► Waffenträger Auf. E-100 (P) – Tier 10 Premium on Chinese Server! – World of Tanks WT E-100 (P)

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Source: DezGamez

Review, Tier 10 German Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks Chinese Server Special Premium Tank Destroyer.

Today I have one exciting and super special episode for you about one tank, that was removed from the game (because if was too op?) and was picked up by one special server (Chinese server), which made it a tier 10 tank…. The price tag on the premium “Waffenträger Auf. E-100 (P)” version is 30,000 gold…
At the moment, it is only available of the Chinese server, but would you like to see on everywhere else as well? 😛

Hope you enjoy!

►Tanks in action:
– German/ Waffenträger Auf.


  1. Keep in mind, this tank is only available of the Chinese server, but would You like to see it on all the other servers else as well? 😛
    Chinese server is managed by KongZhong and not by WG, so this is why Chinese server is so different. They can do whatever they want. 🙂

  2. People are complaining about price of this Tier 10 WT E-100 (OP) but nobody complains about price of that Tier 3 Pz. II Ausf. J 😀

  3. U should make a leFH review, there isn’t a up to date review of it. Thinking of buying it on the advent calendar

  4. watching this while listening to A7X……….. NIGHTMAREEEEEEE!!!!!!!

  5. Mans not hot

  6. Not fair, i woud definetly buy this on Europian server, its the 1st tier X i went for, and when i was almost there they replaced it with Grille 15 🙁

  7. I got the chance to play this tank WT E-100, my first game or 2 i got 7,100 damage…. I kinda wanna play it again but game balance no. I think they brought this tank in the game bc we had a Deathstar that could 1 shot just about anyone so giving a German autoloader seemed a little to far off. It wouldnt surprize me if their was a French TD like this but German?

  8. “well played who ever U are” come on dez he is holding down left mouse and sometimes rightclick

  9. Žygimantas Petryla

    That bug isnt an aim bot?

  10. Intentional leet Time: 13:37 blyat.

  11. I’l buy him if he com’s back…finaly back…ahhh love❤

  12. OMG i need be new panpts is WTF E100 :DDD

  13. “Soviet russian tier 10 soviet russian heavy tank”

    I had a good chuckle out of that xD

  14. I want my old WT E100 back!

  15. Lol in Chinese server, WZ111 and T-34-3, the Chinese tier 8 tanks has 122mm, has 300 penetration for their HEAT round lol, and if u buy premium tanks, they will give u thousand of premium rounds haha, the Scorpion G just cost around 18 CAD and the WZ111 on sale just cost 7 CAD hahaha. That’s ridiculous.

  16. Wait hold on I remember this vehicle (starts rocking in corner of room)

  17. make Wot great again bring back the WT auf E100

  18. 35 HE shells lol

  19. This video makes me sad because it reminds me at how much of a POS the Grille is.

  20. 30k gold?That’s the price for the tier 9 USS Missouri….

  21. Fun fact:The Pz III J is the most expensive premium
    It was a joke…

    Ok it was stupid i know

  22. I told you so…WG in nutshell…remove free tanks then reintroduce as paid tanks

  23. 丢人到油管

  24. Unfortunately we’ve still got it in the tech tree un nerfed on the console, the muppet Devs actually say it’s one of the most balanced tier 10 TD’s!!!! And now there’s a rumour that we’re getting a tier 10 Premium soon.

  25. Would be a great game for us North Americans if they just added Zombies!

  26. full apcr load, easy life? yes it should be! but still this guy bounced 2 out of 5 and missed one! potato

  27. This tank shouldn’t exist too op

  28. Thoroughly mediocre game, 6.8k damage in the first replay. Is it any wonder this tank was removed?

  29. Nice T-Shirts Dez!


    2+2 is 4 – 1 that 3 quick maths!!!!!!!!

  31. Or anyone here could look up Wargaming WOT on consoles and see this tank in all its glory still

  32. I bet they will ruin Christmas by making this available on the eu server…

  33. this is not a bug, its using the cheating, normally in chinese server


  35. I used to play in Chinese server. The most expensive tank in the game is Cheiftan MK6 which is sold at 10000 RMB, around 1.7k USD. But only “big clients” can buy this tank. In Chinese server, if u want to be a “big client”, u have to spend over 100k RMB in the game in total. Of course, Chinese server sells other tanks as well, even supertest tanks and reward vehicles, such as Object 777 and object 260, object 907 and so on. RIDICULOUS.

  36. hello DezGamez, i post a pretty good replay with my bc 12 T, 4K6 damage in T9 battle, this is one of my favorite tank but i don’t see him a lot :'(, are you interested for a video or not ? i post this replay on the DezGamez Replay if you want

  37. well WT E100 was balanced, sadly most ppl didnt see it. all the “omg 1 clip power” was blanked out by the fact that generally after that clip u got focused n owned = 1 for 1 at best. so yea. and im pissed as fk cuz FV 215B got moved as “elite” Foch 155 also, now derp=zilla goes same way. but WT E100 REMOVED completely. fk unfair to all ppl who grinded it NOT the shit grille. if i had a choice i’d tell WG to give me all the xp and credits i wasted on that trash grille back and move it into some other tree. simple as that.
    99% whiners didnt also notice the 55sec reload. which ment for 1 minute your “OP” WT e100 was a sitting duck with a paper turret big as FV 4005 BARN head.



  40. looks like shit version of the monster WTE100 really was , would pay 100 euros tough for mark 1

  41. I miss My WT E-100! She was the queen of battle! Piss off haters!

  42. Show me the TD! 🙂

  43. I might be wrong but i think the chinese golden version of type 59 was more expensive.

  44. Who cares if people spam APCR it is in the game for a reason… when they release tanks that you have to load prem ammo for and you cant reload APCR when fighting a type 5 with 50 second reload time….

  45. 30.000 = 270 Euro

  46. that 3 bounces on side of is7 tho xd

  47. I would pay that for that capability

  48. 100 bucks for wte,100, still better than getting bt sv or pzii j for the same value..

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