► Wargaming’s Balancing Department #1 – How It Is Done! – [World of Tanks Edition]

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Buffs and Nerfs. World of Tanks Wargaming Balancing Department Series.

This… This is something else guys… First time trying like this, so I dunno what say, hope you enjoy it! 🙂


  1. Face reveal

  2. outstanding!!

  3. We’re gonna buff the WTE100 via adding another turret and double it’s ammo

  4. IchButterMirDenLachs

    Moar synchs!

  5. was it meant to be funny?

  6. finally!!! sometimes i drive almost 1 whole min before i get reckt by
    arty…. ;)

  7. You’re Nutz :)) Ahahahaha ! Soooo funny :))))

  8. Love it

  9. :))))))))))))))))))))

  10. More of these videos please DG its so nice of you to do a correct
    interpretation of unintelligible WG talk to English… :)

  11. Why nerf Mauss”!”wtf wtf wtf what are they doing maus armor is why i
    purchased it why nerf it and buff e5!f*** WG!!

  12. Dick butt Nick butt

    I would like that arty buff I hate missing AP round

  13. DG, for the next face off, you should do T30s VS T34s 15 V 15…

  14. Funny, well done. Perfect lip sync. Did they mention that there will be at
    least 5 arty on each team for the next update as well as the aiming and
    reload buffs? Just so fucking idiots can play WOT too.

  15. New challange idea; yolo challange dont stop in t62a/obj 140 and get 4000

  16. Rainbow Assassin

    It was excellent

  17. All i need from WG is that they fix the damn dog of the Rudy so he can bark
    again when 6 sense goes off, or is this rocket science???

  18. spot on my brother

  19. Glad I no longer play this game of asshats.

  20. Hello DezGames i really really want to see 15 M4 vs 15 G1R on your channel
    .I hope you will do it very soon

  21. Lol! I could see something like this coming our way. I fear for us Dez.

  22. lol good voice over

  23. And I’m waiting for Wargaming to put a copyright strike against this or
    something D:

  24. Haha YES DEZ! You fucking nailed it. Fucking Wargaming xD And these guys
    from Wargaming are so annoying to me ><

  25. hahaha fantastic… the silly thing is Dez, this seems to have matched
    exactly what has happened in the game lol….. funniest vid you’ve uploaded

  26. Dez, you are killing me. I was laughing so hard my girlfriend wanted to
    know what it up. These inside game jokes are impossible to explain.

    Brilliant video man, brilliant!!!!!!!!!!

  27. How can two people have the exact same voice and accent? Im confused.

  28. Don’t give them ideas :(

  29. Brilliant!

  30. I like it a lot!

  31. Buff arty… give me a heart attack! Lol.

  32. salty

  33. Haha DEZ This is awesome ? :)

  34. for a second my heart stopped xD 2x accurate artys :O :D

  35. Holy crap I just coughed up my water on my keyboard…”I hope he isnt going
    to play with his balls like last time”. Just when I thought Dez couldn’t
    get any funnier..

  36. Seems about right.

  37. Damn! This voice over was spot on. Such a great laugh!

  38. This is accurate

  39. Geometry Dash Warrek

    I am dying :DD

  40. is there no end to dez’s talents?????????????? i think not, i want to be be
    just like dez when i grow up!!!!!

  41. hahahahhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha

  42. Luc Koekelkoren

    LEL :D

  43. Can we just get a replacement for the T-10 already???

  44. Gold

  45. lol, nice sync

  46. I wouldn’t be surprised if this were true to some extent…

  47. Dan Hoard (DanThePiMan)


  48. According to some of the comments, feels like I have to say that this is
    not REAL guys, those changes are not real… :D


  50. Evaggelos Arvanitis

    Instead, remove the 150mm gun from e100 and give it something weaker.

  51. Fuck this game Bro if Maus gets nerfed what kind off shit is that -50% of
    Armour its like MS-1 now i am crying rigth now

  52. Very nice video !!! :D

  53. Jochem van Pamelen


  54. Evaggelos Arvanitis

    No nerf Maus!!!! It needs buff at the gun! It allready has disadvantages
    (very slow and midi gun)???

  55. is this accurate lol

  56. awesome!

  57. t25 is already fuckedup overpowered xD maus became terrible tank as prem
    ammo is now available for credits and the insane pen of some tanks……
    and arties should just be removed already FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. LOL, good one! :)

  59. - RandomPurpleLights

    0:56 I almost lost my laptop, the cacao somehow landed luclky only on my

  60. Speed and power!

    Damn, best editing by far Dez, I hope Meathead watches this! (btw i think
    your account is going to get nerfed big time!)

  61. Foonaay as hell: tank you

  62. Wouter van den Brink

    Cool face reveal as well!

  63. Just please buff the arty reload time and also make it have better
    penetration and better armor and finally more hp.

