► World of Tanks: #1 Troll! – A Day in WoT – Day 4

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks A Day In World of Tanks Series. World of Tanks FV215b 183 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Bat-Chatillon 25t Gameplay Review. Gameplay Review. Gameplay Review.

Guys… Today was one really awesome day in World of Tanks… A lot of weird, but at the same time interesting moments… A day in World of Tanks, 4 is here!



  1. troll worked…

  2. Troll unsuccessfull ^^
    On of the upside having a crapy comp, you learn how to quickly check where
    the come from,
    Video still running ? yep, timer is moving, nice try ! ;D

  3. That troll do great troll. Made me laugh…

  4. RonniePoleCasper

    that troll freeze got me
    I really dig the sarcastic style commentary very mutz

  5. yeah he got me to nice troll

  6. you got me with the video pause. I was watching the video via Youtube on my
    Samsung TV and your video just stopped, I closed it, re-opened it, paused
    in the same spot, so I paused the vid thinking it was buffering, I let it
    catch up a little, played, still a pause… I closed the app and reloaded
    it, I turned the TV and on again!! then I finally let it go, GOTCHA! Love
    you work, like the tank play, the commentary and the humour, keep it up :-)

  7. udo huurre (udo0223)

    troll worked

  8. Nice one again, Im just bit worried that you have way too much time for
    editing… Combining live capture and nice camera shots from replays and

  9. Ante Wernersson


  10. I like your style Dez. Maybe you are the most funny WoT YouTuber. You are

  11. troll got me

  12. WOLFKILL55 kilinc

    that troll all most got me bro nice one xD

  13. yes

  14. got me. awesome lol video

  15. God damm it you trolled me with freeze

  16. it was :)

  17. yes your troll worked

  18. hahah u prick! my gpu is dying and i thought … oooh nooo… that was a
    good laugh tho. wp.

  19. Another game of 8 kills, another game of 10k damage… Am I bad or just
    unlucky? Nope, youtubers only show good battles and never the bad ones.

    This video, is just litterly the avarage day in W.o.T…

    Yesterday, someone shot my engine and it catches on fire, used extinguiser.
    Next shot after that sets it on fire again and nearly kills me… the shot
    after that sets me on fire for my last HP… all 3 shots were shot on 3
    diffrent places on my tank :(

  20. T-49 Full Retard Mode Ahahahahaha

  21. a fock off u trollt me so hard i refresht the page the hole time

  22. trololo

  23. well my internet is shit so yes, you fooled me, good job!

  24. The trolllllll aaaaaaaah

  25. 5:28 rofl, “This Battle, I’m just going to Die. Nothing else happens. Like
    in this battle, just going to Die once again. And… into the next Battle.”

    50 100 try to do a Barrel Roll there? Nailed it except for landing on
    his/her head!

    Lovin’ Voryld of Tonks Camura Vurk. o7

  26. Sivert Haukedal


  27. wow that troll realy got me…

  28. Got trolled Lolz ?

  29. Good stuff

  30. lol that troll! got me!

  31. u got me!! u booger!!

  32. trolllooo

  33. lol yeah

  34. Literally at 1:26 I knocked over a slightly not empty cup of coffee on my
    and everything was okay.

  35. It worked on me!

  36. lolz trolled work hahahaha

  37. 3:51 why not turn the tank around so your front is better protected? I
    mean, the gun is almost sitting on the rear of the tank. It would be a lot
    better for your hp (in theory) to use poke the rear out instead of the

  38. TROOOOOOOOLL! Damn, I got got… what do you mean by ‘the most
    under-powered tank in the game?’ (T-54)

  39. I was buffering earlier so I said to myself just plat the fuckan video then
    u made me feel stupid

  40. Got me as well, another person trolled by DezGamez. And yes i’ve been
    suffering from a lot of in-game lag. Makes me reluctant to play anything
    above tier 5 because of the lag.

  41. Very nice camera work on the BC segment!

  42. When you an ant and stomp on a human

  43. Hahaha you got me at first I reset the video then I just waited this second
    time and just before you said it’s a troll that’s exactly what I was


  45. Well played on the troll… lol

  46. video stops, checks the time line, still ticking up, confused. :p got me in
    a weird way?

  47. whenever I think I am spotting someone, I dont… And whenever I snipe from
    far far away, I get spotting damage (not by tracking) İt doesn’t make any

  48. Troll worked xD

  49. I got trolled

  50. Brennen Vierra Gonzalez

    he got me

  51. much success

  52. I got trolled

  53. Screw you. I actually paused and played 3 times. Nice trolling.?

  54. I thought 3:10 was a troll as well

  55. DaAwesomeMinecraft

    Troll successful, I changed quality to lower to see if it would load. :P

  56. I got trolled

  57. I got trolled……dammit Dez XD

  58. faaaak u even u trol this day. not enaugh that 2/40 games win ffs. fuk this
    day. going sleep

  59. great video, glad to see even the great Dez has some bad games…. RNGesus
    giveth and taketh away!

