► World of Tanks: 1 Maus vs 29 M4 Shermans – Jumping, Drowning, Killing! – Face Off #10

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks vs M4 Sherman. World of Tanks Tank Face Off Series. World of Tanks 15 vs 15 Tank Series.


To celebrate our special episode #10, I decided to do something epic… How does 1 vs 29 M4 Shermans sound to you?

Thank you for making this series possible!



  1. kharn the betrayer O

    would like to see an e 100 crush them all

  2. 30 togs driving of a cliff :S

  3. One of the best you’ve done!

  4. Ghostsmasher452 !!!

    15 M4A3E8 vs 15 M4A3E2

  5. G.I.T Great Italian Tankers

    15 Comets vs 15 Panthers

  6. June 6th is the anniversary of D-day, so do some M4s vs Pz4s, panthers,
    tigers or a commemorative loadout. or do TogII vs the beach lol.

  7. M4 pls nerf

  8. Night Stalkers Gaming

    Lol that last battle was Normandy in a nutshell.

  9. 15 M4’s VS 15 PZ4’s!!! PLEASE IT WOULD BE AWESOME

  10. 6:14 – 6:18 so cool

  11. This gives a whole new level of depth and epicness to the prase

  12. Deez do 15 grants vs. 15 m3 lees

  13. Wt. auf. E100 Vs Pz.Ic :DD

  14. does that have a spall liner? of so wow those suck

  15. Cromwell B vs Cromwell or T32 vs T34

  16. Great fun to watch the ‘making of’. Ideas: One vs 29 again (pick
    vehicles)….the 29 have to form the longest possible tank bridge before
    shooting…..water required. Or, a ‘duck’ shoot…..pick a style.

  17. Karlo Gamer King

    15 Tiger I vs 3 T110E5 :)


    FT RENAULT 29 VS 1 Hertzer

  19. Ward Op de Beeck

    The clip when the M4’s go underwater reminds me of the first movie of
    pirates of the caribbean when at the end they attack the english vessel at
    that cave:)

  20. Panzer 1 C vs M56 Scorpions…

  21. 4:49 the new in color footage of storming the beaches of Normandy looks

  22. Can you imagine what it would sound like In the Mause getting hit like that

  23. TheGameplayCenter

    thats what happens when you dont use a superheavy spall liner on your maus.

  24. Battle of the German tier 7’s. 15 Panther vs 15 Tigers.

  25. 15 m4 shermans vs 15 t34

  26. Next face off:t110e5 vs fv 215b plz

  27. Daan Bronkhorst

    How about a dragrace with 10 ELCs, 10 Chaffees and 10 Leopards (T5 LT) and
    allowing them to shoot?

  28. 29 BT-7art vs 1 T-150

  29. Not gonna lie dez ths was pretty epic man. Wish I could be on but im on the
    na server. Keep up the good work!!!:)

  30. OH, THANKS! This was my idea, its not the point but I am so lucky 😀 :)

  31. do Waffentrager auf E100 vs something before it gets removed!!

  32. Mini Cactus - TBNRLenny

    I was here since 50k subs, also congrats :D

  33. animal intellect

    DezGamez, how do you get all these shots of the game?

  34. Bat Chat vs AMX 50 120

  35. elc vs t49

  36. I love that song in the beginning and the face off ?

  37. Drunk Wolf Productions

    29 Maus vs 1 FV304

  38. Phuripat Choktiyakorakul

    15 AMX-13/75 vs 15 Type-5 Chi-Ri. The battle of the autoloader Gods!!!

  39. I know it would be difficult to organise but maybe a somewhat historical
    battle like japan vs usa, russia vs germany, france vs germany or usa vs
    germany with appropriate tanks and numbers and such!

  40. hey I got an idea, 15 Cromwels VS 15 Cromwels B

  41. EPIC!
    T110E4 vs. Jpz.E100?
    T110E4 vs. T110E3?
    T110E3 vs. Jpz.E100?

  42. Type 5 heavy vs Maus!

  43. 5:02 seems like the end of a battle when only arty remains on my team. Run
    to the water….

  44. why are you not showing hp in the last clip? would have made so much better

  45. Kill 20 MS-1’s with 10 DEATH STAR using 1 shell only

  46. 15 is3 against 15 110 pls :)

  47. EpicHunter117 Gaming

    Tiger 2 vs is3 ?

  48. Maus vs Type 5 plssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  49. Lee vs grant

  50. It was nice to help you :D

  51. Black hawk gameing

    M4a3e2’s vs m4a3e8’s.

