► World of Assholes – Karma is A Bitch! – World of Tanks Special Edition

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks, Assholes Edition. World of AMX 13 105 Gameplay. of Tanks Strv -0 Gameplay.

Today I have a little bit different episode for you, once again… I had other plans today, but I felt like I just have make it. I have not seen such BS in WOT in years, that close-up I mean, but I was able to experience something like this twice in few hours.

Please, do not do drugs and do not be stupid!



  1. I am commander of PUNKS OF TANKS. I will not tolerate such an idiot as BIBOJEK in my Clan. Thats why i am kicking him of from our society. Thank you Dez for this replay 😉

  2. Graham Montgomey

    Why doesn’t that register as team damage? If you flip an enemy doesn’t that count as damage for you?

  3. great upload and even better content. It’s always entertaining when you show all the different play styles players have in wot. From great to noob to A holes. Great stuff Dez. Thanks. Good thing about wot is i’ve always run into more helpful players than A holes

  4. T30 was a straight up ass hole, i hope you sent this video to WG and his clan commander i am sure he would like to know what kind of trash he has in his clan.

  5. I would bet WG has lost more players from assholes than any other reason.

  6. гапdом гапdом

    Pzkpfw 7 driver is ‘BIBOJEK’. Seen it from the start of the match 😛

  7. wot has the worst gamers ever the most stupid animals playing wot

    • I have the exact same opinion. I actually quit because a GM chat banned me for a week for asking about the new rules which stated that you can not talk about gender, sex, or sexual prefferences and i asked a GM “i really cant say that im a man or she is a girl?” and i got instantly chat banned for a fucking week.. I couldnt even talk to my teammates during battle. Then i went to the forums and complained about it and all i got was shit for it that i was lying and that there had to be more then that when there wasn’t. I swear a majority world of tanks players are the most arrogant bunch of no life assholes that think they are better then others. And i believe xvm had allot to do with that arrogance.. Thatfully i quit that piece of shit game and started playing War Thunder which is 1000000x better in terms of game content and the community is way frendlier and less toxic. I’ve never become to hate a game ive played for over 6 years as much as i now hate world of tanks. And 80% of that hate is because of its toxic player base.

  8. I found World of Tanks biggest asshole ……..


  9. I stopped playing WOT beacause I had other things to do and my PC was too slow to keep up with changes. I’m thinking of getting back but seeing how WG doesn’t give a flying fuck about getting rid of such players even though they’re getting tons of evidence sent by other players makes me wonder if it’s really worth the time.

  10. Lets start new episodes with players gameplays, where are players like that two assholes. Lets reveal that idiots for all.

  11. NotYourAverageBelgian

    This is exactly the kind of shit why I stopped playing on the EU server. Full of inbred kebabs and retarded window lickers like these fucks.

  12. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    “I don’t know what to do…” I have a suggestion: Find out where he lives + rusty nails + hammer + ballsack – figure out the rest.

  13. jan kristian mari Dia

    this happened to me once in my UDES in lakeville. was in the middle area sniping then a douche russian med suddenly flipped my tank then pushed me into the lake

  14. I think he just loves seeing swedish TD getting flipped, well it just looks funny. But i just dont understand why do we have such asswholes in our game

  15. you crack me up, Dez. every time. comedy gold even when you’re pissed. look forward to hunting dick cheese and fu cktard.

  16. Alexander Janus

    Is it only me or did somebody also notice that the T30 did not get the “-2” kills and any teamdemage shown in the stats of his game? Wargaming should fix this to prevent people to do this on purpous without penalty.

  17. The moment, when the enemy batchat-s arrived to the rescue was epic.

  18. George Giourgalis

    Those guys don’t want to play wot…they want to annoy other people…if only we knew their names Dez we could report them

  19. the hero nobody deserves lol

  20. Xaneleon the Mountain Goat

    Getting pushed into the line of fire is the worst that can happen, I think. And then you got flipped over… D’: I cried there

  21. this T30 guy is a turk. I am turkish too and I just insulted the shit out of him

  22. DezGamez, you are such a gentlemen NOT showing the names of these 2 assholes. It would be a pity of Wargaming would ban them from the game forever!

