► World of DezGamez – Best Moments #4 – Never Change Guys, Please Don’t!

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Source: DezGamez

DezGamez Moments Series – 2015 Best Moments Montage Episode #4. World of Tanks Best Moments. Best Moments. Armored Warfare Best Moments. War Thunder Best Moments.

Once again I decided to take time I see what have done in the past few months and I have to say that.. Oh boy, times!
Never change guys, never… And I am not going to change as well!


►Tanks in action:
– A lot of tanks and a lot of ships!


  1. Yes we have no channel like this in french community ! So i look your
    videos ! Good job men !

  2. Loved your videos since I found your channel all the way back whenever that
    was…. xD You seem like such a grounded guy with good humour that we
    actually learn from haha. And after all you’re my lucky charm…i only win
    shit off you 😉 keep it up bauuus

  3. Please give us more MT-25 action! It’s probably the most underestimated
    tank imo, and I’ve had some wicked games in it. Ate a full health AMX 50
    100 once, made even more delicious by the AMX claiming we were a fail
    platoon (plat w/L 155 51) at the beginning of the match, essentially
    calling himself out as a peasant. His team were pretty merciless in chat
    too. xD

    It’s a stealthy and FAST little nugget of a tank, the number of shots that
    your tracks eat or just ping off your side… *For Stalin!*

    …gotta use the 57mm tho…

  4. Dez ur god father but we like to say that on Serbian ur bogotac keep u p
    the awsome work ur doing :D

  5. Dan te jebo

  6. Svetlomir Dimitrov

    what is this nostalgia? u stop play DezGamez?

  7. Arvin Dave Velasco

    another great year for you sir!!! more great years and vids to come!!! Be
    amazing and drink coffee =))

  8. Never Change man! when you “quit” in your E3 i almost died of laughing lol.
    My first WoT subscription was Mighty Jingles but I would watch you any day
    over him now. Keep up the humor and A+ gameplay!

  9. Thx for the epic videos dez. me and my gf love watching yur videos :D

  10. Roberto Avalos Jr.

    Nice vídeo ?

  11. i think what attracted me to your youtube is, you are funny to watch all
    the time, and you get the crappy side of the MM like me. Keep up the good
    work Dez!

  12. Wow dez! You deserve all the support! I know all the effort it takes to
    make videos and you consistently put out great content! With awesome
    commentaries 🙂 thanks for providing hours of entertainment. <3

  13. Dez you da real mvp we love you keep going and never stop 

  14. GG! We need DezMerchandise!

  15. Keep it up, Dez!

  16. Definitely one of the coolest bros on the interwebs. Keep it epic, Dez,
    keep it epic.

  17. I really enjoy your videos!
    Keep it up my man :)

  18. you must have some great coffee

  19. “You know how i can do this? … Coffee”. Perfect 😀 , you have a great
    sense of humour and I should have subscribed a long time ago – Keep it up
    man :)

  20. Never Change Dez, Please Don’t!

  21. You never changetoo Dez, never change , man. We all love you the way you
    are. ;)

  22. THE best youtuber tbh

  23. we never will

  24. More Men of War: Assault Squad 2

  25. Man. To think this year’s almost over. But I remember what you put the goal
    as when the year started hehe you said you would hit at best 25K in subs
    but LOOK you already broke 34K! and you might just break 35K! I think I can
    say that it’s been a great year for You and all of us Dez. Lol. I still
    remember your early video’s where you were borderline silent because you
    thought your English wasn’t good enough and we would make fun of you but
    most of us saw a guy we liked who had the guts to put his gameplay up and
    I’m glad I stayed because your video’s just keep getting more entertaining!
    . In a way over these years all of us have gotten to see you grow more
    confident in your speech and as a person. This year’s almost over but I
    think next year has some great things in store!

  26. love your videos Dez. Found you from one of Jingles videos.

  27. keep it up dez!

  28. Dez your the real MVP man keep up the awesome videos man.

  29. Love your voice and the content, great player… Evertything needed to have
    great time :D

  30. Dez, I don’t care what the worlds says!!!!! You still the best in my book!!

    The old man out!! aka flea1951

  31. I hope you don’t change either! :D

  32. nice to see I’m not the only one who can rage out with these games. Got to
    say your videos are the best WoT replays and fights on YouTube, I cant play
    and talk to a camera at the same time, I’m impressed every time you play.

  33. Dude your just awesome and good friend to all of us. Congrats and carry on.

  34. I wish Armored Warfare’s TANKS looked this beautiful! Of course I mean the
    HD models, but even the regular ones look more “metallic and rough” which
    makes them look more real!

  35. Tender Element Sorcerer

    Keep doing what you’re doing Dez! Been loving what you’ve been doing since
    I started watching at 9k :)

  36. Who are we kidding, Dez is the real MVP.
    Love your videos man!

    There’s only a handful of content creators that I know that give really
    positive vibes and you’re one of them.
    There isn’t a single video from you I’ve seen where I didn’t become a
    little happier when I finished watching it.

  37. This video made my day 10,000% better.

  38. Good times, best times. Keep up the great work :)

  39. Man I remember your FV183 game that was hilarious

  40. 4:35 i love it :’D, thanks for all!!

  41. You are the man Dezz!

  42. where are you from dezgames ?

  43. You rock Dez!

  44. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    2:02 Whoo, I need a cup of tea after that extreme blow of fairness and

  45. uploaded one minute ago

  46. hahaha and first view. I feel proud

  47. first

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