► Waffenträger E-100, Resurrected! – The Most Broken Tank? – World of Tanks Past #13

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay . , Tier 10 Epic Battle. .

In my previous Ü: From The PastÝ episode I asked if you would like to see Waffentrager Auf. E-100 in action one more timeæ So letÙs activate our time-machine once again and letÙs go back to the patch .10, where WT E-100 was at itÙs best, with 6 round magazine/clip. This tank, in my opinion at least, was one of the most broken tanks in the history of .

► Played by: LCarnitine

From NCS channel:
Glude – Breathe [NCS Release]


►Tanks in action:
– German/Germany Waffentrager Auf.


  1. Nice review on upcoming tier 8 premium

  2. loved my waffle

  3. Later WG announce it as (P2W) Tier 8 Premium TD which uses 12.8cm gun which skorpG/Rhm uses with 4-5 clips and 60 sec reload time.

  4. Vitor Filgueiras

    War Gaming removed good maps to create and add horrible maps……

  5. Nothing compared to pre-nerf 8.6 T92 with AP rounds…

  6. DubstepinWithSmoke

    Anyone else watching this, while remembering all the people WHINING that this tank was nerfed, like seriously BITCHED that it was totally balanced because of the turret, and long reload, I wish I had screen shots :/

    ps I love you dez

  7. Two words… Dragon.. Ridge.. XD

  8. KV-1S please ?

  9. Its giant, its armor is soon thin I could use it as a blanket, it had almost a minute reload. Its still on console and I still have no problem with it. I have not seen maybe, but one game of a Waffle peaking 6000+ damage. People only complain, because they won’t to sit out in the open and farm off of it.

    A bunch of you fruity snowflakes get mad because your stat-patting mediums get clipped. This tank is just fine.

    Like what fun is a game if its bland and boring cause everything is “balanced”? Instead you have mediums running around owning the game. Sometimes a little unbalance is refreshing… Besides I can play tanks 3 hours and maybe see one or 2 waffles

    (Mostly Console Player, though PC is nice)

  10. it was my first tier 10 =(

  11. I miss this behemot

  12. New meme

    Wtf e100 is weak

  13. What an idiot. Why does he keep pushing blindly without having his clip ready. Just asking for it. He deserved that death.

  14. Autism is Uncontrollable

    I started playing WoT on PC after this was removed and… HOLY SHIT WTF IS THIS TANK

  15. Querschläger_WoT

    When t18 was OP

  16. If this is broken, how about the f***ing Maus?!

  17. NON HD AMX50B lol Dez :))))))))))))))))))

  18. I actually miss this tank and want it back in the game! Fuck me, right?! Yes I DO want a german autoloader in this game and I DO honestly think german tanks also deserve an autoloader weather that’s a TD or Medium or whatever! MANY old maps are pretty awesome and even better than curent ones and they should be reintroduced in the game as well including this one, some decisions WG have made are absolut crap just like the Grille 15 who no matter what anyone says is NOT OP and will never compare with the WTE100. Will they remove the Type 4 and Type 5 heavies too in the future?!? I doubt it, it was a decision strictly to discourage people from playing german tanks or to have any useful german tanks at tier X!

  19. man watching this video wants everyone to have the wt auf e100 back in the game

  20. so said the wtfe100 leave the game when i have first tier3

  21. I miss this map. If they put more solid buildings in the town and opened up another avenue in the mountain, it would have been fun and also a gorgeous looking map.

  22. Der Happieness-Typ

    Can you give us an epic video of the soviet T-22 Medium?

  23. Fucking useless Grille 15! I want the Waffentrottel with 6 shell magazin back! And the Map. We need more maps!

  24. Gabriel Gonzalez

    All Auto-loaders are broken!

  25. Haha, saw the title and thought it was coming bk, silly me it’s a bit weak for a T8 prem ^^

  26. i like that old firing sound of 120mm better than the new 1

  27. that is not good game. it is very average game by that 6-shell magazine

  28. What about Waffentrager E-100 with Grille 15 150mm gun with 4 round clip.

  29. Ah, a patch where you could be in a 3 tier 7 light tank platoon, and ALL of the rest of your team were tier 10s, with only 2 tanks on the enemy team NOT tier 10s. Yeah, that was not a fun game :/

  30. blast from the past

  31. look at the accuracy before the min 2 nerfs to it, that you need to use more gold ammo.

  32. I miss wtf e100 and I miss when wot had more maps.

  33. Eddie McAllister

    This was my favorite tank 🙁

  34. Do the old KV or t-50/2

  35. the waffle 100 should be a teir 10 prem unnerffed and make it like one million dollars

  36. I miss my Waffle the Grille 15 just doesn’t have the presence the Waffle had 🙁

  37. This map Rocked imo

  38. War gaming really needs to stop making Starwar tanks!

  39. that was not so bad map.

  40. Pls remove our old maps like pearl river port or hidden village 🙁


    Thank u Wargaming America for keeping her in game

  42. T-50-2?

  43. Console still has this tank sadly

  44. i bet this guy misses wt auf e100 most

  45. Für ein vereintes Europa

    I want to back him, pls not as premium tier! nerf him and sent him back to tier 10!

  46. Dez, if this was the most broken tank than imagine new(old) french tier X TD! That will be even more powerful, its gona totally break the game.

  47. love that map lot of fun playing in it!

  48. Please feature the Aufklärungspanzer Panther. I hope it will return some day, I miss it 🙁

  49. old KV-1S next pls

  50. They could return old maps including this

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