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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Best Moments. 2016 Best Moments Montage Episode #2 – Best Moments of The Year!

You guys Legends! 😀

Thank you so much for your support and watching my videos! 🙂

Enjoy this little video with some of the best moments from 2016.

1) ES_Sad Drama – Anders Mörlin
2) Inukshuk – Were Infinite [NCS Release]
3) Glude – Breathe [NCS Release]

►Tanks in action:
– A lot of different tanks!


  1. congrats mate its awsome to see you transform from 10k subs to 75k gj man
    keep up :D

  2. systemerror superbikevoodoo

    I watch your vids because your funny, and you dont only preview your WOT

  3. dez for the prez!!!

  4. What makes you different with the others is your witty commentary. Keep it
    up bro !.

  5. Go DezGamez Go!

  6. congrats dez! keep doing it, i like it alot!

  7. ShipTheNutz NutzTheShitz

  8. 77k beasts

  9. Gz on the subs!!!!!! The way you say ‘sneaky sneaky’ cracks me up
    everytime, more of that plzz :D

  10. Thank youuuuu

  11. grats ey

  12. Just never develop a joy in sniffing your own farts. There are plenty of
    commentators I have enjoyed until they started snorting their own stink.

  13. Level pro Dez

  14. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    youre a turtle :)

  15. you have been putting up some amazing content I don’t see why you are so
    suprised ahahahah

  16. congratulations for the 75K from France ;)

  17. congrats with the 75,000 subs bro u deserve it :)

  18. Congratulations for 75.000 subscribers 🙂
    I love your videos and I just wanted to tank you that you make such great
    WoT videos ^^
    ( P.s sorry if there are mistakes in my english – I’m still learning it ^^

  19. good luck on 100k dez!

  20. 100k is getting close :]

  21. Dez so what’s next goal? 100k or 125k at end of 2016?

  22. I lick this video just because i like you

  23. Rein Stradmeijer

    hi dez, mister trolololol. you are really awsome. but i would love to see
    more of that crossout.

    and congrats!!!.

  24. i am french and i love you’re vidéo congratulatiin for 75 000 sub ;)

  25. Bro don”t die soon pls i was literally crying in begining of video
    greetings from Bosnia,love you!!(#no homo#)

  26. Pragerovy Příběhy [NYNÍ NA WATTPADU]

    Keep your work on! I´m so happy that you are achieving possibly one of your
    dreams. I hope you´ll stay like this and never become some advertising shit
    like many of Youtubers in our country. May your hobby and community be
    always with you! Hail DezGames!

  27. Congratz for >75k subscribers! To set a new goal: 100k per end of 2016 :)

  28. Hardhatspice Gaming

    Well done dez! I think face off is bringing in the mass amount of subs

  29. John Vladimir Son

    (y) “you clipped that subscribe button” lols

  30. Professional gamer

    Dez can you show one of my replays?

  31. Vikko The Tusken

    Happy to be here. Good Job!

  32. first comment

  33. I LUV YOU #nohomo

  34. my name says it all.

  35. do jaja

  36. Beniamin Zowczak


  37. nice video

  38. (Y) Super!

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