► When It Is Stupid And Doesn’t Work… – World of Tanks T28 HTC Gameplay

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Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks T2 HTC, 7 American Tank Destroyer.

Once again I am back with another a little bit lower action, this from tier 7. Okay, it is some medium tier action, but still better than tier 10s, right? 😛

Anyway, I hope you enjoy episode, I will continue my vacation and will be back soon! 🙂

Stay awesome!


  1. Still on my vacation, so I hope you actually enjoyed that KV-2’s episode as well.. 😀
    But going strong, feeling good, hopefully everything is okay with you as well!
    BTW, how is 9.21 on live server? My blind guess would be FULL of Badgers and troll designs… If new camo system made in to the 9.21? Anyway, stay strong and enjoy life! #muchoslovos

    • DezGamez – response, what do you think T28HTC & “take it out”? Yeh I won HTC also, many ppl did, i think it’s a NAVAL GUN, so so THICC. Seems wall diameter at gun base increases in taper behind the gap block that protects compartment. NAVAL guns are usually xtra powerful, 105mm tier 7, 181mm pen AP @ 320 ave dmg, APCR 224mm @ 320 ave dmg HE 53 pen 420 dmg. always always seemed to roll High on damage, any shell type. Snap shot, tight shot, or auto aim shot that gun seemed to hit everything the reticle touches immediately. However, , , carriage is ” s l o w ” , need platoon to cover yer tail, also the external, HUGE gun stanchtions “can” be an annoying weak spot, once ppl figure this out they don’t even have to get behind you, keep it rocking, try to stay low, or shoot around corners or from longest range you can. YES take it out for a video , GUN is fun, but the carriage is tricky , would take an “Estonian God” to ride this girl ; )

    • DezGamez what are your computer specs?

    • 9.21 hitted yesterday the live server and I already hate the Badgers. Mainly playing tier 8 and 9 tanks and whenever any of the teams find a Badger the game stops for 2/3 minutes. Whenever I see any Badger I just run to the other side of the map or I spot it and wait for my team to do anything about it.

      About the camo, I must I didn’t see anyone using the troll paints, or if there was anyone with them I missed it. But well, saw many people on the forum complaining about how expensive and stupid it is to pimp a tank with everything (incriptions, badges, camos, paints, etc). But for the “free-to-play” people at leas “we” have an option to just put the basic camo that WG already has pre-defined for each nation and only costs 75k credits and lasts for 100 battles, which is pretty cool I must say. The main issue is people not beeing able to change the camo sets, so they can only stick to that one.

      But yeah, hope you are having a great vacation man.

    • Emblems are free credits, and if you don’t care about aesthetics, so is your camo. Can demount the set on your tank, camo just the hull for full benefit, and sell back 2/3rds of it.

    • i bought package with 25 boxes and recived 10 girls….lorrainr t8 prem and 4 t4 prem tanks….9k gold together with 2.1m credits and shit lots of that Chrismas things….so after all i spend around 40€…for 7.2k golds i bought revalorise lel so i am happy guy lel…anyway dez i am waithing ur next gold digging episode

  2. Key to great games?


  3. I had a really majestic but rather smelly shit while watching this

  4. Lol I guess he forgot he was firing gold at al those paper tanks near the end of the battle lmao

  5. lol, i never knew Ziegfried has a yard of flowers.

  6. i almost pools this tank. nine kills. but trade him for 3.5gold to buy tier 8 prem.

  7. Intros are awesome, great video as well. Thanks

  8. No fan of T28 because of the gun arc– so fake. The commander or gunner would be squished to a pulp at max rotation.

  9. Nice intro. The worst thing about the T28HTC is its terrible traverse speed. Everything else is not too bad, especially if it’s top tier.

  10. what makes me mad is he lost money. there needs to be a credit boost if you reach +6 kills or 5k damage+

  11. I would love to see you play this tank more!

  12. I sold it.. bad tank for me! ✌?

  13. This thing is the HTCarrier, only top tier and tanks on the enemy side that have low pen haha. But it is a nice tank. It should of been a tier8 premium in reality.

  14. I really love the random moments into. Gives me a good chuckle each time.

  15. It has a turret. Got a jammed turret hit once. Wtf!

  16. whitch is more sexy, the victory girls, ( rikki ricochet & penny penetration), or DEZ with juicy guccii stud sexy voice. i say DEZ ; )

  17. Load the Skill rounds

    Intros are sweet keep it up!

  18. Where is the “NOTIFICATION SQUAD”, ( sending out search party )

  19. HTC = heavy tank concept. So it’s sorta armored except the rear mini turrets which are fairly weak

  20. The intro was hilarious!  Definitely want to see video on your first outing in the HTC.WG should spend less time on developing new camo systems and more on developing new maps!

  21. Fun fact, the gun arc on the HTC counts as a turret so it can be jammed.

  22. LOL Beginning

  23. Your intro was great

  24. its world of tonks… where you play 1v29 games 9/10 times … XVM focus is still allowed … Badgers are implented… and oh yeah Holiday ops contains Crates which you can buy for money … GG Wargaming GG

  25. This TD is very easy to perform well in, so i would really advice to you at least try it out! Its gun arc, armor and alpha makes it very fun and easy to play 🙂

  26. This game is all about randomnes. But I still play it

  27. That was gold keep it up, we dont need to see top tier all the time.

  28. I like the intros, nice way to start it off.

  29. There is no way to kill that thing wot blitz

  30. Dezerinho, I keep us entertained. With every now and then new intro new style so on so on. It’s refreshing unlike other great viewer like u are. Enjoy ur holiday and GG to the intro

  31. Shall i grind E50M first or M48 patton

  32. Pinnacle of HUMAN INTELLIGENCE

  33. Like the new intro

  34. Ya play the T-28 concept i would like to see you play this tank.

  35. Intro is great

  36. I love my t28 htc

  37. The T28 HTC….. Well here on the SEA, if you play this tank the vast majority of the games you get into are tier 9. At tier 7 this tank can, on the right map, be fun and a bully, but in a tier 9 game, yeah, it sucks B-A-D…
    Your pen is so lousy that when you come up against the Defender, or the Alpine Tiger you have to shoot gold and even then good luck in penning, and the two weak spots on the side make it easy for them to pen you at close range. Well then hang back and snipe…. yeah about the accuracy, it’s Russian without the hand of Stalin guiding your shots, good luck at sniping. All I can say is that I’m glad I did not spend good money on this tank.
    Cheers from Tokyo Japan!!

  38. Oh man, with that title…you will have an unlimited amount of content to choose from!!!

  39. Why dont i get enemies like that??….love ur work DG…..

  40. Best intro ever

  41. I have it and l suck whit it! Lucky game

  42. The intro is good, keep them coming

  43. Nice vid dez, and I liked the intro 🙂

  44. random intro is nice idea! Go ahead 🙂

  45. I love the intro.

    Why did this idiot shoot so much APCR? The T28 HTC is a VERY fun/troll td to play, but doesn’t need APCR for tier 7 tanks (except maybe at long range against some HT).

    The playstyle (no sidescraping!) is so different than any other tank, but once you get that, it’s a blast. 🙂 Just don’t count on your armour too much against T8 vehicles.

  46. had a game on prolorvodka and our top tier unicum politly said ‘shall we push the east?’, we all stormed east and it was a roflstomp. Unfortunatley we all had crap damage totals ‘cos the green team was too good!

  47. Take a quick game and make an episode which you are playing with a famous wot youtuber 🙂 <3

  48. THC really needs a buff, it’s worse tier for tier than previous reward, Stug IV.

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