  60. this fuckin wekend(fuck englisf) win is about 3% ffs. fuckin PL uninstal
    shit camp and exploring map in teir 9 or 10 ffs……. hope they die slow
    in hard pain

  61. troll worked My game f’d up just before I started watching the video

  62. you freaked me out lmao

  63. Yep the troll worked

  64. Sadistic Hamster

    Trolling successful.

  65. I was taking a shit while watching this,and it trolled me Lol

  66. Vernon Harrison

    Yep got trolled!!! ty!!! I thought for sure you hit something back there,
    oh well. You know I believe everything you say!! Great video my friend!!
    oldman out!!

    Take care, flea

  67. That was an awesome troll unfortunately my smartphone it really those
    freeze quite often and really thought that he was failing me again . I was
    like: Oohh come on not again! lol

  68. Yep trolled, v good!

  69. Successfull troll confirmed ;)

  70. kenneth wiinberg olesen


  71. Tracker101 Johnson


  72. 1:30 you son of a gun … and I actually reloaded my wabpage xD -.-

  73. I fell for that trol…

  74. No way, that ‘troll’ did not work…lick so obvious I mean wot da fk??
    you have to try SOOOO much harder then ThAt Mr Dezgamer, where’s your A

    Bring It On……

    (yeah actually u got me too ?)

  75. It was successful troll.

  76. Dan Hoard (DanThePiMan)

    Video troll, successful. Lol

  77. LMAO!! Trolled! Ass… ;)

  78. Sieger Koopmans


  79. Sieger Koopmans

    goed troll

  80. almost restarted my computer before the video started again

  81. cunt

  82. That HEAT-54 action …

  83. F U, 1:30. Just kidding, love your video’s.

  84. Nice video

  85. You trolled me… Both times. Lol

  86. yeap, it worked, i was abou to restart my monem :))

  87. why doesn’t dez ever go flank/non lemming route?

  88. I feel you man, did at least 1200 spotting dmg, only got payed for 600…

  89. I thought it froze, then moved my mouse and it showed that the time was
    still moving and I was like oh he is trolling

  90. Troll worked

  91. Milos Todorovic

    troll works

  92. Jonathan-Noah Hunter

    It worked nicely

  93. Meatballs for life

    Successful troll is successful

  94. You got me. :/ troll mo fo.

  95. Yeah, about your troll, thought my damn PC froze on me so I was about to
    have a heart attack xD

  96. such troll…..much congratulation :P

  97. lol. I got trolled both times!? Nice camera work!

  98. Uber DooberNoober


  99. Ginés Ladrón de Guevara


    Damn troll ^^

  100. Asshole.

  101. I actually wasn’t trolled. I just thought he paused the battle to say
    something about the shot.

  102. Vittorio Picoli

    monster vs monster

  103. Ethan Sandersfeld

    Am I the only one that knew he paused the clip?

  104. Vittorio Picoli

    i want see in the next video maus vs type 5 heavy

  105. me to haha??

  106. Dez you’re awesome, why not have a day when we platoon? :D

  107. Branden Lausterer

    u got me dez

  108. You dick I refreshed the page!

  109. 1:27 dammit it had to freeze.

  110. Thought my wifi conked out lol

  111. Damn you….fukken troll…

  112. Great succes

  113. Radu Marculescu

    it was damm))))

  114. oh you cheeky son of a bitch you got me :P

  115. Tomáš Sobotka

    Yup dez, u got me ??

  116. Yeah the troll worked lol

  117. Omg stop trolling people dez, I cri evrytiem.

  118. trolled me so hard ; (

  119. Troll worked XD

  120. Ghost__Gaming__

    the troll worked
    I kept reloading the vid thinking something is wrong with my phone or
    Internet then I decided to wait it out and then you talked
    you got me :(

  121. I refreshed the page twice before I realized….

  122. TheSurrealExperience

    Troll was not a success on me, I didn’t see the buffer so I knew you had
    paused the video for some reason or another..

  123. Domen Gostincar

    Successfully trolled.

  124. hahahaha u trolled me maaaaan, i thought it’s still loading :D

  125. troll worked. Thought my phone was buffing the video or I lost connection.

