► World of DezGamez – Best Moments of 2015 – Thank You!

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2015 Best Montage Episode #6 – Best Moments of The Year! World of Tanks Best Moments. World of Warships Best Moments. Armored Warfare Best Moments. War Thunder Best Moments.

Just wow, 2015 is over… This year has been so freaking awesome for me my channel so let’s take a look at just SOME of those moments in this episode. I did not want to turn this episode into 30 minute one so yeah… Had to make my pick.

But HUGE Thank You to every single one of you who keeps supporting me!

Enjoy the video!

►Tanks in action:
– A lot of tanks and a lot of ships!


  1. Crogamer productions

    Dez I told you:sniff,sniff 40k is only a few meters away! Sniff,sniff…

  2. Crogamer productions

    Dez I told you:sniff,sniff 40k is only a few meters away! Sniff,sniff…

  3. Dez, you are a truly, genuinely an awesome guy. I can tell you enjoy what
    you do, and it shows. I enjoy all of your content and wish you nothing but
    the best for 2016. Keep making the OP vids!!

  4. love that 2087 fv183hit

  5. Thanks Dez. Took me a while to appreciate your style but you are the
    funniest Wot Tuber out there. Happy New Year.

  6. Really nice to hear your appreciation for everyone, you are outstanding!

  7. Beast video Epic!!!

  8. Hey Dez. What do u use for recording? Im maling a few youtube videos
    myself, but unfortunately my recording program doesnt work after i upgraded
    my computer to Windows 10. So it would be really helpful if u would tell :)

  9. Christian Rautjärvi

    More rage videos next year! They are awesome and makes us laugh like hell
    “We can feel it bro”

  10. ICH BIN BROT!!!

  11. lol ma tunnen eesti keele aktsiendi igal pool ara.

  12. You still have that yoga ball bro xD

  13. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
    I honestly miss that map…

  14. happy new year

  15. I enjoy your videos so much I remember when I got into a game with you I
    was so excited :D

  16. Not been here long but i love your content, keep up the good work sir, and
    have an amazing new year! Loves from Britain! :D

  17. We love you Dez! No homo! Keep the epic good stuff coming!

  18. Great videos Dez. Always watch yours even the WoT after I’ve switched to
    AW. Always worth a watch just to hear a nice guy playing in what can be a
    toxic game environment.

    I’d love to see more AW though. 🙂

    Have a good new year’s day and a great 2016.

  19. there is only one Beast gamer and his name is
    DDDDDEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. best wishes buddy, you makem we all will
    enjoy em

  20. We gonna make 2016 the shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit???

  21. All the best for 2016 Dez, Your content is great! carry on Sir

  22. Awesome, just awesome!

  23. Look forward to seeing what 2016 has to offer Dez! Thanks for keeping me
    entertained in 2015!

  24. great work dez love your work. you the “BAUSS MAN”

  25. im subscribed to you channel more than 1 year and i love your content dez.
    they make my day complete, you’re the best.
    i wish you all the best for 2016 and stay awesome :D

  26. OMG my favorite part of the video is the part at 2:50 with WT.
    lololololololo i laugh so hard i cry every time. Stay AWESOME Dez and happy
    new year!!!

  27. “luckiest guy in the f#cking world” lol brilliant

  28. happy new year dez!

  29. Seems so long ago that it was last years best moments video 0.o

  30. 2016 is gonna be bigger and better for you Dez, I can feel it and we’ll be
    here for you every step of the way. What a boss you are

  31. Great year of content Dez. U da Man!!

  32. love them thumbs down – haters gonna hate
    Keep em coming Dez U De Boss “Beast” :D

  33. love them thumbs down – haters gonna hate
    Keep em coming Dez U De Boss “Beast” :D

  34. Epic 2016 to you DezGamez!

  35. hope you have a fantastic 2016! with maybe getting 100k subs?? ?

  36. ofc we can! have a great happy new year

  37. 2015 went by so fast! Anger issues 2015! Great year and keep the fun
    times rolling on beast mode Dez!

