► Why So Easy With RASSHHAAA?! – World of Tanks T-62A and Object 140 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks T-62A Gameplay. 140 Gameplay. World of Tanks Tier 10 Soviet Russia Tanks. World of Tanks Live Gameplay Series.

So after a lot of requests from you, I am going to play with Soviet Russia medium tanks in today’s live gameplay episode. Rolling out with T-62A Object 140, which are one of the tanks in the game. But even after that, for some reason I do not like to play with them that often… Today a special day tho, 4 battles in one episode.

Stay awesome and enjoy the video! 🙂


  1. I am F… happy 4 War episode <3

  2. Good play for sure, but seems like in every battle your team is up a few tanks right away – easy to pick up damage at that point. Let”s see some action when your team is the first to lose a few tanks.

  3. Ultima Ratio Regum

    Easy or not so easy,they require skill.I’m here to see the guy that can play FV and E100 without prem. ammo and do tons off damage.And i really enjoyed the video 🙂

  4. ” Tvp is reloading ” and boom XD… You are tha best Dez! 🙂

  5. DEZ if this video gets to 100000 likes, will you marry a tank?

  6. Gun depression is very important for a medium tank. Those tanks are deadly, but they don’t have gun depression. You also depend a lot on other medium tanks to do well, but a lot of times, they don’t do well. Another thing is that you can’t pen heavies anymore. The T-62A can’t even aim down at the Object 140 when it is ramming you. You have to fire a lot to deal that much damages. It is best to avoid those tanks. A medium tank is something else. The T-62A is not quite a medium tank. The object 140, and 430 play more like medium tanks. For those reasons, I don’t enjoy Russian mediums.

  7. Russian ass licker…….

  8. No HEAT fired! KILL THE WITCH!!!!!!! ??????

  9. Obj 430 ??

  10. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    I still can’t figure out how my Russian HT crews are all so well trained and how quickly I was able to unlock those tanks. I haven’t played a Russian HT in a long time and they are still way ahead of everything else I’m grinding. I did buy a few premiums but it still seems like it was all quick and easy compared to everything else.

    Wow, you had some really good teamwork on those first 2 games. It wasn’t bad on 3rd one either.

    You stay awesome Dez.

  11. Ass or tits Dez?

  12. I prefer t62A , he look wwwwwwaaaaaaay much better.

  13. why not obj 430

  14. Why no Obj430 Dez????… I actually prefer it over both the 62 and the 140… great upload though, I don’t think any other You-tuber gives 4 games in one show…awesome thanks Dez.

  15. Lol that RU tho

  16. still getting used to my T62A

  17. Freehugs606090YT Snoopdoge

    A. Russian Bias

    B. German Bias

    A. Russian Bias

  18. No one even care about OBJ430 now because it is sooooo underpowered. OBJ907 have nearly everything better than430 just because of its “superiority”

  19. that intro was perfect

  20. 4 Awesome game play….I’m ready for the weekend.

  21. Hey dez can I ask what modpack your using, if youre using one? btw Great replay

  22. 1:52 IS is kind of the same way for me, great tank, got my second radleys in it, but i just dont enjoy it as much as other tier 7s

  23. Dez, you are a beast.

  24. If I knew that your innocence would get this annoying I wouldn’t have watched your videos, sorry just can’t handle it anymore. May you find two subscribers in my place!

  25. Stay awesome, stay sexy! LMAO

    So sad you’re an EU player, would enjoy a lot platooning. Thanks for another great vid, Dez! Looking forward to more bike videos.

  26. Βαγγέλης Δρίβας

    dat tryhard Ru 😛

  27. No rammer on that T-62? Thats kinda strange

  28. you are so sexy in stalin’s tank ^^

  29. CombatSteve2017

    I enjoy your videos again and again and I hope that you Youtube always pursue and have fun!

  30. 4k combined in 140 isnt gonna get you 3rd mark

  31. Dez you should play on NA west server, you would soon appreciate Foch’s Saltiness.
    So much potato.

  32. Obj 430??

  33. Love the videos man

  34. funny content gj dude

  35. blueguy freshair

    anyone give me one month premium

  36. Drive Leopard 1. I want to see you play it 😀

  37. Grover Underwood

    Obj. 140 gunner drink too much vodka…

  38. DezGames: Are from Eesti?

  39. WTF was that Ru thinking?

  40. Frederick Burkert

    Why so hard with British – bad grinds

  41. love the four play 😛

  42. diederick starre

    +Dezgames hey mate when are u gonna stream again. and do u ever platoon with the people u show in ur channel ?

  43. 140 more powerful.T62A more sniper

  44. i was dumb enough to get the 430. it has almost the same reload as the 140 but with .04 worse dispersion and a way longer aim time. out of all the russian meds the 430 is the most balanced

  45. what a tank cannot do, is just as important as what it can do. a tank with no weaknesses, no downsides or drawbacks lacks the flaws that would give them character and make them interesting. the best tanks are always asymmetrical in their abilities. thats why modern vehicles are so dull. they are the classic jacks of trades but a master of none. the high tier russian mediums are the epitome of this.

  46. I love your live gameplay episodes. Especially these longer episodes. 🙂

  47. Didn’t hear the Obj430 mentioned. How do you rate that med against T62A and Obj140? GG’s btw!

  48. and you forgot the best on object 430 which is awesome
    perhaps not everyone agree tho !!! but check out the sidescrape armour on 430, its insane

  49. Afonso Nóbrega

    12 dislickes hahaha those haters…

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