► VK 72.01 (K) – CRAZY FEAST FEST! – World of Tanks VK 72.01 (K) Gameplay

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World of Tanks VK 72.01 (K) Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks VK 72.01 (K), Tier 10 Special Premium Heavy Tank.

Let’s welcome upcoming weekend with some more epic action in pretty special tank – “VK 72.01 (K)”, tier 10 special clan wars reward heavy tank from Germany. For some reason I do not see that tank too often on the battlefield, so it feels even more special when I can feature it in super crazy action. Let the feast begin, in patch with new matchmaking and with a lot of lightly armored tanks. 🙂

Player: _Going_Commando_



  1. Teus Van Hoogevest

    Wanna hear a joke…..

    Arty is fixed 😀

  2. Ghost In the prison

    Dez, I miss “verld” of tanks. You say it correctly now ?

  3. I have tried shooting the “weak spots” on that tank, but 260/280 pen just doesn’t damage it.

  4. can you please make the end stats screen some brighter collors? cant see it good with my phone

  5. my weekend isn’t good… its bad 🙁

  6. hey i have a question, how did i damage a t95 by shooting it dead center of its right side tracks with a super pershing standard round? i damaged him maybe 3 more times from trying to track him this way. Maybe the 50 mm side armor got overmatched?

  7. What’s the name of the mod that shows you your viewrange on the minimap?

  8. I would have capped in that situation for sure simply because that arty has a bit of an advantage if you chase it due to it’s speed.

  9. Let the idiots waste their time on that unplayable game. Just put ur cash morons.
    WG….go fk urself im corner of kharkov or pilsen.
    Ur new patch is pin in the ass.
    Hope the journy to the disaster and the end of this game is comming soon.

  10. Can you pls link your mods?

  11. Going commando = going without underwear.

  12. I read “Crazy fist feast” I’m now disappointed 🙁

  13. Roko and the company

    I dont agree with you dez, on that special award system. There are too many people who use preuimum ammunition, and get games like this. They should be punished for using that much preumium ammunition.

  14. @DezGamz I have a new Mission to complet for you! Get Leopard PTA stock, without gold, take 3third person view and make over 3k damage mission impossible accepted?

  15. ok so for my server right now i cant rade in certain prem tanks and get other prem tanks.. so my Q is it worth it to trade in CDC for fv4202p???

  16. He deserves a Beast Mode T-shirt…

  17. omfg its me!

  18. Berend Van kreijl

    Going commando means that You are not wearing underpants

  19. Going commando in the UK means wearing no underwear under your pants/shorts. So I guess he went balls lose in this game XD

  20. Hell of a battle. About the only thing I frown on in this match was using HEAT on the O-HO when his normal 246mm pen AP would have done the job just fine but other then that he made really good calls and knew when to pick targets.
    Tho that Leo Superman dive made me choke a bit on my drink…that was a SPECIAL(hurr)kinda moment.

  21. just watched old video and boy do i miss the old outro

  22. what do you think? can I do all mission for t55a or obj 260 with my m40/m43? btw what gun do you prefer? 155 mm or best gun?

  23. use your “T” key damn it.
    activate your smoke screen.
    huh, what are you saying?
    This isn’t World of warships? Oh this is world of tanks? You don’t have smoke screen in WOT?
    well that would be great against Arty.☺
    ofcourse all of this was a joke.
    But the smoke screen wouldn’t be that bad.


  25. Just got my Beast Mode Gear in the mail…….Very Exciting! Keep an eye on your email…photo to follow soon 🙂
    And…..weekend is coming soon!

  26. New Arty splash goes through rocks so chasing the arty was safer

  27. Very nice video.
    I hate the new patch from the bottom of my heart! Arty and MM changed the entire game. Now u must face masses of lights and meds plus fast shooting arties. Result: if you play a heavy tank or a TD and it is slow and low armored…U are dead very fast. I never had so bad games in my entire 3 years of WOT. Also I noticed more campers and lemmings then ever. The game is too fast and strategy is down the hill. Now all is about fast tanks and maneuverability.
    I decided to play WOT because is a tank strategy game. Now is a just sport game.

  28. At the and HE amo could have been better. Oho, T95, pta and arty would have been a one shoot or at least you would have done some dmg on oho and you dont hade to aim that good on T95. The shoot at the arty could also splash it to def.

  29. He was justified chasing the arty. Tundra is a very small map and the arty ran into the river where the terrain resistance is higher.
    Capping the arty could make a derp run risking the win.

  30. Earth Flat and Stationary Truth FE

    Nice one again. ??

  31. Hey Dezzzzzzzzz!

  32. hey Dez.. youtube says you’re up to 994 videos 😉 maybe something special for the 1000th clip? a giveaway?. . montage of dez raging moments?.. a face reveal? ;).. anyway over 136k subs and 34.5+ million views. . good job man..we love your work

  33. give that man a cigar 07 dude

  34. Should’ve capped it, arty failed wanted the sneaky win try

  35. 0:15, that was a fast reverse lol

  36. man look the arty hit a medium right next to him death to arty so sad

  37. I remember when Failowe was first added. People kept putting fake codes in the chat and haLF MY FUCKING TEAM WOULD GO AFK

  38. Arvin Dave Velasco

    excited to play 9.18 at SEA. wot wot!!

  39. hey dez ever gonna do tip for tanks? because I’m having trouble playing e50m

  40. Not sure if it would have been smart to cap behind the rock with lorr being able to splash him in 9.18

  41. cries asia on 9.17 still …… and no date for 9.18 we allways get shafted!!

  42. does stunning reset cap? if it does than its not worth capping

  43. Why do you comment the entire replay, as if you were commenting it to the guy who played it, not just people viewing in general? The use of “you” is really getting annoying. Christ on a bike man.

  44. E100, Maus, Pz.Kpfw. VII, VK 72.01 (K), E75, Mäuschen & VK 45.02 (P) are nightmare when I’m in my Type 4 Heavy. I never fire gold because I actually spent the time learning the weak points. I would use the 15cm but where the challenge in that?

  45. Check out the hit by arty @ 10:42 . Arty should have won that battle .

  46. going commando loves domino’s pizza

  47. CHALLANGE– British Full Low Pen HESH Load Out. It’s near impossible not to get yelled at. Lol.

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