► Waffenträger E-100, How Much Damage? – World of Tanks Past #17

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Waffentrager Auf. E-100 Review. World of Tanks Waffentrager Auf. E-100, Tier 10 German Tank Destroyer Epic Battle. World of Tanks Old Replays.

I decided to activate my time machine once again to bring you one of the powerful vehicles in the history of World of Tanks. “Waffentrager auf. E-100”, for many players this tank was the most broken tank, most unbalanced tank. Today I bring you one battle from 2013, from patch 8.9, when it still had 6 round magazine with its gun, before it was “balanced”.


►Tanks in action:
– German/ Waffentrager Auf.


  1. Dez, Do you have any pre nerf t57 heavy battles 🙂

  2. if you look at the wotreplay (eu ru….) site for the 268v4 and find all the battles above 10k (in only one patch) i think it might be close to what the WT was able to do…..268v4 definitely needs a buff WG…… :facepalmover9000:

  3. this map was awesome…but luckily we got 10 new premium tanks instead…

  4. hey dez, you should do a replay of a good game (any tank really) on deleted maps, like northwest or south coast or the others!

  5. I wonder what WG was thinking when they put this tank into the game. You dont have to be very smart to realise it would be incredibly OP even if it had paper thin armour.

  6. imagine this in 3/5/7 MM….

  7. all the old maps Dez!

  8. Now we only face fast tds with no weakspots even with gold, yep the game changed for better.

  9. I guess they removed the Northwest map because it was too big and too much fun and players weren’t limited to doing the exact same thing every match to win.

  10. those tier 6s tho

  11. Just a short comment on highway. As a matter of fact it has been changed a bit. The map we have now is more flat in the upper part of the column “2”, where the WT E-100 starts its slaughter.

  12. Suddendly, a wild Circornflakes, load HE and fap to death ….. and so, every streamers got ” please play X full HE !!! ” … GG wargaming

  13. cuauhtemoc cabral

    Plz T92 arty with ap rounds RIP I miss killing with 1 hit any tank many ammo racks were hit plz Dez T92 now known as T92 HMC

  14. Thanks Dez!!!!!!❤️
    These old replays just re-evoke the heart warming feelings that I have for the old WoT, the sounds, the feel, everything.
    The fail platoons were hilarious LMAO, it was usual to see an E100 platooned with a Pz 1c
    How ironic to see that the old minimaps look miles more amazing than the new ones

  15. yes they did touch this map around the city

  16. John Marisa van den Brink

    Building have replaced the foliage in the NW corner Dez. But a huge change but just saying…

  17. Lol tier V vs tier X

  18. PickelJars ForHillary

    5 years ago that map had far more foliage then it does now.

  19. Jarrett IceEarthGuard

    I like how the Deathstar look WAY better here than the HD design.

  20. Good old WTF E-100 when i get rekt cliped by them

  21. OMFG is this when tier 6’s had to face all the way up to tier 10? jesus christ i feel so bad for them tryna grind up and having to face IS-7 and shit in like a KV-1S

  22. When will wargaming release that WTF E100 (P) in our respective servers?

  23. T30 as tier 10 heavy loved that tank as a heavy

  24. Today we call the e25 overpowerd and then you see this gem of a historic clip to see what overpowerd can realy mean.

  25. Gotta love that the T30, IS3 and Foch all got less exp than the KV-1S, how bad do you have to play to get outperformed by a tier 6 tank in a tier 10 game lol.

  26. I’m pretty sure this map was reworked once. Bush cover in the bases was reduced to try and prevent camping. The topography of the ground in the valley on the area around D4 was also changed slightly. *and buildings highlighted in other comments*

  27. Luís Augusto Panadés

    I wanna my back. At least it has something good. That shit Grille 15 that wargaming pushed over us is ridiculous underpowered.

    It is a shame that a so shit vehicle like Grille 15 exist and worselly, like a pushed over vehicle. It is indecent.

    Wargaming is too dishonest pushing it over us.

  28. Dez just wondering where are you from?


  30. We “Console Peasants” can still get the Waffle ???

  31. Wargaming need to bring back the older maps!!!

  32. another reason I dont play this game they removed so many good maps

  33. Auf. E-100 was my favorite tank

  34. And now we’re complaining about OP Type 5, meh get cliped by this monster
    even when it bounce a shot.

  35. I wish this thing return to balance that Obj. 268 V. 4

  36. IONUT W O T - R A R M Y

    Nice video….

  37. this map as well as Waffle E-100 is still on console. ive had it for 3 years on there and i havent played it for 2 since its just an big fat Arty Magnet as well as the reload is painful when your team is a bunch of plebs in heavy tanks that cant push or just lemon train one way and still die. still i love messing with Waffle E-100’s with HE with some mediums and heavy’s with a fairly big gun and decent turret armor. i feel sorry for people who still play the ol’ thing its usually the first to die in every game.

  38. Hey dez look A1 area is changed!!!

  39. Oh I loved this WT and it was my first tier 10 and still the best

  40. Currently, the WT Auf. E100 would be balancing these new badgers and Objects and whatever tha fuk….

  41. The ultimate carry

  42. Damn, we need this tank back in the game so we can have some fun again…

  43. There was one modification of the map. They made some changes in the G2/3 area, as well as a couple of buildings positioned a touch differently in K9/0 .. but that’s about it

  44. good old north west map

  45. well, Chinese server still sells this tank now and there should be tons of reps u can find.

  46. if you go yo wot life and type nicknames from this battle you can see that 99% does not play any more

  47. Piotr Marek Kujawa

    Give some some cool reps from old maps. But not camping TDs only some cool med/light actions with old maps

  48. Still not as op as the Obj 268 4

  49. That map is more flat now…

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