► When Your Team Is Too Good!? :( – World of Tanks T95 & T110E3 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks T95 Review. World of Tanks Gameplay Review. World of Tanks T95 and T110E3, Tier 9 and 10 American Tank Destroyers.

Today's video topic is once kinda … Because today I had to say: “Team, please stop being so good!”
Sometimes it really can be super frustrating thing, when you are playing with tanks like T95 and T110E3, I was trying to bring you some super awesome battles, but what I got was really good teams and no time to deal any damage! 😀

Oh boy… First World Problems… 😀

Video clip:
Heidi Newfield – Why'd You Have To Be So Good (Official Music Video)



  1. Oh boy… Those First World problems.. 😀
    How’s your weekend, all gucci? I am taking the maximum out of it, summer is not here for much longer… 🙁
    Will be back tomorrow, with something epic. (Y)

  2. Currently i am halfway grinding to the tier X with my awesome T95,but did the T110E3 is worth to buy?


    Dez ther’s rumor about Auf e_100 come back…. any idea???

  4. when we can see facecam???????? dez pls tell me

  5. Titties!! XD


    Dez there’s a rumor about Auf e-100comebuck,any idea????

  7. my favorite td is the hellcat. its got a full female crew. i guess you can say my favorite td has titties

  8. Lucky you! when I play and not all the time mind you, only win like 3 out of 10. I am above average, I try, but can’t seem to just win most of the time. I just have bad luck…

  9. That’s a t49

  10. Got my LOL of the day. Thanks Dez.

  11. Dez coming in clutch on how to play with big boom stick american titties

  12. Mathias Berchtenbreiter

    wish i had your teams cause all my teams are shyt

  13. apparently 6,1 k dmg 1,7k assist is 1st class with T95 1,270 exp not ace yeah feels bad…..

  14. Love your work DG.
    But your victory girls keep asking why you keep talking about their TD’s.

  15. Usely I’m in the other team, si guys stop playing good please I want to win!

  16. I have T95 and im chasing for marks of exelence on him. (Currently only 1 aqquired)
    And i had so much of theese kinda battles with 0 dmg (15-0)
    And ofcourse i lose %off my way for second mark every day.

  17. For me I prefere to play with titties..

  18. I love yor videos, and your accent. Don’t change.

  19. dezgamez pls do face reveal

  20. Dez you took all my wins today, I had the opposite, the NA server merge has brought out the unthinking masses

  21. Well Dez, there were simply toi many guys with epic boomsticks and beast modes activated. I personally dont find winning as a problem ?

  22. Nice teeties. Woops. Nice TD’s.

  23. Actualy thx 4 sharing teeties.


  25. T49 not T95 haha! XD

  26. how do u seen the tank hp on the battlefield, i can see it when i press alt. but i want it on all of the time

  27. Well, good thing someone is winning all those 15-2 losses i got in a row every single day this week. Why is MM like this? Racism?

  28. What about the T28 HTC? Thats one of the TD’s and you need to shoot it on its boobies/tities… xD

  29. Oh… Too good teams, why can’t I get one? This week has been a real motivation dropper. Last week I kept my winrate at 68-70% and this week down to 54-55% which ain’t bad but it tells quite a lot of my teams..

  30. I love them both. TDs and titties. I just want to get my hands on both! 😀

  31. It literally sounds exactly the same when you say td’s and Titties haha

  32. 3:44 ‘oh shit, they heff t95’-dezgamez *t49*

  33. Been seeing so many lopsided battles last couple months. Either you win big or get wiped big time. Seems maybe 1 out of every 5 games or so is a solid back and forth battle that ends close. The rest are just meh.

  34. Will have to say though, the 30 vs 30 mode will help having more meat to feast on. Played several on the test server with the Jagdpz E100 putting in 10+ shots consistently whereas in regular 15 vs 15 modes your doing really good to land 5 or 6 shots before the match ends with that TD. The 30 vs 30 seems to favor the T110e3 some also (well good for most TDs and Arty tbh) and slower super heavies to find good fights.

  35. I was checking subtitles at 12:48 “Usually when they have some *–kiddies-*- they would have been spotted over there”

  36. slither. io slither

    Can u make a video for primo victoria? ?

  37. Say thank you to new “improved” matchmaking 🙂

  38. And then in reality: T110E3 faces 8/10 times against all tier X and everyone spams gold/heat, impossible to block any dmg.

  39. I LOVE T95?

  40. TDs or TT’s either way you’re ”boned” at the end of the day.

  41. Mad_brothers_3 The III

    DezGamez play the at15 and you will cry even more when your team is too good. The worst tankdestroyer at the moment when your team is too good. It still has the topspeed of 20 km/u, 240 alfa makes this so stupid tank at the moment. I’m at 93% for Moe but it is only possible if your team is bad to get to 95% because it is slower than everthing it meets. Weird that it doesn’t get an buff for it. Hasn’t got the armor like t28 and is slower and worse in ever sence. What do you think about it? because for me it is clear that if t28 and prot get a buff that makes the tank oke the at15 also needs to get a small buff. like 5km/u topspeed better will make huge difference.

  42. 3:43 do they have t95??

  43. Meh, been saying it for years, MM making uneven skilled teams is no fun even if you are on the best side.

    I want a fight not wholesale slaughter that happens so fast its done in 3minutes whatever side you are on.

  44. You kept calling that t49 a t95 😀 4:00

  45. inquisiTHOR /LetsGame999

    Hey Dez!
    I dont know if you already did it(well i do know you played AP/HESH/HE 183) T110 HE4/3… if you didnt please do it, it would be super awesome because T110 E3/4 have very good HE ammo it has decent penetration and very high damage… and you deal always damage, so im looking forward to it! please everyone like this, maybe he’ll see it

  46. one more reason to add to my list why i quit world of tank ”my team is too good”

  47. Bulgarian Slayer 13

    I didn’t even know everytime you say TDs it sounds like titties, until you pointed it out lol. Now everytime you say TDs I will hear titties 😀

  48. This is standard in my at15 and tortoise. But when you get there it’s sooooo worth it.

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