► World of DezGamez – 2015 Best Moments #1 – Good Times!

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Source: DezGamez

DezGamez 2015 Best Moments Series – Montage Vol 1. World of Best Moments. World of Warships Best Moments.

At the start of the year few guys said after my 2014 highlight video that this should be my new series, these kind of episodes… And half year later we have our first one. 😀
Actually decided to give it a try and let’s take a look how you like them. I don’t know how I should call them – Best moments? Best Highlights?

Feedback, as always, more than just welcome!


in action:
– A lot of tanks!

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. i saw every singel episode 😀 that was awesome, would like to see more in
    the future :D

  2. Spit some coffee on my work laptop with that Ameno song. Perfect. :D

  3. siegeszug_im_overdrive

    Dat Centurion I
    Situational awareness at its best :D

  4. More videos like this pls :D

  5. Really awesome! Remember every clip :’)

  6. im usually the one on the wrong end of derp moments …. i know im crap

  7. amazing video mate!

  8. loved it, nice.

  9. Dat centurion lol. 

  10. Leatheredneck na

    This stuff is gold Dez! Keep ’em coming

  11. つ ◕_◕ ༽つAMENO༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  12. Nice keep-em coming dude oooh Yeah

  13. A fantastic half year so far and I look forward to the journey with you on
    the next half Dez! 26K subs man. I just know your gonna hit 30K!

  14. love it keep it up mate :)

  15. great job bro keep up the great work 8)

  16. nice…. Could I have link to that ‘never go full ******” clip thing.

  17. nice edit dude keep it going

  18. xxxyoloswag twerk420blazexxx

    If it wasn’t for the last part of the vid I would have thought dez died
    because of the sad music montage and the face that it came out early 

  19. Do this as a monthly thing

  20. First video I saw of yours was the 2014 best moments from about 6 months
    ago and I’ve been subsribed since. Love your videos Dez, keep up the great

  21. So good 🙂 Carry on mah man!

  22. That was really funny 🙂 Takes back to old videos :D

  23. Keep going Dez ! Keep going ! ;)

  24. Stoyan Momchilov

    Rock on dude. Your channel is great and we enjoy your videos.

  25. No premmium shells alowed, right +Dezgame!!! Kappa 

  26. Love the videos man, keep it up :)

  27. Great stuff, stealth amx is hilarious.

  28. Nice video dez!

  29. I still get the feeling of revenge when i see you almost 1 shot a jp e100.
    Thei are always 1 shoting me :(

  30. Omg that centurion that didn’t see you though wow :D

  31. Furst

  32. Yeah, epic times, thank you!
    Anyone seen every single episode? :)

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