► World of DezGamez – Best Moments #2 – Best Fun I Ever Had!

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DezGamez Best Moments Series – 2015 Best Moments Montage #2. World Tanks Best Moments. World of Warships Best Moments. Armored Warfare Best Moments.

Time flies… A lot of funny moments, good moments, bad moments, fails, epic plays… But all in all it is just FUN and epic times guys.. So thank you for that!
In this episode you are going to see just few of the best moments!
Seems like you guys are enjoying that kind of stuff, so there you go.

Feedback, as always, is more than just welcome!


►Tanks in action:
– A lot of tanks and a lot of ships!

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Kristoffer Bergstrom

    Been here since the first T54 and T30 replays, DEZ FOR PRESIDENT!

    • Kristoffer Bergstrom

      +Kristoffer Bergstrom Then I mean when T54 was highest tier in the russian
      tree and T30 when it was tier 10 heavy

  2. +DezGamez Been here for 2 years Dez and have always been entertained by
    your content. The brutal honesty in reviews, the troll moments, and even
    the derp moments. The few, the proud, THE DEZ!!!

  3. Ooh damn pretty much sums up the video

  4. Dez – I am a LONG TIME subscriber – and I can honestly say that watching
    your videos is nearly ALWAYS the best time to be had on YouTube!

  5. Keep up this series i love it 😀 also keep up the good work im here since
    2014 and just love your channel :D

  6. Leatheredneck na

    Awesome comp. Looking forward to much more

  7. Love this video: After a bad gameday or a longer pause (especially due to
    the many jobs) this reminds me why I love to play these games

  8. Great moments I had watching your vids!

  9. Your videos are the best -epic action, epic enjoyment

  10. Wow one dislike whoever did that fuck you

  11. +DezGamez Dude your one hell of a funny guy. not one video i have seen that
    i dont like, i love the Epic action, Epic comentry just Epic videos and as
    always im looking forward to the next video take care and bye

  12. Hahahaha this is great

  13. Julien Brouilhounat

    this video actually makes me sad ship… i discovered your channel a few
    months ago, and i looked everysingle one of your shared moment. Now that i
    have watched everything, i have to wait for new content… i feel like i
    was with my best friend everyday, eating every lunchtime with one of your
    video, always watching one before going to bed at 2 in the morning. And now
    i see my best friend only 1 or 2 times a week.

    I like your way to play the game, with humor and always laid-back… you’re
    not looking to perform for the stat, you just play the game for ours and
    your own pleisure, unlike a lot of streamers that just want to show how
    good they can compete…

    From deep in my heart, thanks for all those great moment you shared with
    us, i hope to see 10 000 more video where you learn me to
    play, laughingly…


  14. No kidding, you’re the first YouTuber I came across for WOT three years
    ago. You’re aways the best my man, always the best!

  15. Amazing work man, just the most fun videos you can find regarding World of
    Tanks, I even watch the AW videos even though I don’t play or plan to play
    it, keep the good attitude and mood :D


  17. I love Dez’s reactions to some of the kills he gets like that damn poor
    batchat he killed in the e-100 through the wall. I’m sure if i was on ts
    the clan would hate me because i would’ve been excited as hell lol.

  18. I know it’s not really my place but I have a request. A video on the VK
    30.02 DB showing how to play it well.

  19. We love you Dez 😀 <3

  20. Nice to see you with HE in the KV2. I was watching a QB live stream the
    other evening and the boy was using AP. I just had to shake my head from
    side to side very slowly tut and say will these unicums never learn the way
    of the force?

  21. DezGamez, best youtuber I ever watched.

  22. You have become one of favorite gaming channels if not the most favorite,
    Happy 4 years and many more to you.

  23. yeah man is not just u who had fun (and still having it) i think you’re
    awesome your channel is awesome as well i mean u have everything to be
    sucefull on youtube, u know what i mean (btw i am portguese so forgive me
    any mistake xD) but yeah…. you and your channel are simply awesome 😀 and
    i hope u get what u want i youtbue

  24. The first video I can remember seeing of yours was 6 months ago, the “thank
    you for an epic 2014” video. I instantly subbed and never looked back. Keep
    up the great work! Much love from Canada.

  25. Tender Element Sorcerer

    Congrats! Work done right ;)

  26. 4:52 is to me one of the funniest moments because I did almost exactly the
    same thing when I got pissed off of my tank’s gun waving up and down for 5
    seconds and me being unable to put a shoot. :D

  27. I didn’t choose the Dez Life. the Dez Life chose me! But really man. What a
    great 4 years the trip has taken us on!

  28. I have this song on my ipod is beast.

  29. 1 word, awesome :)

  30. I missed your batchat arty blind fire hit in the compilation 🙁 welk done
    except that little detail!! +DezGamez 

  31. Every signle moment of this video represents why i love your channel!
    Keep the epic action up!

  32. Keep it up Dez. Been with you from the start. It’s amazing seeing how far
    you have come. Keep it up bro. 

  33. Great video Dez ! I have been enjoying your content for quite some time and
    your work never seems to degrade in quality! Keep up the amazing work!

  34. Nice dude

  35. Julopabene Bananenplantage

    Gotta love that Mäuschen trap :D

  36. LMAO! had forgot about some of those XD haahha Ka-ching!

  37. best job you will ever have! 🙂 keep up the good work!

  38. Thanks for the video’s Dez keep them coming please really appreciated.

  39. Cool :)

  40. God damn I never learn.LOL!

  41. Dez. If i had a dollar for every video you made when i am bored. I would
    have enough money to buy you a year of Premium. :D

  42. 2 views first like :)

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