► Wicked Brothers T30 & T95 – World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks T30 Gameplay Review, 9 Destroyer. World of Tanks T95 Gameplay Review, Tier 9 Tank Destroyer.

For my final episode in this special month I decided to roll out with wicked brothers from USA – T30 and T95… They do not have too many things in common, but still, brother's love is brother's love!
And T95 is one of those tanks that I do not get tired of watching, hopefully same goes to you. 😉



  1. October is over, next up is November… 🙂 – Cpt. Obvious 2017

    • Brent Sijtsma it was about 1 week before mine I believe 5 or 6 October.
      And Dez his first episode was uploaded on my birthday 13th of October.

    • Have a belated “Happy Birthday???” Dez. Great job with the vids. Really enjoy them and I even learned a few things. Ok, learned a lot. Thanks for that 🙂

    • Hy Dez…i had one suggestion for you…you can make a video about skill4ltu? Few days ago just finished the MoE for ALL tanks in the game that can be marked…i think will be a very nice video to make. I dont know but dont think everyone else done that

    • DezGamez what’s your bday dez

  2. Hey DezGamez,
    I wanted to ask you if you can test in World of Warplanes the Javelin or the Swift

  3. I’m a simply man: I see T95 in action. I thumbs-up.

  4. 810 views. 8.10 update

  5. Plzz -don’t- pin this!

  6. how do i get the icons of the last 3 tanks that did damage to me like you do when you die?

  7. two games two one-sided stomps

  8. Dat intro has some nuuuts

  9. Happy Halloween, Dez! ?

  10. yo dez had a game in my tier 9 amx 30 where I did 10.5k damage also happens to be the most damage ever done in it and once the action starts it doesn’t stop

  11. What mod is he using?

  12. I am soon done with my t30. Pretty close to the t11e4.

  13. Dez you vent out of ideas…pale videos…pale

    • Not that, live gameplay is one of my series, some sit back and relaxed gameplay. 🙂
      Can’t be over the top all the time.

  14. dear ship, i have a question for you?why no platoons nor sh from you? And why no motovlogs?

  15. TheTiredBobcat6222

    T30 turret roof is just like the T34, it can be over matched by 115+mm guns

  16. Love T30 and T95 gameplay, great action

  17. Dez pls tell me where did you get this crosshair I really like it

  18. It’s not Wooffen, it’s Waffen.

  19. If you want to play on NA sometime I would let you grind one of your favorite tanks for me, FV215b 183 😉

  20. I like your videos

  21. DatBois FromHeaven

    Man you like your T95 dont you? God DAMN you put out at least one vid on it a month!

  22. Hey Dez, what’s the name of the aiming mod that you’re using?

  23. always love to see games with T95, never fails to get me hard

  24. The Legendary Sandwich

    I just got my T95 yesterday. Still got the 120, love the armor. (Watching this while I drive into battle actually)

  25. they have both have same father. Uncle sam

  26. Arty as usual, messes up the game…

  27. that was fun!
    tnx, lick

  28. Wich mods do you use in World of Tanks?

  29. Alexander Agustine

    How come you have no mark on T95? Is that not your fav TD ?

  30. Next up, the british td brothers.(a.k.a the jolly brothers)

  31. T30 is king of low rolls. I think i get about 80% low rolls on that tank 🙁
    So many tanks that should have been killed get away!

  32. Ha got him!! Ha got eeem!!! ???????

  33. Is the commentary recorded live through the battle or afterward? Just curious.

  34. Hello Dez! I was the Strv 103-0 in your team in the last battle.

    I was actually surprised that you survived as i always count that side as an auto lose on Erlenberg in this mode. Now i see how it happened 😀

  35. you have to platy them and hope for a city where the T30 can go hull down on the T95

  36. That was exciting

  37. Hey Dez, birthday boy do a cameo so we can put a face to the voice!

  38. if I remember correctly that T30 used to be a heavy tank.

    • i Huang it was…….or was it the T34 and then it got pulled into a premium well i guess the answer is just one google away but im lazy -_-

  39. What mods are u using?

  40. I love my t30

  41. Hey Dez make Circons You suck DezGamez the next intro message :kappa: love your vids dude

  42. bro that t95 gameplay would be perfect for the epicawesomebros in their t95 vs series.

  43. I always crack a smile when I hear that intro. What can I say? I’m an easy to please kinda guy.
    Love my T95. It always brings out the crazy matches when I play it. As for the starting T30 battle the IS-7 that killed you shot your turret roof and overmatched it, It’s an irritating problem with the T29, T34, T30 and M103.

  44. I like your videos and all that, but can you just stop featuring t95 for atleast 3 or 4 months?

  45. T95 is a turtle?

    Pfff… Jpz e100 has worse traverse speed

  46. Thats the T…


  47. Your scope is a mod?

  48. Lol again MY FAVORITE INTRO

  49. He Dez from witch Country are you from if im aloud to ask

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