► World of Tanks ★Generals★ Gameplay – PT Jüterbog Preview | OP or Not?

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World of Tanks Generals and Gameplay . Germany Deck – PD Jüterbog Preview.
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In todays WoT: Generals gameplay episode we are going to take our first look at Germany second tier assault deck – “PD Jüterbog”. Many of you think that this is OP and should be removed or nerfed, but.. Is it really that OP? I don’t think so…

Your thoughts?



  1. Gratz to the winners! I try to get you some more beta keys guys! 🙂

  2. Dez remember me 🙂 I will always continue to like your vids, they are

  3. LennieThePolarBear

    Wow! Only 74 views!

  4. Dez what’s your opinion on World of Warship closed beta?

  5. gustav törnquist

    Pls stop fucking upload this!. I LOVE your other vids but this… is just
    to much. :(

  6. Didn’t win, but oh well, I didn’t try either :P

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