  64. Hahahahaha win.

  65. If only WG would do such honest videos 😉 Great job Dez!

    – What one tank/vehicle do you think most needs to be nerfed/buffed in
    future patches?

  67. I rarely thumbs up videos, you earned this one. Quality work. Laughed my
    ass off. Thanks.

  68. ShadoWolf Productions

    This is hilarious

  69. damned I nearly pee’d my pants…

  70. Fuck you WG im uninstalling this bullshit crap you never listen to your
    fans Warthunder for lyfe

  71. are you a single cell or double cell twin?
    must be double celled.

  72. may be put the original one in the description?… for someone who don’t

  73. You should include a link to the original video since it was released only
    for the NA market and many people may not have seen it.

  74. “We’re going to be preforming probably the most heartbreaking of nerfs.
    Yes, that’s right, the 105mm derp gun is being removed from the M46 Patton”

  75. Epic

  76. You forgat to say at the end “Buy a lot of gold and prem tanks” :)

  77. codygree GodOfBattle WoT

    nice i love this


  79. first they remove the waffel tractore e100 and now they are going to remove
    50% off atmour from mause isnt worth playing anymore with the waffel
    tractor removed and the mause buffed

  80. in live game i had a match with 10 grille 15s on both teams……i was
    using e100 and fired HE at one of them and did 1200 dmg and 400 fire damage

  81. sebastiano tocci

    nooooooooooooooooooo, maus is my favorite tanks, it has a bad speed, a bad
    gun, but its armour is too many hard to penetrated, YOU CAN’T NERF THE
    ARMOUR, it’s its unique quality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(((((((((-

  82. just a question….but you seem “salty” about MM?…..lmao

  83. I love this video ^3^

  84. Richard stremme

    I think you missed your call Dez…

  85. many a true word spoken in jest ……. lol great narration DZ

  86. Love it

  87. XDDDDD you are the best dez

  88. I must may you’ve done an impressive voice-over work. Congrats

  89. Alexander Stoyanov

    Buff object 263 dpm pls and frontal armor too make it 380 effective
    everywhere on the front xD now seriously, I dont want to even think about
    bloody shit skycancers getting buffed…

  90. WG:oops Soviet is OP angin
    time to nerf german

  91. man u look ugly…lol

  92. Jan Markus kähara

    LOVE it pls do more!!!!

  93. WoT Blitz Gameplay

    lol wtf buff the op est vehicles lol

  94. mlena evgenieva

    they have one voices!awesome!and I am boy just use my mum’s profile

  95. William Hedrick

    That was pretty damn good. Bout time arty gets a buff!

  96. after that buff of arty we are going to stay at the garage until the next

  97. Freakin AWESOME!

  98. lol dez:))

  99. Ohfuckinlol!!!! Dez meets BLR. Classic!

  100. Miska Leppänen


  101. I don’t know… Meatheadmilitia plays WoT and streams. He is an alright

  102. this is very good made my laught! maybe for the second you could change the
    voices of different personnages in the video

  103. mm frist,maps that nerf arty,and then nerf arty

  104. William Stevens

    love this dez!

  105. Ahh crap….what happened to the E-25 Camo buff. ffs

  106. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten


  107. ooh dezgamez when i want to laugh i just watch one of your video’s thx for
    making my day a lot better :D

  108. they must nerf o-i exp

  109. Arjan van den Berg

    I laughed already when I saw the title 😀 keep up the good work man

  110. werry good video!!!

  111. Lol, but seriously, the Maus needs to be buff, enemy team can spot him in
    the first 1 min into match, and as we know, when T10E5 hull down, it’s like
    fuck you, kys(it cupola can even bounce gold ammo)

  112. LOL! I like arty’s :)

  113. *This is pure gold! ^^*

  114. I laughed so hard when you said the E5 would get a buff :D

  115. LoL

  116. Nowadays it’s world of grille 15’s… They will nerf it next patch again…

  117. firstly, I didnt know whats going on and i wandered what happened with the
    milk, but then i got what u were saying

  118. Anzul The Dwarf


  119. patrick ter ellen

    well!……you tried and…..it rocks! love it!

  120. Christophe Kunze

    love it

  121. You forget change Waffentrager E100 to tier I ?

  122. lol hahahahaha

  123. İt would be more accurate if they were playing the game upside down and
    controlling keyboard with their foots

  124. best of u ahahaha dezgamez

  125. XD

  126. typical wg

  127. holy shit the voice over is 10/10

  128. Just something completely different.. Wanted to try this out… :)

  129. lol nice job

  130. Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega

    wow the motherfuckers didnt gave the SuperPershing more penetration

  131. Give us the the German Autoloader back Nubs !! :D

  132. hahaha brilliant! xD love it.

  133. A NIGHTMARE!!!!

  134. They shoud just copy AW arty.

  135. Throdwobbler Mangrove

    lol. good work

  136. 3 views … wow

  137. connor trevaskiss


  138. oh god if this actually happened

  139. Hahahahahahahahaha!

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