► VK 168.01 Mauerbrecher – First Details, Premium Super-Heavy – World of Tanks VK 168.01

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks VK 168.01 Mauerbrecher First Details Preview. World of Tanks VK 168.01 Mauerbrecher, New Upcoming Tier 8 Premium German Heavy Tank.

► Information:
– https://vk.com/wotclue
– https://wot.express
– https://thedailybounce.net/
– https://tanks.gg

I am back with another news episode, that you guys enjoy so much, to take my first look at upcoming tier 8 premium Super-Heavy tank, special skinned version of the “VK 168.01” aka “VK 168.01 Mauerbrecher”. This is special in many ways… But one extremely special thing is that power-to-weight ration… Oh boy! 🙂

Tell me what you think about this one?


  1. Some exciting news for the end of this weekend!
    Now, it is time to see what that Justice League is all about! 🙂

  2. Oh! I studies this tank in middle school! How awesome.

  3. So it’s a Defender but shitty. Because I LOVE playing against Defenders in my tier 8 mediums with 190 penetration.

  4. Anonymous Happy person

    This tank was already released on Xbox except it’s not a premium and it’s called the vk 100.01

    • Anonymous Happy person

      Despite the fact that the VK 100.01 P is on the tech tree…yeah, it’s “already released” isn’t it?

  5. Great review old friend. Thank you as always. Take care, Vern

  6. Looks good to me, not op, unlike the scorpion and defender

  7. Great video Dez, you always have the news first, we appreciate it. And i may be wrong , but most of these stats looks pretty much like our t8 VK10.01P that was -playing in the back ground. So pretty much a premium t8 version of the VK10.01P with slight visual changes, but slower, no thank you !!

  8. have been watching for over a year and cant remember one piece of clickbait. that one guy must be dumb and got confused.
    sam lockhart delves into the games code had a video about this tank 2 months ago. this tank is a worse tech tree tank with 2 extra weakspots.

  9. Looks like a baby Ratte

  10. InstaRice TinyTauren

    “Add the bike to the skinned version!” – Wargaming community. You guys are the best.

  11. that’s too damn slow, it would be a chore to play this tank in game especially if you make a mistake in going somewhere in the map

  12. YESSS! More premium tanks, thanks WG -.-

  13. Free to play game enough said

  14. Another Premium not going to be interested in.

  15. Thanks for getting us that info.  Can always depend you for this.  It is, to say the least, a very interesting tank.


  17. more need for over priced premium rounds

  18. Another one….. Sigh, World of premium tanks.

  19. I don’t know why people call clickbait.

  20. Kentucky Bushcrafter

    Mauer Brecher is german for “wall breaker”

  21. Chrysler K GF: no frontal weak spots
    Mauerbrecher: three frontal weak spots

    Please help me to understand that….

  22. Another retarded premium… great imagine tier 6 heavy against this. Wargaming stupid morons!


  24. If they fix gold ammo, by making it do 25% less damage, then good players will stop using it, and aim for the weak spots. I’m glad this premium is NOT better than the free to earn tank, VK100

  25. I mean this isn’t that bad, it has large weakspots and it doesn’t have anything super good about it. This is how a premium should be

    • Not really. It’s going to face tier 10’s 80% of the time and with garbage tier armor like that you may as well take the money your using to buy this trash heap and set it on fire or wipe your ass with it. I mean really? It’s a SUPER HEAVY tank with BAD frontal armor. I can live with the awful HP/T ratio and low top speed but that armor is an instant no sell. Either no-one is going to buy this or WGing at least buffs the armor up to the VK100.1P’s level to make it worth paying for.

  26. hahaha idol gez

  27. That tank is awesome! And the bike is also super nice

  28. All I’m saying is no new tanks in the check line, Jap line, Chinese line those lines are getting a little dull and dusty and maby the American line because all really did was change some things of the tank but its the same tank maby add some new Arty??

  29. Propably gonna get it when it comes out

  30. Load the Skill rounds

    The bike has to be on the tank it totally sells it. Without the bike I am out. It’s about time they released a tier 8 German premium heavy though.

  31. I heard about this tank like 2 months ago, with all the stats but I wasn’t sure if they will add it.
    Now here it is )))

  32. Great stuff… thanks for sharing!

  33. Would buy for bicycle

  34. You were already corrected by ze German fans that its Wall breaker, but what is up with the 3d model mantle being shifted to the side like 3/4 on right side of tank and 1/4 on left, and the weak points are a disappointment for sure.

  35. Gj man thx for the info. Don’t listen to low IQ monkeys, you are doing a great job. Keep it up.

  36. *Mauerbrecher = wall breaker* 😀

    And I like the German Unity theme btw …
    Don’t build walls of hate FFS!

  37. So when are we getting the Ratte.

  38. new tier 8 premium tank. new tier 8 premium tank. new tier 8 premium tank again again again and again!!! ******* WG

  39. Realy the skin on the vehicle is a berlinwall wall and also there is a on top of it bycle

  40. When will WG bring in a Ratte?

  41. Hey Dez, big Fan from Germany, pronunciation is nearly perfect. “Mauerbrecher” means something like ‘wall breaker / battering arm’. Love to see that early information content, but really dont like to see that tank on the battlefield…

  42. This makes me wonder about WG, as we really don’t need another “super premium German heavy tank” especially at tier 8, as it looks like a “Mauschen jr,; WoT is already overstuffed with premiums, especially at tier 8, wth which to monetize the game AS IT IS! Seriously, this is beginning to get ridiculously out of hand; as these tanks are beginning to eclipse the standard tanks, that we already use to grind up the tiers with, trying to get to tier 10! But on the other hand, I am loving your video’s, as I find them to be greatly informative and fun to watch! Luvving DesGames!

  43. Häger DerSchreckliche

    i love your german pronouncing Dez. More laugh,less cringe 😀 Greetings from germany and have a nice start into the week!

  44. Nopenopenopenope…..full of weakspots is a no buy

  45. Hi Dez, thanks for awesome content! I have a quetion, will you do video about Loza’s M4-A2 Sherman? 🙂

  46. Dezgamez please make a WoWp video on the F86a Sabre

  47. Is it real world? Weakspot 150mm on the front plate?? What the hack is this sh!t! I haven´t seen that in years! Hot fix! Hot fix! Is this new meta? Weakspots? 😀 I´m actually surprised that WG did surprised me, I didn´t that one comming …

  48. So in all, NO threat to any Russian tank ? Just what we needed !

  49. Some of the Russian tanks are reaching near modern levels of performance, and WoT rolls this out? Where’s my Abrahms? Of course, they would put a giant cupola weak spot on it, or leave off the fire control, or some other nonsense. It’s gotten so stupid…..

  50. I never see as many side on enemies as their are in this video. God I would have a field day against players like that!!!

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