► World of Tanks: 1 vs 6, Mission Impossible? – Spähpanzer Ru 251 Epic Battle

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Epic Battle Series. World of Tanks RU 251 Epic Battle Gameplay. World of Tanks Gameplay Review.

Today you are going to see “Rocco14” with his “Spahpanzer Ru 251” in Epic action!
out how he is going to carry his team to victory in this little bugger, being 1 6 at point.

►Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/2465206#stats



  1. I love this tank… I don’t have a kolobanov’s in it yet, but I’ve done my
    share of carrying with it… I carry a lot more HE though, and less Heat.
    The HE has 100 pen and you can pen a lot of paper tanks for bonus damage.

  2. Love my ru

  3. Dimitris Galiatsatos

    RU (251) kidding me?

  4. And still not enough for LT-15……..

  5. This was great game

  6. 4:55 oopps Ferdi on the ass, go go go.
    8:29 arty almost ended the game there. GG.

  7. I HAVE A CHALLENGE FOR YOUR VIDEOS… Drive a stock T49 and come top on the

  8. is that tank really a 251?

  9. João Luis GamePlays


  10. get this guy some prem time

  11. Great game Boss!!

  12. 3:50, no bullcrap, just E75’s 150 mm thick ass. Awesome game and decision
    making all in all, just the guys ammo loadout is crazy, 20 AP, 17 HEAT.
    Every better game you will be spaming HEAT when you run out of standard
    shells…like this game where you have 3 arties, 2 scouts and a french
    heavy and you have to shoot unreliable HEAT shells at them

  13. got to love the novalty of having an 80 mph top speed

  14. Gg, nice vid keep up the good work!
    Try working on your ad’s though.. :$ Wasn’t able to watch the result screen
    etc. due to the stupid add that didn’t want to load..

  15. I like whatt the enemy fcm 50t says lol “5 retards vs someone with brain”

  16. Youtube potato servers won’t load this video, maybe busy serving Ads

  17. RU kidding me haha

  18. epic

  19. bad ammo loadout also in the 6v1 the heaviest armour was the AMX 50 100 so
    he could have just HE’d everything that said gj man well played

  20. so many unnecessary HEAT shells, the HE has about 100 pen

  21. Man. that was a first class ass whipping! Tho did he REALLY need 17 HEAT
    rounds? the RU251 get’s fairly nice pen on it’s gun.

  22. He carries way too much gold, I carry mostly AP and a few HE and I average
    2.3k dmg a game

  23. As always, nice video x.X !

    P.S. : Eagerly waiting for a video on A.W.. ! :-D


    Great video man! Really enjoyed it:)

  25. This wasn’t even a hard 1-6 haha

  26. Please do facecam

  27. did anyone notice the pun at the end of the game? “R U kidding me?” RU 251

  28. Love my ru I have 98% damage standing

  29. Love light tanks………can cause so much problems for the enemy when used
    for its purpose.

  30. when armored warfare? ??

  31. time to start grinding to the RU251 then quit halfway!

  32. First!

  33. Great vid! I want that tank so badly

  34. been watching the video for 15 seconds, I all ready know its going to be

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