  52. WOT PLAY World of Tanks


  53. From a distance it sounds so cool

  54. Eduard Marcinek

    More than half of them dont fall on maus lol :D

  55. Tanks Explosions Anime (T.E.A)

    Let’s all be thankful that the Maus was never used in combat…

  56. underwater maps next? would be better then the current maps

  57. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    serb like lets see what the wot community is doing with the training

  58. yo dez try to make a circle of mauses and someone shot in circle to make
    silly ricochets,sry for my bad eng..

  59. 10mouse v10 is 7!

  60. they can park better then people in real life….but wait its a game

  61. ståle starheim

    no push of war?

  62. m4 OP, plz nerf

  63. #LemmingFest2016 +DezGamez

  64. DaAwesomeMinecraft

    Maus gets some respek for that.

  65. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    i hope that maus has a spall liner :D

  66. adam khammanivong

    29 t34s vs 1 is7

  67. I wonder how many low tier tanks can be destroyed with one Conqueror GC
    shell… Please Dez answer to this question sometime

  68. brilliant…love this series

  69. reagan marshall

    1 amx elc bis vs 29 Bat.-Châtillon 155 58
    speed vs firepower

  70. 29 Pz. I c vs 1 DW2

  71. SupereKrakersik

    30 leopards tier 5 with autoloading gun with HE. deatmatch

  72. Ahahaha Now that’s what I call a lemming train!

  73. Augustin Cristi

    5x WT auf. E100 vs 25 T1 Chunningam!

  74. M4 is OP NERFFF :-)

  75. Blackdragon 029

    Type 5 Heavy vs Maus
    Type 5 Heavy vs 29 M4 Sherman

  76. MontanaWhite 99

    Centurion AX VS Leopard 1 plsssss

  77. how tier v can pen tiee10

  78. There wasn’t 29 M4s

  79. That gun the m4’s are using looks like the 75mm, is that right?

  80. jp2 and ferdy

  81. I’ve always wanted to see the fastest firing arty, 29/30 of them, in a kind
    of “blackout the sun” style….not going to happen with 29/30 tanks…but
    it still would be very impressive seeing them all hitting the same spot in
    a constant explosion
    the fastest is the SU-5 with the 76mm gun
    I WAS going to suggest pitting that against a maus, but the
    29-he-firing-shermans demo means that the arty versus maus will be a rather
    expected result of the maus losing.
    perhaps you might come up with a more interesting face off, but I
    definitely want to see the 29/30 rapid firing arty all shooting on one

  82. Kristoffer Johansson

    E – wait for it – wait – wait – PIC!

  83. Kristoffer Johansson

    E – wait for it – wait – wait – PIC!

  84. SupereKrakersik

    This series is so popular because it answet the questions that every WoT
    player always had in mind. It is original and shows how tanks deals with
    eachother. No shit talking about theory.

  85. Harrison Rawlinson

    29 Pz 1c vs 1 max cdc

  86. hahaha this is awesome

  87. nice epic lemming train!

  88. 15 FV215(b) vs 15 T110E5!

  89. Haha, have been waiting for it for so long. Awesome!

  90. What about… 10 Object 140 vs 10 T62a vs 10 Object 430

  91. Well that s a lemming train . gj guys

  92. 1 of the sherman survived the drop !!

  93. Federico Di Liberto

    15 T57 Heavy vs 15 AMX 50B

  94. argentexistence

    5 Tiger 1 vs 20 Sherman M4s with closest historical loadout and upgrades

  95. These Face Off episodes keep getting better and better.

  96. Little YouTubers

    when they line up it just look like a revolution war

  97. Captain Bogroll

    I thought you were gonna have all the shermans try to push the maus in the
    water vs maus pushing them and see who’d win

  98. does the maus guy have a replay of all those M4’s falling on him? that
    would be good to see it from his perspective

  99. Mattias Sernefalk

    Battle of the Brittish T6 medium tanks. 15 Cromwells vs 15 Fireflys.

  100. I wonder if a Maus can push a train of 29 Shermans off a cliff or in water
    … or any tank that has the best HP/Weight ratio and strong Engine

  101. 50-100 vs is3’s

  102. Ilija Velickovic

    Maybe u should try something diferent-T92 or CouquerorGC vs lol traktors
    who are lined up in circle-Just for epic 15 kills xD

  103. 6 Pz 1C vs 1 WT auf E-100

  104. Loved the Editing! It was awesome to see it on stream 😀


  105. kristijan opačak

    15 grille15 vs 15 jgpz100!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. The laste szene is verry nice. but make it next in no shadow than more see

  107. Dez still gets focused in every single one of these

  108. xXStinkstiefelXx

    pls Tiger I vs. Tiger P.