  38. Just checking in, I wanted to thank Dez for the t-127, Just to let others
    know giveaways are for real and true.
    Thanks Dez and good luck in 2016.

  39. Dez.You made me happy when I got bored or got sad.Love you.From Turkey.And
    When you sgow your Face ??

  40. ok to be honest i just subscribed at your channel cuz i want win something
    at your
    giveaway but after this video i can promise you i will be at the first
    followers at 2016 cuz i just show 11 minutes of 2015 & i can say it’s
    amazing so i will be so happy if i can participating with you the same
    moments in 2016 , thanks a lot for this video cuz it rly made me smile &
    made me love wot more :)

  41. taj chat na 0:47 hahaha

  42. +DezGamez DEZ, you are Epic my friend. GG WP HNY!!!

  43. Ah Dez those rage moments 🙂 Thanks for all the laughs and keep up the
    great work!

  44. Best year ever Dez 😉 Thank you!

  45. Music to my EYES gg love u man .)

  46. How I play World of Tanks

    keep up the great work Dez…. love the videos. they are fun and
    educational. I am trying to take the same approach in my videos. here’s to
    a great 2016

  47. hope u have a happy New Year! keep doing what u do Dez, ur the beast!

  48. It was the largest and most beautiful compilation . Happy New Year to you,
    I was Snorky28

  49. yes we can end 2016

  50. 5:25 was fuckin awesome… cheers.

  51. You are so much better than Jingles!

  52. Your number 1 Dez keep being you man.

  53. Love you dez!

  54. 2016 EVEN more EPIC

  55. DezGamez , now with 200% more salt

  56. +DezGamez Yep , i was here all year long and the year before too ! Thank
    you for your epic work and for all thoose amazing and entertaining videos !
    You’re the best , keep up the good work , drink some more coffee , don’t go
    full retard but go beast mode engage , and i’ll stay tuned for more epic
    actions ! ;)

  57. Hey Dez…

    I’m suffer from a broken back and can’t do much daily. But I enjoy YouTube
    and Twitch a lot. Speaking about YouTube, well you are great. I relax and
    laugh when I watch your videos and that helps me a lot to get strength to
    pass the day.

    When I check YouTube I always hope to find one of your clips among the
    stack of videos that I watch. Therefore… Thank you so much for helping me
    and bringing a smile on my face. I think even my dog knows when I’m
    watching one of your videos. I just feel calm.

    Thank you and thank you subscribers for your great comments I also like to
    read. So from me to everyone: “Happy New-Year!!!!!! 2016 Here we come!”

  58. congratz dez ! i have seen every vid you have posted been a great year of
    entertianment keep up the good work !

  59. 0:50 “jebem tu u usta poljska” LD hahahaha

  60. Thx dear Dez for the many Epic Wot,WoW and AW Moments in your and me Player
    Life again. i wish your and your Family a Happy nice New Year. And more
    from your Gameplay. Best Regards from Dagpuhoo510

  61. sooo… what was epic, besides 2:17, the point where you did 2087 damage in
    the fv215b with a prem hesh?

  62. thank you for churning out all these great vids this year :D

  63. my favorite new youtube subscription of 2015. gg!

  64. your videos are awsome!!!

  65. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit I like the way you
    swear please say fuck and shit more often your English is really good let’s
    fuck shit up for fucks sake never give up and fuck arty ffs fuck I’m drunk
    what the fuck does wtf mean??

  66. Scumbag army hehehe

  67. Thank you for another fun year Dez, wish you all the best man :)

  68. 100k subs hype next year

  69. Thanks you to you DezGamez to giving us those superb content 😀 Your videos
    are awesome and you are awesome ! I hope you gonna reach 100K subscriber in
    the next year because you deserve it !

  70. thx for the great videos dez!!

