► World of Tanks: 1 vs 6 Epic Defender – 10,000+ Damage M48A1 Patton Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks M48A1 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Epic Gameplay. World of Tanks Best Battle.

Today I am going to show you one replay from “GyrosKebab”, who was able to do some amazing things… being 1 vs 6, in tier 10
Some epic luck and skillz = this! 🙂



  1. Mini Cactus - TBNRLenny

    It’s awesome seeing your channel grow :D

  2. song in backrground ?

  3. How to throw a 6 v 1 away??? Go at him one at a time well played WOT well

  4. Do you hear that from far away?
    axis player screaming americans opie op

  5. Awesome replay, but the background music makes it even more awesome :)

  6. Håvard Madland

    Hello guys! The boys in my class made a video for a music project, but it
    was soo good we had to put it out on youtube! It is in english and is
    performed by norwegian students. It is 12 minutes long and WILL make you
    laugh. It has been een in Norway, Great Britain and Netherland. Pleas watch
    it and leave a like and comment what u think! Here is the link:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65Kz9dpbqiM If you are afraid of clicking
    the link you can write “Lip Sync – The movie” in the searchbox. Thank you
    for your time! :D

  7. The Pilot Penguin

    i bounced loads of jpe100 in my m103s side turret armor

  8. Snippsnapp Gaming

    Dez….. Look at the sub count…. SOOOOON 100k

  9. Jan Jonasz Lisowiec

    babys and gentlemen XD

  10. e75 vs STI

  11. jp e 100 lol jajaja xd

  12. Sweeeeet! Another tier 10 replay! The kind of game that most WoT players
    find themselves playing… The average player, I mean: most of us have at
    least 3-4 tier 10 tanks, and watching this replay (as well as Quickybabys’
    and Jingles’), I can totally identify with these,…

    … just saying. I did ‘lick’ the replay – can’t wait to get one single
    tier 10 tank (maybe in a year or two?), and have awesome replays like this

  13. This game was epic! M48A1 Patton looks like a badass tank.

  14. Vernon Harrison

    OMG, Dez!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unreal. I wish I had a 10th of his luck and all of
    his skills. Brother you always bring us the best. Thank you so much. oldman

    Take care, flea

  15. I bounced a shot from a centurion X with my bulldog

  16. too many times enemy missed, too many times ding by enemy -.- these kind of
    replays looking more and more like rigged and fraud!

  17. You should do kv4 vs kv5

  18. disgusting replay…..when ever i drive e50m, i NEVER shoot gold. never
    have.and i still do good.

  19. AXE_TroutFaceUS -

    Nice game! Where do I send reviewws to wargaming so i can tell them my
    opinions on wot

  20. m48 patton = sexiest tank in the game

  21. World of tonks?

  22. BezPańskiDinożarłGrający_w_Czołgi 20

    Polish player :)

  23. Simeon rustaaag

    nice !

  24. *”Worrlld oof tooonks”*

  25. “Vurld of Tonks” ;)

  26. M4A3E8 VS M4A3E2

  27. Finally music again with the epic battle Dez :)

  28. B-E-A-U-TIFUL

  29. lol i bounced a jp e100 shell with my t54 mod1’s SIDE ARMOR

  30. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    You have the best games Dez xD

  31. too much gold fired

  32. He raped them too bad, and now we’re gonna have to #Remove him.
    I mean deport. Yes, deport.

  33. ChiefTeamStrikers

    Homemade Stereo Beast Action….What the hell can be better than that?! :)

  34. dangerous wolff

    nice game everybody in chat game,,nooooo moron JgpzE100?”

  35. gyros and kebab…..not sure if Greek or Turk

  36. jgpz e100 is a piece of shit tank, when i had tier 9 td the jagdtiger i
    didnt even have to aim at weak spots because all i needed to do is right
    click and left and 95% of the time it was pen, but with jgpz e100 even with
    the 300 pen that tank bounces like crazy. Jagdtiger was twice better for

  37. World of rng, World of stronks, World of stomps

  38. no rng, pure skill

  39. FirestreakRodimusPr

    World of RNG.

  40. Murtaza_fighter WoTB

    World of tonks!! Lmao

  41. Wow this game 0.0

  42. Man that Jg.Pz. E 100 killing shot…HEAT to the lower plate at that angle?
    I can’t even penetrate Grille 15’s rear with 300mm+ HEAT pen xD

  43. IAm VeryConfused

    225th HAH u all suck!

  44. Gareth Fairclough


  45. Eighth

  46. his name… gyroskebab… german know what i mean

  47. polish gamer ???

  48. Hi(sorry for bad english)

  49. A handsome Fish

    GG DEZ!!!

  50. Wich_Wich Plays tanks


  51. The Irish Panda

    Wow I got here so early

  52. Dez I’m still here haha

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