► World of DezGamez – 2016 Moments #1 – Best Times…

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. 2016 Best Moments Montage Episode #1 – Best Moments of The Year!

So, guys… 2016 has been pretty freaking BEAST and AWESOME year for me already. So many new faces, episodes, ideas, epic moments, …
I say HUGE thank you to you and let’s keep it up!

►Tanks in action:
– A lot of different tanks!


  1. Thx Dez need that lol your doing a Good job keep up the good work

  2. Where the fuck is Dez from and where the fuck did he learn to fucking swear
    so fucking well?

  3. Armored Warfare - Rudelf_HEATler

    Pornhub haha, every arty player :D

  4. always making me laugh dez. keep up the great work!

  5. Dez you are such a nice man ….. the one with the cookies killed me most
    …. 🙂 Kepp doing the great job and more gameplays from u would be awesome
    ! <3

  6. 52K! LET’S KEEP GOING DEZ! I’m with ya all the way!

  7. i give you a bow, because when i first watched your videos, lets just say
    youve much improved. good job.

  8. Good job. Stay awesome.

  9. lol i ask that question too when I’m playing my tanks, “do I have 6th sense
    on this one?”

  10. Just sent in a dope replay Dez, plz use!!!

  11. Instead of shipping the nuts, he needs to eat nuts

  12. so will you make one of these every 3 months trought out the year???

  13. Thank you for the entertainment mate. Hats off for all the work you do .
    Keep em coming and rock on!

  14. we appreciate the hours it took to edit

  15. amazing!

  16. Been a sub since 2011 <3

  17. Nice clips

  18. Thanks for continuously making me laugh :D

  19. you are the best !!!!

  20. Great video Dez, I’ve been with you for a long time now, you have
    definitely improved! Keep it up man!

  21. In the words of Tina Turner……..” Simply the best, better then all the
    rest” keep up the awesome work……SickBubblegun huge Dez fan….. :)

  22. I care about your dreams <3 !

  23. Rofl, that M41 clip again, oh god.
    You are awesome, man. Can tell you get frustrated at times but you still
    manage to not let it get to you too much and keep pushing on. I don’t know
    how you do it, as I couldn’t after several years (and in fact I quit
    playing WoT well over 2 years ago) but I definitely look forward to more of
    your videos.

  24. You dez do you know what dan te jeboo means

  25. 2:30 dan te jebooo xD
    Only balkans understand..

  26. lol I didn’t remember the vacuum cleaner….best moment NA

  27. Great video, as usual! Keep it up

  28. 4:05 from that on, I almost fell off my chair laughing xD

  29. 9:20 WE care about your dreams! That’s why we’re here!

  30. dam those cookies!

  31. ThereWillNeverBe AnotherTupac

    U need more subs , great video man :)

  32. 0 dislikes!!!!! Thats crazy nice video dez, i was happy to see i remembered
    90% of the clips :).

  33. I care about your dreams dez

  34. hahaha DAN TE JEBOO

  35. All that grunting and groaning when you sit down makes me think you’re
    starting to get middle aged :P

  36. love this channel! 🙂 best ever!! thanks!

  37. hahahahaha dan te jebo

  38. +DezGamez gotta love these vids, seeing the epic moments together is so
    nice! This gon be a strong year for sure! :D

  39. Where are you from? I noticed that the text on your old sixth sense icon is
    in Serbian.

  40. Dez odakle si

  41. compilations of fucks were funny DG … keep up the entertainment

  42. nany tanks for the epic vids!

  43. LOL.. you should make ringtones

  44. Great video and i love this channel

  45. I love u, ur videos amnd ur funny cool talk

  46. Dez, where are you from??

  47. dan te jebooo ahahaha :-D

  48. Dez where are you from?

  49. Man I love this channel wish I subbed so sooner

  50. “How are things?” I lost it.

  51. i love you man and yes even in homo way :D

  52. +DezGamez where are you actually from,because i saw that sixth sense says
    dan te jeboo so i asked

  53. 4:20 best part :D

  54. I do enjoy your videos

  55. OMG!! So freakin funny my good friend. Please just one T62A for me??

    Take care, wot flea1951

  56. 4:15 just seeing a person in a tank take out the vacuum to clean the
    cookies he dropped.
    Commander: “Gawd dammit! I dropped my cookies…”
    Driver: “… you brought cookies?”
    Commander: “Gimme on second.” *brings out vacuum*
    Gunner: “The hell? and a vacuum cleaner?”
    Driver: “The fuck?”
    Commander: *vuuuurrrrrrrr
    Driver: “I swear to a flying dildo made out of a racist potato…”
    Commander: “How are things?”
    Driver: “…… We’re fine…”

  57. great job keep going!

  58. were you drunk when you made this video?

  59. Such an epic start for 2016!
    Thanks guys and let’s keep it up… Love you all! #nohomo

  60. Damn you are getting better and better with these videos:-) Rock on.

  61. Dimitris Psomiadis

    The epic Heshgasm moans XD hahaha good one Dez!!

  62. i love this channel lol

  63. Haha Dez you actually are the best! ??

  64. Thank god a video!!

  65. xXxX_MasterMip_XxXx !

    hey deez what do u prefer…
    Stb 1
    russian mediums
    m48 patton
    (if russian mediums)
    object 140

  66. Anyone else think his groaning at the start sounded like ‘War War Never
    changes’ from fallout 4??

  67. Who cares my dreams? ?

  68. not to bad 10k damage, average. *crunch* xD

  69. “tuh, gaYeeeeeee!” lmfao

  70. Rumpel_stiltskin123

    Great videos Dez! May another great year be in the works!

  71. lol, nice video 😀
    I liked the moment with the T95 the most :D

  72. nice vid, thx therefore!

  73. Arvin Dave Velasco


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