► When JagdPanzer E-100 is MAD… EPIC! – World of Tanks Past #12

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Source: DezGamez

JagdPanzer E-100 Gameplay . JagdPanzer E-100, Tier 10 Epic Battle. .

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Are you ready for Mega awesome and crazy action from the past? I hope you are, because my “From The Past” series back in action, with some more hidden gems like this battle today! Check out how “alexeyushka” was trying his hardest, to carry his team to victory… A lot of interesting things happened on the way.

And would you like to see “Waffentrager Auf. E-100” in my next “From The Past” episode?

► Played by: alexeyushka



  1. havent played this game for 3 years. and i can honestly say it went to shit 😐

  2. I like to see these old “From the past” games, its good to be reminded of how the game was, and how it is now progressing.
    I have yet to see a Waffle E-100 replay that wasn’t really boring though, so it is a no from me on that one. That tank just promoted too campy a playstyle to make exciting replays.

  3. make a video aboat american tech-tree, aboat T18, old artilery T67 i think it was its name and all those tds that have become artilery, love your contrnt man

  4. wt auf e100 replay, please 😀

  5. i love this series dez. with prenerf tanks as well. and not to take anything away from you but I think QB had this on his chanell good long ago

  6. notpartofKKKsostopcallingmeracist

    Old T-30 when it was heavy tank.

  7. I swear the t30’s hatch isnt modeled right

  8. Thanks for this epic game on my birthday Dez !!!

  9. yes dez wt e 100 episode would be awsome 🙂

  10. where can I find that target reticle ????

  11. гапdом гапdом

    the waffletracktor!

  12. We still have the WT E-100 on console

  13. T-54 without prem rounds. Cause he might not carry any. haha HAHA

  14. sakti abdurrahman

    waffle tragger

  15. Plz let’s get some WT Auf E-100 next.

  16. yeah, can we see the WTF E100, except ultra-preenerf, with also the insane mobility and gun firing on the move stats?

  17. Man, the WT E-100 and Jap HT line overlapped? I really dont recall ever seeing both in one game. How odd.

  18. Pls WG make WT auf E100 a new tier 8 premium german TD ?

  19. well, that tank is easy to play. now i challenge you to play the underpowered fv4202 above 5k damage.

  20. Dez, the upcoming changes to the Foch 155, if they go with what is currently planned, will make that a far more unbalanced op version of the WTE 100. Better armor, faster reload…its like WG completely forgot why they changed then eliminated the WTE 100.

  21. I just want to see the t-50-2!

  22. lol 14k damage very GOOD GAME

  23. liem thanh Nghuyen

    russian tank… easy kaboom xD

  24. dat poor T34 ehm i mean stock T30

  25. Marshall Allshouse

    I’d love to see any replays from tanks that have been removed from this game 😀

  26. yeah Dez lets see the waffle, also you said once you were going to do a vid on your PC setup, great videos as always you are the boss of the edit 🙂

  27. Wait. I thought the WT auf. E100 was taken out before the Japanese heavy line?

  28. The story here is that his team extually was close to losing even though that E5 was a total noob, the t30 had poop for brains and one tier 10 med was AFK… yeah…

  29. react to old videos

  30. I do realy want to se one more episoden

  31. Played thos tank 2 arty nerfs ago (yup one hit one kill time),did not like the tank. Innacurate gun

  32. why wargaming remove that rice map ? with rice field in the middle why wargaming ?

  33. I play wot 4 years

  34. I have the Waffle E100 on console and I always go to the battle with full HE loaded. It’s so rewarding to mess up the stats of try hard unicums in their E5 hull down.

  35. the t54ethe ennemy team did less exp than the AFK 140 kappa

  36. We want waffle tractor more plez

  37. Luca selwitschka


  38. why do i have a feeling that i have seen this replay before :/

  39. yes i do want to see one episode of waffentrager e 100

  40. Dez, you remain my favorite tuber, keep up.
    However, I would like to know of your opinion on the following:
    Do you find its ok to have a vehicles with such a huge alpha in the game (FV4005, Death Star, JgPz…)? Are they in fact spoiling the game? I mean, you sit, wait for someone to come accross your aim and boom, one shot (I got one shot from 183 the other day in my E5 on Ensk). One shot even tier X vehicles, let alone frequent ammo racks.
    What do you think? Is this fair?

  41. More wtfe100!!

  42. WTF E 100 plssssssssssssssss

  43. i researched grille 15 1 week after they removed the Wt auf E100. 🙁 i would have loved to try it out.

  44. 1080p 60fps please

  45. Soooooo much luck in that one, barely any clever tactics, just luck

  46. blast from the past for t50-2 please

  47. I’m really missing that days :/

  48. i remember the first time i ran into a wt e100 i just got my is-3 then and had no idea what it was capable of doing i died instantly :

  49. Of course we want to see old wt :p

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