  71. Best moments ? Nah, maybe Normal Moments of 2015

  72. That Yamato…

  73. We will do more in 2016! 2:36 concludes this year nicely :)

  74. Thank you for the great videos Dez! It’s been a great year, and hope for
    many more to come!!

  75. Great year Dez keep it up :)

  76. Dez, you are steel balled, video editing master
    shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! Keep
    it real, man ;)

  77. I’ve seen all the vids you had in this vid and ofcurse early all the other
    vis this year. I have missed like 10 vids this year 🙂 <3 your channel!
    ps the best 1 is the 2087 roll with Jg.pz.E100

  78. No need to thank us so much, we are just giving positive feedback from your
    great videos :)

  79. nice work, you are so funny, much more entertaining than Quickybaby, E50M
    is the shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

  80. I’m so looking forward to see more great vids from you in 2016 as this year
    has been such a please to watch, take care and have a beer or two on me :)

  81. Epic
    Looking forward to the new year!

  82. Awesome videos man, commentary cracks me up!


  84. José Carlos Pereira

    Dez… You are THE MAN!!! Happy New Year and carry on pls

  85. Watched ’em all man. Fav was when you were trying to move that arty. Such a
    spontaneous moment but so funny! Keep doing what your doing!

  86. I would love to see you stream more if you could. I enjoy your continent
    but the real thing would be better.

  87. really enjoyed your content this 2015… you had an epic year!!! congrats
    to you Dez… looking forward and we are all excited for you this
    2016…keep it up sir!!!

  88. Islamic Republic of Germany

    You are from estonia?

  89. hey guys, what is song’s name at 2:14

  90. Islamic Republic of Germany

    9:58 best moment

  91. love things like this, but it cant be a surprise that world of tanks (or
    failtrains) it being a pain in the but now and then, i stoped playing it
    and turned to armoured warfare, they have pve, much more relaxin when the
    last thing you want and need is to loose 20 games in a row aka a
    shitgame-train :-)

  92. Great year Dez. I’m very happy to see that your channel is growing. Slowly
    but in a right direction ??I’d like to see more streams next year. I wish
    you a nice 2016 year and all the good things for you and your

  93. It’s been nice to see your videos during last year and hope to see same
    kind of thing coming. To be honest, I like to see some failures as well,
    not just epic success like most channels do. Happy new year to Estonia from
    your north neighbor! :)

  94. Subscribed to you this year love your videos man, the Spartan torpedo was
    my favourite I laughed so hard!

  95. i hit 2087 on an e100 with my deathstar on xbox one

  96. Also RIP FV4202 and Northwestern map.

  97. Dan Hoard (DanThePiMan)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dez. I’ve had lots of laughs watching your
    videos, I’ve even learned quite a bit. Even on your hardest days, you’re
    still teaching us all lessons on situational awareness and team strategy,
    and this means a lot to me and the rest of your viewers. Well done in 2015,

  98. You better believe we can Dez! I look forward to supporting you through all
    of 2016 to come!

    Let’s näidata neile, mida saab!

  99. NOPE… we cant’ do the same… will’ try to do better… Have fun

  100. DezGames – *75k subs 2016* lets make it happens people. Like and share!!!
    By far my favorite WoT source for your amazing, truthful, and hilarious
    content. Stay awesome Dez!!!! “E50M is the

  101. Well done Dez! Definitely was a crazy year. Good luck for the future.

  102. Stay epic man!!!

  103. you’re awesome ;)

  104. keep up the good work, i hope you’ll reach 1 million subs

  105. tnx for all those vids!not once,u made my day better! all the best in

  106. Fucking love your videos man … Happy new year ShipTheNutz and can wait
    the 2016 with new RNG episodes.
    Best of luck!

  107. pure love, epic rages :D

  108. Thanks Dez. Amazing content whole year. Keep up the good work.

  109. This crazy 2087 “ameno” Fv shot,never grows old! Every time i laugh my
    ass,dude! Epic video! I wish u the best for next year!

  110. Np dezzi

  111. DG you legend keep it going man we love you and your work <3

  112. Stay epic my man!!

  113. Dez King

  114. Crazy year, a lot of great moments! Had pretty huge laugh myself while
    editing this episode… I didn’t want to make it 30min video so here are
    just SOME of the best moments. Anyone over here who has seen every single
    episode that I covered in this montage? 🙂
    Anyways guys, super huge Thank You for such an epic 2015!

  115. Love your vids Dez <3

  116. first

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