► VK 168.01 Mauerbrecher – New Premium Super-Heavy! – World of Tanks VK 168.01 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks VK 16.01 Mauerbrecher and Gameplay. World of Tanks VK 16.01 Mauerbrecher, New Tier 8 Premium German Heavy Tank.

Couple weeks ago I made my preview episode about this tank, not knowing when it comes out, but here it is now… This year’s end the year special premium tank – “VK 16.01 Mauerbrecher”.
Finally we have a tier German premium tank that can fully train E-100 and Maus members in one go… But is it it, is it worth €41 you have to pay for it?

Let’s find out!


  1. The fastest acceleration in THE WORLD… From 0 to top speed! 😛
    Beasts, I wish you happy, the best holidays EVER, never change! 😉

  2. DEZ, what plans do we all have for boxing day ; )

  3. Mouseburger, belongs in World of Warships

  4. How download test server guys helpme pls!

  5. Balanced premium with weakspots?
    What is this, 2013?!?

  6. The only wall what this vehicle brakes is your wall-et

  7. Großadmiral Raeder

    I love the Maus line tanks, got the Maus today. So I am looking forward to this tank. But I will buy the regular version that has the bike 🙂 I just hope it will be avaliable for purchase soon after the Mauerbrecher comes out tommorow…

  8. Hey deze love your videos.
    Did you see the 2018 trailer?
    There’s a drawn tank in it and the front track wheel says FIAT!
    new Italian tech tree?

  9. Alexander Heselbarth

    Hope you go on for years Dez 😀 heart To you <3

  10. ‘mauerbrecher’ translates to ‘wall breaker’ in English. The more you know.

  11. Can u play with s51 and tape that plss

  12. It’s like a MAUS driving backwards! haha

  13. Thanks for your diligence Dez…your hard work will pay off!!!

  14. yet another nail in the coffin of the poor IS-6

  15. When a t8 superheavy has more view range than a t10 light ?

  16. Nice to hear a honest comment on a new premium. You saved me money and entertained me! Best deal of the day

  17. What about the holiday ops 2018? Make some video about it as well because after a week it becomes kind of scam now.

  18. A definite buy!! The thing i want the most is to feed the obj907 and m60 players that i play against in every tier 8 match xp and kills.

  19. this is one of the worst premium tanks ever released, a joke, warning, do not buy!

  20. Pathetic premium…

  21. Yes… Sadly mm for tier 8 heavy tanks in today’s World of Tanks is totally broken. 80% of the batles are gonna be tier 10 batles…

  22. Its a Team battle tank like defender

  23. Amazing how the most accurate AT guns in WW2 were German yet I miss more shots than any other country with the German guns. I do suspect Russian bias. Wargaming should reverse the gun accuracy they implemented in patch 9.6. As the current game stands the accuracy just doesn’t make any sense. If you are fully aimed in you should have an excellent chance of hitting your target. Pre 9.6 if you fully aimed in then your shot would hit dead on 80-100% of the time subject to the Russian number generator.

  24. This thing just looks like a backwards driving maus, its so confusing

  25. I’d never buy a tank for crew training only. It’s a total waste of money…

  26. Wargaming makes a new and powerfull tank, then all are complaing for it and say that wg should ad some weakspots on it. Now, wg makes a new premioum tank with weakspots, all are complaining for them

  27. lol “actually i cant say if you should buy it or not”… translation: dont buy it. Pretty sure you’d be allowed to say “yes buy it”.

  28. Instead of fixing the matchmaking and the gameplay, They give us another premium tank! Great job WarGaming?????

  29. Heavy tank with 400 stock view range.
    Medium tank with 390 stock view range.

    D O E S N T M A K E A N Y S E N S E

  30. This tank sort of embodies one of the major problems I have with WoT; it’s a VK 100.01P with frontal weakspots so it’s considered a bad tank but the VK with its lack of frontal weakspots is considered overpowered. Where is the middle ground? What do players really want from WG? Not that I’m defending them but I can see why tanks are all over the place atm. People complain that armour doesn’t work so we get Godzillas (yes I am aware that the problem with those isn’t just armour related), Super Maus, Defenders and Patriots. People complain that they can’t pen everything in the game from the front so we get a VK with large, easy to hit frontal weakspots which makes people complain again.

  31. Maus’s son with downs syndrome

  32. This is more similar to tiger p than vk 100

  33. Nice Video Dez, but I’m confused, you say it’s terrible and then do 3.7k, you say theirs to many OP tanks in game and when they release a balanced tank, you say you can’t stand it because you get penned by Scorpion G’s. I hate Scorpion G’s in any tank I’ve driven so can’t see why this should get pref’ treatment.

    It has high damage, which is counted by weak spots. It’s slow but can train all of the German heavy crews in one go. TBH it’s probably one of the most balanced tanks recently released.

    Still thoroughly enjoy your videos and looking forward to the next one.

  34. I think if it had +1 -2 matchmaking it would be balanced like the old premium tanks

  35. Good that i can derp through the front plate

  36. Yeap! Heavy tanks are completely and utterly useless except for 1-2 of them.
    Overwhelmingly majority of HTs are utterly effectless on battlefield cuz armor is not working at all.
    The second enemy sees you the chances your armor will face premium gay shells will increase from 60% to 90% 🙂
    Thanks wargaming for ruining my favorite and main class :’)

  37. Have to angle turret just like in MAUS

  38. Is it just me or does that thing looks like maus backwards? Just me ok…..

  39. Erick Raúl Sánchez Pérez

    fuck this stupid super heavy meta.

  40. You’ve never sound so borred… 😉

  41. Good video dez I want to ask a question chresyler gf or defender which one you chose which comes to sale your idea is important to me thx take a heart?

  42. ” Gun ‘Mantle'”

  43. Good honest comentary, thank you Dez for the work reviewing this tank. Yeah, not my cup either :/

  44. it’s just Mauschen turned backwards

  45. A tier 8 premium mauschen with new clothes and front turret nothing special here.
    Waste of money.
    Btw Dez i like all your videos
    Merry Xmas and a happy new year
    I hope you still will makevideos in 2018 🙂

  46. NOT BUYING !!!

  47. Just like every tier 8 tank you will not be invincible vs tier 10.

  48. No ramming that is3 I am severely disappointed!

  49. I look into the magic ball and see the future…
    Noone or not enough will buy this tank because off 100% negative reviews….
    WG will buff weakspots away and resell it soon.

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