► World of DezGamez – Best Moments #5 – Enjoy!

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Source: DezGamez

DezGamez Best Series – 2015 Best Moments Montage Episode #5. World of Tanks Best Moments. World of Warships Best Moments. Moments. War Thunder Best Moments.

Time flies, it is crazy… We are close to the end of the year and it is going to be my final “Best Moments” episode before my epic “Year Moments” episode…
for staying with me, supporting me, watching my videos.. This is my hobby, I am doing it with passion and I fucking löwe it! (Did you see what I did there? :))
Stay , sexy and…


►Tanks in action:
– A lot of tanks and a lot of ships!


  1. Ouh damn, i love your channel bro. Kepp on making vids like that :D

  2. Music to my eyes… Y R the best!!!!

  3. Hehe, nice video!

  4. I look forward to to every vid and am never disappointed unlike the
    majority of the tube :)

  5. GREAT video….you are my favourite channel on youtube.

  6. Love your videos!!! Love your side comments in the game!!! Keep it up
    DezGamez :D

  7. Thxs for the Vids Dez you have one of the best voice/accents around dont
    lose it 8D

  8. i enjoy all your videos your in my top 5 channels i subscribe to .. and i
    have 18 great work dezgames

  9. We love you Dez <3

  10. Nice we will never change or turn on you Dez! :)

  11. Dan Hoard (DanThePiMan)

    Dez, your vids just keep getting better. Keep it up, man!

  12. wait… are you from croatia ?

  13. You do have a lot of skill…but you are becoming Bombastic, Arrogant and
    annoying. Yes, you are good at playing GAMES, but GD man, as you say, you
    don’t need to act like an a.. while doing it. Warp your ego down.

  14. Man it’s amazing how the years almost over. Time really does fly huh? And
    36K subs! YA BROKE THE GOAL DEZ!(Blows Weenie Whistle)

  15. Thank you for the great times DezGamez!!! Be damn sure time flies ;)

  16. Keep up the good work Dez love the videos

  17. good stuff :D

  18. Great video man! Excellent song choice by the way, It’s one of my
    favorites. : )

  19. good video and lucky. shot cool

  20. Awsome video,awsome channel

  21. Youtube done right me tinks!

  22. when your going to make videos about the new tier 9 in armored warfare it
    will be awesome to see some reviews and gameplays :)

  23. Hehe, class vid again dude – Keep on tanking/shipping!


  24. Dez u are awsome keep up with that

  25. The bigger the alpha… go on Dez… Don’t keep us hanging until #6

  26. No Deathstar HESHgasm? I am disappoint ;)

  27. 4:30 that’s all you need to know

  28. 2:28 Circonflexes also bounced in a Conqueror GC, did the Brits get a hold
    of some Stalinium?

  29. Eh B0ss, I have teh canc0r

    One of my favorite youtubers right here.

  30. love your channel. Full homo.

  31. Great video, good thing I’ve seen all of those moments in the original
    videos. Keep up the good work! :)

  32. When can we expect another RNGesus vid dezgamez?

  33. 7 min ago…
    Another good vid :)

  34. love your channel. not in a gay way though. sorry… made it awkward ?

  35. deine mutter

  36. First

  37. Oh boy, time flies…

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