  109. 27 MS-1 vs 3 AMX CDC

  110. Inconspicuous Quasar

    tvp vs bat chat

  111. 15 Matilda bp Vs 15 Matilda

  112. 15v15 Sherman E8 v Cromwell

  113. 30 PZ.I.C vs 20 GW.E100(or some other arty)

  114. maby 5 AMX CDC vs 25 T1s?

  115. hahaha omg so cool!!!

  116. Ratte battles?

  117. Awesome series mate 😉 😉 BTW where are you from ? I am from the Czech

  118. do 5 Tiger’s Vs 15 T-34’s .. i think is the same 3:1 ratio as in WW2.
    correct me if im wrong

  119. Daniel Pinheiro

    This look like ATTACK ON TITAN!!! Awesome!!!

  120. 15 type 5 heavy vs 15 maus

  121. 15 t110e5 vs 15 ANY t10 heavys?

  122. 4 tiger I vs 28 sherman. Map: Overlord.remake of D day?

  123. Do the same in war thunder

  124. mateusz221301 666

    RU251 vs bulldog GF

  125. do 29 T1 Cunninghams VS. WT Auf E100, to honor that he’s leaving. ;)

  126. mateusz221301 666

    IS2 vs IS!!!!

  127. Pawel Wisniewski

    some massive ramming will be nice

  128. Vector Signorelli

    15 t95s vs 15 t110e3s

  129. Love this movies most of you :D

  130. 15 t92 vs 15 conqueror Gc

  131. Sry_I_Kill_U_Man LERN

    1 maus vs 29 fv304

  132. awesome video Bravo!

  133. Like in the start of the video to buy some more coffee :P

  134. valentin LEFEVRE

    15 hellcat’s vs 15 nashorn’s ?

  135. 29 Loltraktor vs. 1 Leopard 1 🙂 Btw. epic episode dezgamez 🙂 Keep on with
    your good work!!

  136. do type 5 heavy vs mause

    NOTHING !!!!

  138. Alexander Stoyanov

    15 object 263s vs 15 foch 155s
    Btw those m4s raining seemed as if Kirovs from RA2 were bombing that Maus

  139. the Maus should have fired HE aswell

  140. 15 easy8s (M4E8) vs 15 Jumbos (M4E2)!

  141. Lemming Shermans !

  142. DeZGames you should try to fit a ton of tanks reaaaally close togheter and
    see how many a t92 could take down with 1 shell with ginourmos splash!

  143. WoT Blitz Gameplay

    finally it’s here been waiting for so long

  144. imimi_modra _SK

    very nice, thank you??

  145. 29 T1 Cunningham vs WT auf. E100

  146. Hubert Ziobrowski

    Do the same but with type 5 heavy

  147. Daumas Philippe (philerski)

    is3 vs 110

  148. Outkome was never really a doubt :D

  149. Khang Nguyen Duong Bao

    29 T-34 vs Type 5 HT pls

  150. fill the bridge on that map, i dont know the name of anymore, with m4s and
    let maus cross to the middle part of the bridge

  151. tortoise vs 20 FV304 :)

  152. fv215b vs 110e5

  153. 15 Black Princes VS 15 Tigers

  154. music in intro plz :)

  155. well that’s the biggest lemming train i have ever seen

  156. 15 death stars vs 15 fv4005

  157. Johnathan Francis

    15 T49 vs 15 rmtl. borsig? ?

  158. Sveta Djordjevic

    15 IS vs 15 Tigers

  159. Its raining tanks!

  160. Was hoping Maus was gonna win lol

  161. 29 loltractors vs 1 Grille 15

  162. I was there. 15 minutes of fame!

  163. 1 E100 vs 29M4

  164. 29 Hetzers vs 1 T95

  165. Are they all derp Shermans, or 75mm armed? I didn’t see any with the 76mm.

    Idea: 29 T1 Cunninghams or Loltraktors against 1 Waffentrager E100

  166. Theo Braithwaite

    5 Tiger 1s versus 10 Fireflies. :D

  167. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the lemming train

  168. Cheecky little buggers too my gun away by shoting it with HE

  169. Dez have you tried doing Type 5 Heavy vs Maus/E100?

  170. the lemming train looks cool

  171. is3 vs kv4 :D

  172. Johnathan Francis

    I’m early ?

  173. 10 M4 Shermans VS 10 Pz. IV H

  174. jaaa endlich

  175. 5th comment fuck you all
    can i be in a vid dez m8

  176. 10 Gw E100 vz Conqueror gun carrige

  177. Arturo Quirantes Ros

    15 leffefefeeff vs 15 Bert Avengers!

  178. magical pineapple

    This was needed

  179. First

  180. i love this video

  181. lets go

  182. Cédric Möhlmann


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