 Grand Battle Game Mode, Features and More. World of Tanks Bat.-Chatillon 25t Gameplay. World of Tanks TVP T 50/51 Gameplay.

► Information:
– https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/supertest-920/

Today I am going to take a little bit deeper look into upcoming patch 9.20 update. This is going to be by far the biggest patch this year, with all the new vehicles, rebalanced tanks, new game and many more new features.
Some of those topics are so big, that they need dedicated episodes, so stay tuned for one proper TD video.

What do you think?

► Players on the background:
Bat.-Chatillon 25t: Gowasu_GodTuber
TVP T 50/51: mirrorblack

► Music used from: https://soundcloud.com/ehrling
“Ehrling – Sommar”

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  1. Rastislav Škrabák

    shortcut to 2:12 where actual part starts

  2. Ah Dez, my biggest piece of constructive criticism is that the background videos are way too loud. They drown out your voice multiple times. Other than this ‘issue’, awesome video!

  3. Hi Dez, been with you since 70k subscribers

  4. Napoleon Baguette

    Wow. Even Chinese TD are coming to work PC and we work blitz community are stuck with minority amount of tanks. I need new tanks man!

  5. Your 1080p quality is really bad 🙁

  6. CHINESE TDs!!!!!!! (unleash super duper girly scream) I need to complete JP HT line immediately.

  7. Stathis Papadopoulos

    I know world of tanks has a lot of blueprint tanks or just prototypes and i am ok with that. But adding tanks like the chinese tds that were not even ever thought of and are out of wargamings imagination this is too much!

  8. HEY DEZ! I know a Asian replays site! Animeporn.sempaikun.shuske

  9. Dez Gamez wargaming is going to leave the bc 25t unchanged for now. If you look at the 9.20 rebalances under the td’s (dont know why) there is a little box that they leave bc 25 t unchanged. This is what they said: We know how many of you hold the Bat.-Châtillon 25 t. dear. So do we! Upon considering your feedback on the changes we planned to introduce, we took a step back to review the testing results and didn’t find a solid enough reason to rebalance this treasured vehicle. We will leave it unchanged for now.

  10. Don’t care about ANY of this stuff. Just want five new regular maps

  11. Bat-Chat with the “new” gun is not a Bat-Chat, i’ts a shame.

  12. World of Tanks Blitz Replays

    Meds like Obj. 140 are OP as fuck and they will remove it´s weakspot. Idiots from WG.
    I can´t play this shit.

  13. Nooo, they will not make change to BC 25t they said, no changes to this most liked tank…

  14. For T 10 only? Garbage……

  15. Ok why the fuck is WG buffing armor of T54 AMX30 and M46 patton. This tanks do not need it. It will be really fun to play against them with tier 7 tanks having no chance of penetrating these tanks it turrets even with gold… T54 needed only penetration buff the same story with patton… Stupid WG. (I like to play without gold ammo and that will basicly do not allow me to do that. Also the 140 changes are stupid. (I have 140 and it do not need a buff…) And fv4202 is a good tank anyways soo do not needed.

    There is list of medium tanks that needs buff: STA1, T34-2, Type 61 (It is just m46 patton with every stat worse), STB1 and Leopard will also like a turret buff if the other meds are getting it but no wg just shit on them. Also tier 9 BC needs turning speed buff. I almost forget about WZ120.
    IF you think I am right leave a like if not reply to this comment and we can discuss.


  17. General Hammond Rr

    Go DG u got another sub

  18. Arty change is acceptable but still wont fix the problem. Yeah we hate the stun. What we hate MORE though is the stupid fucking accuracy buff. Get rid of that shit and maybe people won’t hate arty as much. “Oh but you just want it so that they cant hit you” No I want it to be a god damned challenge for the shitlords like it used to be instead of this “oh your hiding behind a fucking mountain?” Heres a 300 damage hit. “Oh your running away at 60 KPH and doing evasive actions as well?” Lets hit you right in the tracks so the other 2 arty can eliminate you from the game. Get rid of the fucking accuracy buff WG. Chinese TDs…hahhahahahah you mean Soviet TDs slightly altered after China bought them. Then the armor changes. Buff a whole bunch of already broken tanks but nerf a tank that already sucks now thanks to 9.18’s MM changes because a few stupid twats can’t figure out that sitting in front of the O-I exp’s top gun letting it batter you while shooting the thickest part of its armor is a stupid fucking thing to do. Bravo WG expected nothing less from you brain damaged hacks. Oh and the WT E100 might be coming back as a reward tank.

