► WHEN IT IS STUPID, BUT… – World of Tanks: RNGesus #54

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Source: DezGamez

LOL, RNG, Funny, Epic, WTF, Fail and Win Moments. Best Wins and Best Fails!

► Help me to make RNGesus:
1) Upload your replays to: www.wotreplays.com
2) Let me know WHAT happened and WHEN it happened.

Wohooo, RNGesus back guys!
Sorry for taking that long time, but hopefully you can forgive me after this episode, that turned out to be pretty damn awesome! You are going to see some crazy RNG shots, epic plays and WTF moments in World of Tanks.
Thank you for sending your replays in guys, cheers!



    Sorry for taking that long, but hopefully you can forgive me after this one. 🙂 It turned out to be pretty sexy!
    Hopefully you enjoyed your weekend, so let’s finish it of with a bang!

  2. I really appreciate all work from Dez and like all his videos, but will have to put disslike cuz of all so much disgusting arty videos here. Afterall GG to that KV-2 and T49 on their blind hits on arta 🙂

  3. how could he not see that that OI was afk

  4. Id enjoy it more if it wasnt full of old clips with arty using mod view and mod reticles etc. thats not the game I used to play, some of these people using mods are probably cheating too. It would be nice if you showed some of the thousands of equal or better replays without mods from people that were playing the game honestly. Ive emailed you a bunch of replays in the past and never seen one so I have given up emailing..

    When I see replays with a billion mods on them I think yawn back to sleep. you can do much better Dez.

    BRING BACK THE FACEOFF!!!! We have loads of new tanks, the faceoff series was/is the best thing about your channel and what made it unique. O-Ho vs Type 4 please (balance numbers for equal hp)

  5. 2:03 best moment

  6. Dez, please! I need to know what happened to your WZ grind, don’t leave me hanging DAMN IT!

  7. like DG. nice videos keep up the good stuf man gg .

  8. Jonathan Horcajo

    terrible video of old rngesus vids stay current can’t move forward reliving the past

  9. Talk about some old clips being used, dam.

  10. le forestier damien

    i see rngesus i just like then watch, because rngesus can’t be bad :3
    And that my friend is when arty could carry a team of shitard by themselve <_< now it's only lefh vs the noob and all other arty can't do that many shotgun trick like before...

  11. Noblica Ne znam


  12. Blaž Lorenčič

    hahaha XD you nailed it with flute mate 😀

  13. 3:10 is that a Waffenträger?!

  14. Teus Van Hoogevest

    Rng episode…..
    Took you long enough
    I aint complaining tho keep it going heheheh 😛

  15. milos todorovic

    for how long some of u are following this chanle??
    I’m here since 40k subs

  16. AP on arty, WT auf E-100. good old times.

  17. Good video dez! Almost at 145k subs! 😀

  18. Dez, look up CaptainTimm17’s replay on overlord. He rolled his T28 Prot onto a T110E4. End of the battle.

  19. AP in the arty? WTF Auf E100 in the replays? Dez, cheez. Move on, those times won’t come back xD

  20. Can you use older replays from years ago? Have some epic ones from back in the day 😐

  21. Oh man, thanks for the notalgia Dez! I really missed this game before WG screwed it with their recent decisions 🙁

  22. 8:10 the shock wave from the explosion cushioned it!

  23. Nice ! Good job !

  24. boycott wot. uninstall the game give it bad reviews/feedback

  25. סלין עזרא

    i cant stop ? the first one.

  26. סלין עזרא

    Dez= best RNG. much appreciated.

  27. I miss old arty

    Said no one ever

  28. Spartan b312 noble

    1337 arty skilkz

  29. Music 2,06 to 3,38?? 🙂

  30. When arty was fun!

  31. I hope the Bulldog went Blue

  32. omg,i really miss the old arty and when you can chat to the enemy

  33. Great collection! Btw Dez, are you able to play back old(er) replays?

  34. Thomas van Wely

    Yay I’m featured 😀 (HenkTheSentry ingame, 3:43)

  35. Epic intense arty battle music

  36. this is a great series

  37. I don’t like the title. It’s almost a copy of Jingels

  38. back when wot was better, All chat, arty was cancer previously but I loved it, like come on

  39. Makes me want to buy my KV-2 back. Used to get so many funny moments with that sniper haha – Great vid Dez

  40. Most impressive

  41. God dammit I hate watching bad players get lucky. RNG ruins this game

  42. that is why arty was changed

  43. HOW OLD?

  44. about time we got another rngesus thx dez so much

  45. ProcrastinatingPuma



  46. when 3min are the same arty

  47. lol Waffenträger auf e100 has returned just for that arty shot…

  48. This is the only thing we didn’t want WG to fix it.

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