  126. It got me xD had me scared

  127. better than you

    I genuinely thought that the video froze , I rebooted YouTube

  128. You missed April 1st by a bit

  129. the trollllllllllll also because my internet war lagging before

  130. I was had… lol great troll :P

  131. Jan Jonasz Lisowiec

    yup,it trolled me.i looked like WTF!!

  132. Successful

  133. Damn I am having problems with my video card right now, you got me so good

  134. Frederick Schulze

    At 1:30 my video froze. Perfect moment to freeze.

  135. you got me. Internet trolls always best… :D

  136. that troll was good

  137. Kanner Blkchristmas


  138. oh yeah oh Yeah LOOK AT THAT FAT ASS- de 2k16
    am i watchin youtube or did i leave one of my other tabs open lol

  139. bastard

  140. damn troll

  141. Best Troll ever :D

  142. I hate you.

  143. nice trolling

  144. Svetlomir Dimitrov

    im trlolled

  145. It was xD

  146. Anastasios Saridis

    troll worked… lol

  147. Younes Bencherifa

    Omg the troll

  148. Jonas Van den Broeck

    good troll, good troll … i am RNGesus i will troll you back

  149. u trolled me damn it!

  150. Ello Dez! :P

  151. Demon Schuitema

    trolled :C

  152. +DezGamez i got new phone 2 days agoand suddenly, wtf?!? why my phone
    freezed?!?! i hate u so much xD

  153. Successful troll.

  154. that sir was a successful troll

  155. Yeah, you did it xD

  156. LOL… It was funny

  157. Cédric Pelloux

    that camera action was super cool. nice vid

  158. Heeey…but I licked it anyway

  159. Troll succeded :'(

  160. Djole Milanovic

    troll was ok

  161. Navie Celeb (NaVIE)

    fuck you wtf hahaha

  162. fuck u troll me :/

  163. I am watching this on my phone and its been having problems. Dont scare me
    like that haha

  164. damn u

  165. You got me only because I was in a low internet area ?

  166. Didn’t got trolled. Although I was full screened I did saw there was 2-3
    minutes of video already buffered. 92 Mbps Down speed at this point and 19
    ms ping with speedtest. I never doubt my net. :P

  167. Success! 😀 You tomato noob 😛 :D

  168. fucker lol

  169. wow it worked TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  170. Stoyan Momchilov

    That camera action (BC) was awesome!

  171. damn you XD

  172. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    The troll worked. My router is not working well so I thought my connection

  173. yes…
    u trolled me

  174. lol that was a successful troll

  175. codygree GodOfBattle WoT

    yes it was

  176. Dammit, you trolled me :P

  177. successful troll -_-

  178. i definitely didnt minimize the screen and go check my internet

  179. Hessel Keurhorst


  180. *Facepalm*

  181. if i could cyber punch you, i would. you make me refresh the page, i
    thought youtube player crashed

  182. Duncan De hulst

    Me got trolled

  183. Jamie Springett

    good camera work!

  184. yup. moved mouse, hit escape, pause – un pause… curse computer… fucking
    internet speed!

  185. i got trolled dez… good job.. xD

  186. yes trolled

  187. Jamie Springett

    was very successful trolling

  188. Oliver Reiprich

    Was watching on my router like – damm the internet is gone?!

  189. I just got trolled :P

  190. …freeze got me :(

  191. You focker 🙂 I am in McDonalds and the wifi here is crap. I reconnected
    because of you! Nice one! Maybe i will lick the video for his!

  192. yes. i got trolled hard. thanks DezGamez

  193. I uninstaled windows on my main Pc then went to wach video on laptop and it
    had same problem uninstaled windovs on that one too then went back to using
    phone and only then realizet it was troll

  194. Succesfilm troll!!!!????

  195. “In this battle I just die….nothing else happens…” OMG I spit my coffee
    all over my monitor thanks to that one. Frigging hilarious.

  196. Hey Dez, That troll worked a treat. Nice to see you have the same ‘lag’ as
    me causing moments of poor play.
    Great Vids :)

  197. I flipped the table when you were trolling cuz I raged good
    very good.

  198. like always, fun for me and everybody…nice video Dez…

  199. Troll worked, asshole. IS-6 v Lowe! Now!

  200. Successful troll…you bastard ??

  201. Andrew Phillips

    Great Troll!

  202. LoL! Basterd xD

  203. sucses troll i even reset nu vidio

  204. Alexander Stoyanov

    Nice trolling xD

  205. my video pauses randomly anyway

  206. Speed and power!

    thought i was buffering, i have slow internet at work, seen that the video
    was still playing and wondering wtf is going on! Successful troll!