  23. i love camping lights – thats very usefull for the team, to camp with 1390… Good Job 1390

  24. t30 is trolling hahahahahahahahahahahaha. That some cow tipping lmao

  25. Good job DG.

  26. And this is reason why i not play WOT anymore..some players is just so stupid and ruin games:(

  27. I would love that Wargaming makes something bout this stuff and similar things cause “hero” players do not get any punishment and you can not report them in any way other than in battle but we all know it is just there to please you like you did something. There should be a place to report things like this where you bet blocked and rammed by your teammate and basically he ruins the game for the whole team. I had stuff like this happen to me few times sometimes i go mad sometimes i just chill cause you can’t do anything to the retard players that play just to ruin somebodys day.

  28. Fredrik Johansson

    I don’t know if i should like or dislike… These fucktards of players! A T49 player pushed me out in the fire line, my answer was a he shot in his track so no damage to his/her tank. His answer was a direkt hit in my tank took half of my health and tracks down. It didn’t stop there, his agenda was to end me. And he did….

  29. probably poles

  30. cow tipping….

  31. enjoy the ban for showing the nicknames, 1 youtuber got banned because of nick showing

  32. Leo Trotsky Thinks You're Hotsky

    I can sort-of understand why the Pz.VII did what he did – I looked up his profile, (specifically, stats), and he was a good player; his recent WR has been horrible, though, and I guess that he was perhaps a little bit frustrated at having bad teams/constant losses. When he saw you, I’d like to think that he reckoned that your AMX would have been better spent elsewhere on the map, or equally, he may have just wanted that spot because he likes using it in his Pz.VII, and thus could work a position that he found good for his game-play experience and have a good game despite his constant crap teams. Behaving like an arse isn’t acceptable – nor’s intentional team-damaging and generally trying to be a knob, and don’t get me wrong, he shouldn’t have done what he did – but I can see why he’d do it, (in my justification of my viewpoint, I’m being hopeful, of course).

    That T30, on the other hand… …his recent WR is 28.57%, and that’s because he spends his life tipping over friendly tanks who would have contributed more to the game than he ever could, like a massive, drooling moron. No wonder, after almost 16,000 battles, he has a WN8 of 415. Sorry for sounding like a cock, but man, that really triggered me. The only reason he did that was to troll, plain and simple, at the expense of the team and of two other players’ fun.

  33. Could you tell us names of this players? Just to avoid them. I would be grateful…

  34. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.
    We do apologize for any inconvenience or frustration this issue may have caused. Don’t worry, we can help you with that.
    With the information you have provided us, we have performed an investigation and taken the appropriate actions in accordance with our procedures. Due to our privacy policy, we are unable to inform you as to what actions have been taken against the player(s) in question.
    However, we assure you that violations of the game rules are met with appropriate sanctions. To see what actions we commonly take for various offenses, please see our Frequently Asked Questions regarding Rules Violations.

    Best Regards,
    Emilia MayerWargaming America Support

  35. CyrilTheSquirrel

    Fucking pair of cunts, they should be banned, if we ever find out who they are…….

  36. Thumbs up for the totally not naming and shaming. Take the high road against these assholes 🙂

  37. I seen enough of such assholes, while is why I stopped playing all together. It’s a shame it had to come to that, but I rather play a game that is not infested with morons that think they can act like that.

  38. I’m dying ???

  39. they need to ban them fucks for ever!!! ✋✋✋

  40. Autism… WHY? :c

  41. this is why i don’t play the game anymore, full of assholes

  42. Thumbs down for not showing the shitters names.


  44. President Donald Trump

    I’ll bomb the shit out of them, although I don’t know their names, trust me I don’t know but I’ll bomb the shit out of them folks trust me

  45. DezGamez the T30 wrote in the chat that he flipped you because he doesnt like UDES and STRV

  46. Richard Stefanits

    What you can learn from todays episode that you can flip swedish tds with ease. 😀

  47. This is so funny :-P. There is one more lesson to learn. When parent’s do drugs, their children suffer consequences. Poor noname T30 is not at fault.

  48. two shots fired for two full health fires

  49. Wow. Really wish we could somehow find out who those asshats were! Damned shame…..

  50. WG keeps saying that they have an automated system but seeing people doing intentional TK in high tier tanks does not make them think that their system does not work. This happens to me and I’m out for the night, to the point where I play a lot less. They are losing players and they don’t care

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