  19. Hey DEZ, what I don’t understand is Wargamings approach on the new TD line. I, for myself, see no drawback in having them. I do not see any advantage over russian line, but if you are a new player then it might be an alternative. But what looks stupid or at least fishy to me is the “For month” line in Wargamings statement. Chinese Servers had those TDs for 9 days. I know noone without access to forums knowing about them. So who looked forward to have them after 9 days of official release.

    For me it looks as planned from the start.

  20. Good episode but would rather see something other than auto seal clubbing…

  21. Level up with Doruta DIY

    So many haters nowerdays… Every update is shit for them, so hey, why are you playing the game, if you don’t like it. Get out of here, leave, go there and play other games, and let the game for us that like it.

  22. Dez, BC isn’t gettin nerfed. It keeps the 105mm gun

  23. Well shit. I’m late. Do I still get love?

    That aside I’ve always valued your take on upcoming patches and changes seeing as for the most part your a fairly neutral player and are not prone to bias, Another factor is that you always go the extra mile to make sure you give a full and clear look at what’s going to change or get added so we the viewer have as much info to work with when the patch hits the live servers and there can be less confusion in the first few days.

  24. DrFanta - Tech - Games - and more

    New chinese TD’s at 9:30 if anyone was wondering

  25. The Chinese T10 Td is ugly as hell

  26. I think they said the BC isnt going to get nerfed.

  27. Why oi exp oi oni type 4 and type 5 heavy get a buff and oho dosent. Oho needs a better top gun

  28. More td = more camping gameruiners… of course they get the devastating Chinese guns and camo.. make yourself up for a new line like the Swedish.

  29. Still no HD maps.. ?

  30. Chinese tank destroyers? I hope the child workers in the factory have assembled them right

  31. I don’t like the Chinese TDs, they are so similar. And the 60G is so horrible. PS : if you want to see these TDs in 3D model, use the app knowledge base for WoT, they’re already displayed.

  32. Wg says are not enought reasons for rebalance the bc ..!

  33. I don’t think that is fair that the 30v30 mode will be available to tier 10 only at least they should do it for tier 9-10

  34. Bc will not get nerfed it will stay the same just with a hd model

  35. i guess leopard 1 is perfect as it is…

  36. rockin’ Batchat game there, loved the deliberate miss at the end to get fadins medal! sneaky, but great awareness

  37. Kind of odd why they haven’t made the patch name 10.0

  38. +DezGamez Were I can install SuperTest or Join ?

  39. If u want to play the replay of chinese server, u need to download chinese client

  40. foch 155 is gonna be removed and a new foch with 6 round 400 damage per shot new tier 8 german tank vk 168 mini maus foch 50 gonna be new tier 10

  41. personally im subbed for the Accent <3

  42. 5:40 actually OI Exp is getting it’s armor buffed 😉

  43. BC will not be nerfed Dez, Check WG News. They canceled it

  44. Chinese TD´s look like a mix between Russian and Swedish !


  46. +DezGamez I jusr looked it up, you missed something IMPORTANT! (Quoting the WOT Vehicle Rebalance 9.20 page) “We know many of you hold the Bat-Chatillon 25t dear. So do we! Upon consideration of your feedback on the changes we had planned to make to the BatChat, we took a step back to review the testing results and didn’t find a solid enough reason to Rebalance this TREASURED Vehicle! WE WILL LEAVE UNCHANGED for now.”…


  47. I wish they buff the is 7 armor

  48. Yes T69 comes in HD.

    Get the T69 also a buff?

  49. Have everyone at Wargaming forgotten to buff Obj. 416???

  50. Rebalancing but no OP50/51 nerfs? They need to redo the patch

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