  207. Epic trolley.

  208. Damn it, he got ms xD

  209. Troll successful

  210. fuuuck he got me good lol i was like wtf

  211. Kristóf Fülöp

    You know something about the really funny game! Dont’t stop it. Please make
    a new video because it is AMAZINGWONDERFULAWESOMECOOL! :-D

  212. successful

  213. great troll

  214. Damn dez trollin

  215. F*ck, you got me

  216. Yeah, you got me…. damnit.

  217. Nathan Blackman

    Succesful troll bro

  218. that troll worked…reloaded the video again and again ty..xD

  219. How did you know that my internet has been trolling me the last days? The
    troll was a total success .”

  220. TROLLLL In the cave!!!

  221. When is our m4 sherman video comming

  222. [LV.20] Setsuna Kiyoura

    Video freezes…waits a bit…moved mouse in the exact moment you said the
    video didn’t freeze…close call…I failed…

  223. Troll, mission accomplished

  224. it was successful troll, i have slow Internet, i though it was buffering

  225. Successful troll. I formatted my hard drive and reinstalled all of my
    programs and software before I caught on.

  226. lol that troll

  227. Why you troll me ?? 😀 Nice trolling

  228. yeah it was nice troll

  229. I also got trolled ;-)

  230. Bruno Tropčić

    good job sucessful troll xD

  231. hahahahaahhaah! LOL! I thought you stopped to say something about the shot
    that went in another postal code from where you shot for….but then you
    still didn’t say anything and i thought i lost connection or something! :D

  232. you trolled me hard!

  233. Dat freeze. Trolling power over 9000

  234. Akseli Ruoranen

    U got me!!! :D

  235. btw did anyone notice at 4:40 “its so good to see penetration”

  236. lol u fucker.

  237. U trolled me

  238. I got trolled

  239. yes it was!

  240. Recently YT stops buffering quite often for me, so I almost refreshed when
    it happened, what a cruel troll :)

  241. LetsPlay_MASSIV

    It was succesful

  242. Philip Hartmann

    2:06 – I didn’t really count with any of the options, as it was a T49
    missing by a mile. The chance to ACTUALLY hit something are something like
    0%. You did get me with the freeze though :P

  243. wowthat worked well that troll…

  244. Got to love that laugh after his troll.

  245. Dammit Dez! Ya got me with the troll ?

  246. The Wooden Bowl

    The troll worked :D

  247. lol for a second I thought it froze, but then I saw the timer still moving
    and I knew what was going on

  248. What a troll xD
    Thought my connection is down …

  249. succesful

  250. bastard, you made me move my mouse :P

  251. successful troll. checked if video was still going

  252. great troll :))

  253. successful troll indeed … but I was a bit scared :))

  254. just got trolld

  255. succesful troll mate

  256. It was a succesful troll

  257. successful troll

  258. lol i checked the pause button

  259. Vid Stamenković

    damn dez back at it again with that troll action lol

  260. I have been trolled ???

  261. Yes you trolled me! Very funny episode! I laughed out load many times. Keep
    it up.

  262. noice troll u sure got my ass

  263. GD Class_Crafter

    R-U (251) kidding me XDDD

  264. FU TROLL!! lol

  265. You bastard

  266. Yup… trolled… mothers of all of mine ISP employees are having hiccups
    now :)

  267. GD Class_Crafter

    yes you trolled us :D

  268. You troll…

  269. WOT Blitz with TrolloxD

    lol great sucess!

  270. When the video “froze” I ended up pausing the video trying to unfreez it.

  271. Gerbrand de Wit

    I got a lot of internet problems so i inmedeatly searched for the loading
    thing on my screen.

  272. I_am_not_stupid _

    Very successful troll, Realoaded my page before you said you where
    trolling! ;)

  273. Fucking bastard made me click my video! :O

  274. Holy fuck 12 minutes ago.

  275. i restarted yt too.

  276. You got me

  277. Damn.. xD
    Such troll :P

  278. Haha succesful troll

  279. Im not cookie monster

    I got trolled lol

  280. Martynas Paulavičius

    Dez you’re the biggest savage. :D

  281. That was a successful troll. Checked to see if I accidentally paused the
    video… Come on Dez.

  282. Got damn that was a one succesful troll!! :D

  283. Ehh… good troll :D

  284. I have restarted the proxy server of the company. That helped.

  285. damm that was good :D

  286. Gave me a massive erection

  287. Old but gold troll! Gets me everytime

  288. gowd dam dat troll!!! hahaha :DDD

  289. and….i got trolled

  290. Damn Dez that freeze troll… Restarted youtube :D

  291. It was a succesful troll!

  292. It was a good troll

  293. almost first

  294. At last. I am the first! :D

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