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of Tanks AMX 30B Gameplay Review. Channel Update, News, Plans, Future.

I am finally off to my much needed vacation. This episode is here to keep you up to date, what is happening and what is going to happen with my channel in the near future.
I made A LOT of episodes for you in front, that I can release while I am on my vacation in Asia. Hopefully everything works out, which makes me happy and you happy. 🙂

I catch you “Live” in 2 weeks, but with another episode tomorrow! 🙂

Stay awesome!


  1. Dez if you make another face off episode can you make it be the T92 light vs m41 walker bulldog

  2. YouTube/Google can go fuck themselves. A lot of my favorite YouTubers have been almost completely demonetized. At least the pricks at YT aren’t getting anything out of me when I watch these “ad-free” videos. I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything from radio advertisers, but I spend a shitload of money online. And YouTube might act like it’s the advertisers who can’t handle a fuck here and there, but the truth is that it’s about selective censorship of those who have views or content that conflict with their snowflake agenda. That’s fine, that’s capitalism; but it will end up being a huge loss to them. Fuck ’em twice. Can’t wait until another alternative to YT springs up out of the free market. P.S. If they were actually checking phonetically for curse words, anything involving Asia would be throwing up major flags. Many Phucs are given there. 🙂

  3. BestViewedWithCable

    Damit Dez !!!!! we must see old town, and an Estonia history lesson.
    Have fun on vacation !!

  4. Love your stuff. Keep it up and enjoy your vacation!

  5. have a good trip

  6. Your feedback is freaking amazing, thank you SO much for all those positives words and vibes! 😉 This is all I need, nothing else.
    Vacation is going great so far, 12h flight was quite chill as well. Little bit jet lagged, because 6h time difference, but that’s nothing. YT continues doing tricks, demonetizing videos that I haven’t event released and of course, yesterdays video got flagged. 😀 A little video spoiler for you: http://puu.sh/yAYvx.png

  7. Mingles with DezGamez PogChamp

  8. you deserve to get rich from this 🙁

  9. thejoedude thefirejoe

    So we all wait like 2 days go watch dez games videos so he can get it re-monetized before we watch it

  10. your voice is really cool, u make very good videos, no problem with your language skill at all

  11. New line of tanks jumping off of cliffs!

  12. Ok easy everyone. Just set all vids to watch later and watch in 24 hours. Easy fix, you totally need to making money for work you do.

  13. I always catch your vids usually late at night before bedtime?cheers from australia

  14. Dez, you are awesome! Enjoy your vacation!

  15. Hope you will make a face-off between type 59 and T-34-3. Hope you will enjoy your Thai massage under the cocosnut tree 😀

  16. Asia? That’s next door to Australia. Drop in, if you are in the area. Sun, sand, surf. And internet. ????

  17. migles with jingles reference? insta-like!

  18. Thanks for all your hard work. Great Content.

  19. That’s bullshit if that’s true with your accent. Your content is great.

    P.S. my wife loves hearing you speak. Ha. The ladies love Dez! GL in future

  20. face reveal?? no?


  22. Where in asia dez?

  23. I do not believe your videos are demonitized due to cussing because there are tons of other youtubers that cuss in every vlog and they get monitized.

  24. Make 1 vlog video from this trip. Nice rest make you bariery full 😀

  25. i will never skip ads for you,dez.

  26. Bring us something back from your vacation!

  27. Thx for all your hard work on making vids for us … have a great vacation 🙂

  28. Motovlog dez plz

  29. Just go and have fun DEZ nobody’s going to die….have fun

  30. God bless your soul Dez. You bring a lot of smiles to a lot of faces with your YT videos.

  31. Where are you going tho???

  32. Your English is great, Youtube just needs to get their crap together. Keep up the good work 🙂

  33. you still play this sht!

  34. please try call of arms bro

  35. Enjoy the time off

  36. where is Jingles fan???????

  37. enjoy your vacation my brother! you deserve it.

  38. Think it happens when you say god dam…..,Also when you say your entertaining your self !! LOL!!!! I am an observer only for entertainment, and enjoy the accent and content. Enjoy the v-cation. Peace, Alabama” MARINE”.

  39. Mingles with Dez   I like it

  40. Hi Dez, i really have a lot of respect for you! You are doing a great job and thanks for entertaining me and many others every time 🙂

  41. Does Youtube flag private videos?
    If so, maybe you can upload a video and make it private first. Youtube flags it, you ask for manual review and after it gets an OK you make the video public.
    Just an idea.

  42. нико петров

    continue to do what you do cuz you do it verry nice
    and have a nice vacation

  43. I want to be part of the FACEOFFF!!!! :))….

  44. Dez – when I heard about problems with YT, it made me sad that such good YTber has problems with getting money from YT because of what? Accent? this is really shitty… To show you support I bought one of your T-shirt 😛
    And stop watching comments on YT – relax and enjoy your vacation (Kappa)

  45. Hell yes, do your bike again

  46. Where you going for vacation Dez? Is it somewhere in Asia?

  47. If YouTube de monetize a video that is later reinstated they should be responsible for the revenue lost to all uploaders. After all without them they have no revenue.

  48. When is your next vacation Dez? ?

  49. Dez: My brothers a trucker
    YouTube Bot: You Mother Fucker!

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